Thursday, September 15, 2011

"I'm sad to see him go"

... councilors voted to raise sewer and water bills by 10 percent each in June of 2012, amounting to about $44 more in sewer bills to the average customer and $60 more in water bills to the average customer in the first year. 
The additional money is expected to pay for planned capital improvements to those utilities. The Charles River Pollution Control District requires upgrades to the regional sewer treatment plant, of which Franklin owns 65 percent, said Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting. On the water end, councilors authorized a $7.5 million bond to improve the water system last year. 
Though two years of increases were on the budget for approval, councilors approved both years of sewer, and only the first year of higher water bills.

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My summary of the Town Council meeting

  • Four establishments get penalized for serving underage minors on July 29, 2011.
  • A new restaurant to open in Franklin Village Plaza gets a liquor license
  • Chief Williams will be retiring in December
  • Chief McCarragher provided an update and lessons learned from the response to Irene
  • Sewer rates are going up due to EPA requirements for the Charles River Pollution Control District of which we are responsible for 65% of the volume
  • McGann will run for Town Council and let the voters decide if his attendance record matters (54% attendance)

The full set of notes can be found here

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