Monday, September 12, 2011

Kennedy Community Playground can use your help!

The current wooden structural playground at the Kennedy School services the nearly 500 students enrolled at Kennedy in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. In addition, the playground is a popular play spot all year long to the many residents and extended family members of the nearby neighborhoods.

The existing main structure shows evidence of wear and has several components with cracked, splintered and worn parts. The aging wooden structure and plastic components that are cracked or broken are contributing to splinters and other injuries to the children who use this playground.

The Principal has requested a new playground for several years in the budgeting process and it has been denied each time with funds going toward repairs of the school building itself. Additionally, with school funding challenges and reductions in physical activities, the playground is more important than ever in the physical well-being of the student population.

The Kennedy Parent Communication Council (PCC) is the parent community for Kennedy School and, based on widespread support and urging, has initiated a Playground Project to pursue replacement of the main playground area. The PCC has established a Playground Committee and has begun setting aside funds in a special account earmarked just for the playground. The Playground Committee is exploring designs from the same manufacturer as most other school playgrounds in Franklin.

The Playground Committee is pursuing a new playground for Kennedy School that:
- is fun, challenging and supports the physical development and well-being of the Kennedy student population;
- is safe and accessible to children aged 5 - 12 years;
- utilizes certain elements of existing playground (ie. swingset and poured access path) to maintain costs.
- is cost efficient through use of local community volunteer support of demolition of the current playground and installation of the new equipment.

The Committee will seek funding from sources including:
- PCC donations from the Kennedy students' families;
- Corporate donations and sponsorships;
- Local community fundraising;
- Corporate, state and federal grant funds;
- Possible town funding support.

Installation of the new playground in Spring of 2012.

Visit their website for additional information and fund raising links

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