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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Franklin Public Schools, MA: Safe Buildings Initiatives (from SchComm Mtg 2/23/21)

"Learn more about the Safe Buildings Initiative and UVGI technology from the Director of Public Facilities, Mike D'Angelo "
The presentation deck  

Listen to the audio from the School Committee meeting on Feb 23, 2021 while you follow along with the presentation deck

Safe Buildings Initiatives (from SchComm Mtg 2/23/21)
Safe Buildings Initiatives (from SchComm Mtg 2/23/21)

Superintendent Sara Ahern and Director of Public Facilities, Mike D'Angelo
Superintendent Sara Ahern and Director of Public Facilities, Mike D'Angelo

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live reporting - Mike D’Angelo


Update – Mike D’Angelo

This is a follow up visit to the Council to explain the root cause and actions taken for Horace Mann/FHS damage from the Labor Day incident previously reported

Buildings are now being alarmed to ring through to the Fire Dept. The central dispatch will be able to monitor and make phone calls if there were another occurrence.

Tim Raposa working on getting all the buildings alarmed for power failures as well. If the power goes out, there is an email sent out to a listing for action.

Zollo - what is your level of confidence that once these are all in place?
D'Angelo - there is always a probability of something going but there is an increased confidence.

Zollo - would you still do the walk throughs?
D'Angelo - design in MA doesn't really handle temps in under 10 degrees, so the walk throughs are good for checking on those circumstances.

Pfeffer - Is all overtime reported here? Is Servicemaster included in this?
D'Angelo - They haven't provided that yet. I can update this as we continue to go.

Pfeffer - what caused the problem?
D'Angelo -

Pfeffer - How come it is taking so long for the High School gym floor?
D'Angelo - We worked with Norma to get a waiver and expedited process but we still had to do design work, etc. The contract should be signed soon.
Nutting - It was just signed tonight at 5:00 PM

Doak - With the monitoring we have, will it be tested so that we know it will work?
D'Angelo - During the winter, we test these monthly.

Vallee - There are devices that hook up to the phone line that alert me to the temp being low?
D'Angelo - Although the Senior Center temp did drop, the failures were not such that it would have tripped that device.

Vallee - So it was not preventable?
D'Angelo - At that point, it was not. We have five of the six items covered with monitoring now, we'll catch it sooner and prevent the serious damage. The trip required someone to push a button.

Vallee - A forty dollar device could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.

Whalen - has the process for the utility to tell us been set up?
D'Angelo - we have set up the system so when there is an interruption in power, we will be notified.

Nutting - your point is why don't we have monitoring? we have the schools for 50 years and it never happened. We had insurance and we'll pay.

Feeley - Are you comfortable that we are covered at 99%?
D'Angelo - yes

Feeley - Is it also true that we may never know the exact cause of the sequence of events?
D'Angelo - yes

break for two minutes

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"I apologize for this happening"

An apologetic Michael P. D'Angelo, director of public facilities, explained what happened over the New Year's holiday to councilors. His recap revealed staff did not realize until a day later that electricity had been lost in spots throughout town for about an hour. The high school's and Senior Center's backup generators did not restart heating pumps, which contributed to the damage, D'Angelo said.

The Senior Center will reopen today, after being closed this week because of the damage. The John F. Kennedy Elementary School and high school never had to close, though some classrooms were shifted around and the smaller gym's floor at the high school needs to be replaced.

Insurance will cover all but $5,000 of the damage, said Town Administrator Jeffrey D. Nutting. Most of the repairs are already done.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

My live reporting from the same meeting is available here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"It'd be nice to get climate control"

Franklin: Public LibraryImage by shersteve via Flickr
Posted Nov 19, 2008 @ 12:29 AM


The public library's precious murals, once threatened by leaky ceilings, are now safe from rain and the elements, said Mike D'Angelo, director of facilities for the town and schools.

Water had seeped through crevices and created bubbles and peeling in the wall plaster just above the paintings, which includes a mural depicting parts of the day by Italian artist Tommaso Juglaris, D'Angelo said.

In September, contractors began making repairs to the library, built in 1903, and have completely repointed the main building, meaning they cut out all the mortar joints between stones and put in new mortar, D'Angelo explained.

"That's where it was leaking," he said. "Some joints were just totally gone."

Workers also replaced about 70 percent of the caulk in the library addition, built in 1987, where the children's room is located, he said.

Now they are restoring the windows in the original part of the library, D'Angelo said.

Finally, contractors will install snow rails on the roof to prevent snow from sliding off, he said.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FINCOM: Mike D'Angelo's statement

From the Franklin Finance Committee meeting of 4/14/08, this segment is the statement (very well done, by the way) of Mike D'Angelo laying out what is really going on with the schools providing the support for the town wide facilities already and recommending NOT to go ahead with the consolidation.

Time: 8 minutes, 20 seconds

MP3 File

My notes made during Mike's statement:

One facilities dept already, the school manages the town facilities
Four people on facilities, all happen to be school employees
Part time custodians and trade staff are town
1M vs. town 200,000 sq ft
School required to for certifications, schools are in a lot of business
Tim (Raposa) runs town technology
School runs the food services
Town gets a lot of benefit from the schools
School grounds staff does a good job
Took town employee to a seminar for the first time
Schools are a different entity, 38 folks work hard today
Reduced staff from last year, work around children every day
They want to be involved in schools, cleaned areas that are larger due to cuts
Folks are working harder

Reality is school is doing a lot for the town
Really is the tail wagging the dog

Jeff Nutting knows my opinion
School guys there to do the floors
Debate on the 29th will be good
No MOA to let Mike do what he is doing
His recommendation is not to move, to keep it as is
All this was done out of good will for last five years

Saturday, April 12, 2008

FINCOM: Facilities - Demand/Response opportunity (audio)

Mike D'Angelo talks with Brett Feldman and the Finance Committee about the next opportunity for cost saving in the utilities area as they discuss "demand/response".

Time: 3 minutes, 22 seconds

MP3 File

FINCOM: Facilities - Gas/Electric Bidding (audio)

Mike D'Angelo reviews the commodity bidding process for gas and electric for the town facilities and how this alone has saved millions of dollars over the ten years or so since he started this process first with the school buildings.

Time: 2 minutes, 13 seconds

MP3 File

FINCOM: Facilities - lighting (audio)

Mike D'Angelo reviews the efforts to provide efficient lighting in the town facilities with compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), etc.

Time: 2 minutes, 5 seconds

MP3 File

FINCOM: Facilities Budget FY 09 Overview (audio)

From the Franklin Finance Committee meeting 4/9/08, Mike D'Angelo reviews the budget for the facilities. One of the good pieces of work done to reduce cost by managing on a rationale and consolidated approach.

Time: 10 minutes, 4 seconds

MP3 File