Friday, February 18, 2011

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"You can learn from your past"

 "We learned we can make a difference," said Waite, who plans to participate in an internship with the Franklin Police Department later this school year. "We can help." 
Former Patriots players Gino Cappelletti, Larry Garron and Roland James spoke to Waite and about 50 of his classmates at The Hall at Patriot Place. The students are participating in a leadership development class designed to prepare them for internships during the last quarter of the school year. 
In addition to hearing from Patriots alumni, the students were asked to think critically about what qualities make a good leader and how to combat prejudice. They also toured the exhibits in The Hall, a museum located next to Gillette Stadium that chronicles the football team's history.
Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

Franklin, MA

In the News - cable license

Franklin Town Council approves change to cable license

Franklin, MA

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Live reporting - Legislation for Action, closing

1. Resolution 11-06: Acceptance of Gift – Council on Aging
motion to accept - passed 5-0

2. Resolution 11-07: Amendment to the Final Cable Television License Granted to Verizon New England, Inc.
The cable providers don't like to give real numbers but there are 10,500 subscribers about 5500 for Comcast and 5000 for Verizon. The motion brings equity to both vendors in terms of expense to them.

motion to accept - passed 6-0 
Updated after the meeting - (Powderly arrived in time for this vote)

Thanks to all the town employees on the roof clearing, real team effort, Fire, DPW and Schools to remove snow. No reason for concern, everything under control. There are roof leaks in several buildings

Snow removal has exceeded $1 M. We have some stabilization money to handle more if necessary

Budget still a work in progress, numbers being developed. Hopefully, in March should have some.better numbers to work with.

The process at the State level in prior years has changed, we are still anticipating getting a good number to work with for local aid. The remainder of the budget at the State level may not be finalized until July. I am not ready to come out and give you a state aid number until the Senate and the House provide some indication



Jones - the contractors had a very good turnout for the Stretch Code workshop held today at the Municipal Bldg. Could the councilors get a copy of what was handed out today?

Pfeffer - have we received a report from the 4th of July Committee?
Nutting - not yet, it is requested but not yet received.

Pfeffer - maybe someone with a cell phone could take a photo of the cars using the handicap parking spot to send to the police

February is Heart Month - Friends of Franklin, St Mary's Food Pantry or St Vincent dePaul.

Congratulations to Glen Jones and family on their new addition.

O. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

Motion to go into executive session, not to return to open meeting
Passed 6-0 (via roll call)

Franklin, MA

Live reporting - Town Council

Present: Kelly, Jones, Vallee, Mason, Pfeffer
Absent: Whalen, Zollo, McGann, Powderly

A. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - none to approve

The meeting is recorded by Verizon, Comcast and Franklin Matters




F. HEARINGS - none




Franklin, MA

School Committee 02/15/11

The collection of reporting from the School Committee meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 can be found here

Finance Committee Chairperson Jim Roche takes notes during the school budget hearing

Franklin, MA

"This is not a Cadillac school system"

"We think this is not an unreasonable expectation for a budget," Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski said, noting some figures such as local aid and health insurance could change. "It helps us to keep and maintain programs. Would we like to have all 14.3 positions back? Absolutely. But, we think this is a reasonable budget proposal in these economic times." 
The positions to be cut include five elementary school teachers, six middle school teachers and the high school's alternative programs coordinator. 
Remington Middle School Principal Paul Peri said fewer teachers could boost class sizes to more than 27 students while Sabolinski noted it would be harder for teachers to focus on helping individual students who may be struggling. 
School Committee member Ed Cafasso said while many people may have individual complaints about a bad teacher, overall the district has performed well while spending about $2,800 less per pupil than the state average.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here.

Review all the notes reported live during the School Committee meeting here

Franklin, MA

In the News - energy code workshop, Odd Couple, reward, Circle of Friends

Franklin to hold energy code workshop

Dean College presents 'The Odd Couple'

Reward offered for stolen Franklin bell

Circle of Friends presents Celtic Band RUNA

Franklin, MA

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Live reporting - Closing

5. Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
Kindergarten registration is in, there is already an increase of 14 students and we are expecting more, we tend to get registrations through the beginning of the school year

Recognition of the two retiring principals

Introduction of Mr Fortin - new Horace Mann principal, he will return for a more formal intro and discussion

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports
School Committee Liaison Reports

6. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.

March 10th - Trivia Bee

Motion to enter executive session not to return to open meeting

Franklin, MA

Live reporting - action items

4. Action Items
a. I recommend acceptance of a check for $921.60 from the Remington PCC for in-house enrichment.  motion to approve, passed 6-0

b. I recommend acceptance of a check for $125.00 from the Kennedy PCC for field trips. motion to approve, passed 6-0

c. I recommend the naming of the FHS away-side press box in memory of FHS football coach, Gerry Leone.
motion to approve, passed 6-0

d. I recommend approval of the recurring field trip to Hartford, CT for the FHS Cheerleaders for a competition as detailed.  motion to approve, passed 6-0

e. I recommend adoption of the School Committee Schedule for 2011-2012 as discussed.  motion to approve, passed 6-0

f. I recommend acceptance of a check for $1655.00 from the Horace Mann PCC for in-house enrichment at HMMS.  motion to approve, passed 6-0
g. I recommend acceptance of $308.00 from Roberta Trahan for supplemental curriculum materials for the Franklin Public Schools.  motion to approve, passed 6-0

h. I recommend approval of the budget transfers as detailed.
motion to approve, passed 6-0

i. I recommend acceptance of the donation of a bass, bag and bow from Mr. & Mrs. Richards for the FHS Music Department.  motion to approve, passed 6-0

j. I recommend adoption of the FY 2012 budget as detailed
Cafasso - this is not a Cadillac service, this is providing a high quality education, more than others, at a cost less than others. There is no one who can show us that these school are not worth every penny.

motion to approve, passed 6-0

Franklin, MA

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
2011-2012 School Committee Meeting Schedule
organizational meeting needs to be earlier, the day after the election, which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, hence Nov 9th for organizational

Update on snow challenges
We were on the roofs before some of our surrounding communities
We are working on roof leak issues

Jun 22, projected to be last school day
received a note from a 3rd grader on how to handle snow days

Franklin, MA

Live reporting - School Budget

d. FY2012 Budget Hearing

The budget document

Franklin Public Schools FY2012 Budget Hearing

Miriam Goodman -
Clarification on the offset of one time funds ($2M) no longer available, but the positions are still required, so that $1.1M is noted in the presentation.

14.3 positions previously funded are not covered in this 'almost level' funded budget

12% health care increase forecasted for now, looking at plan design changes so there may be some movement in this number but it remains a big driver of increased costs

per pupil FY 2010 - about $3,000 less than State average

Sabolinski - This number reflects our best estimates at this time. Health care not definite yet. Grants have been declining each year so we will be watching those.

Rohrbach - What will the 14.3 mean to changes in programs?
Sabolinski - The loss of the Math CETs will be major for the assistance that they have provided

Mrs Minkle - the range of 18-27, across the elementary schools
Mr Peri - 27-28
Mr Light - around 25-26 but up to 28-29 in upper grades, an increase of 1-2 per section

Rohrbach - we spend 55% less than the State average for Administration, we don't have fat at the top
Sabolinksi-  the least percentage difference is classroom teachers, and that is by design as we have protected the teacher positions as much as possible

Cafasso - The budget book is online, the achievement section is fantastic summary of a high performing district.

Sabolinski - the budget book is a collaborative effort of the entire district, the facts and stories that make each school unique

Glynn - AYP?
Sabolinski - the mandates continue to grow, with less teachers, more students per teacher, students will have less time with their teachers

Roy - I will read the line items don't be too alarmed if members of the committee do not place many holds on these items, we have already spent time with these numbers including the 4 hour budget workshop on Saturday, Jan 29th

Holds requested

Educational assistance - $100,000 increase is an actual spending adjusted in this year's budget for next year

Transportation services - $193,000 increase, an additional $200,000 were applied this year with one time funds not available this year, so it is not an increase in expense but a loss of funding

Athletic - $321,000, a $100,000 increase, similar to above - not an increase in expense, but a loss in revenue

Franklin, MA