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Chancellor Augustus shares his 'short story' and elaborates on the "Dean Difference" (audio)

FM #881 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 881 in the series. 

This session of the radio show shares my conversation with Dean College Chancellor Edward M Augustus Jr. We met in the radio studio to record on Thursday, Nov 10, 2022. 

Our topic list included

  • Chancellor Augustus background and his road to Dean 

  • The Dean organizational structure and role he plays co-leading Dean with President Ken Elmore

  • The challenges facing Dean and how to leverage the “Dean Difference”

  • Listening as a skill 

The recording runs about thirty seven minutes, so let’s listen to my conversation with Chancellor Augustus.

Audio file ->


Dean College Chancellor Ed Augustus page and contact info -> 

Dean Leadership Institute ->

Darryl Purpose was the folk singer who’s name had escaped me during my conversation with the Chancellor. The song line that stuck is found in his performance -> 

And how about the coincidence (?) (or maybe not?) that part of the song is about the creation of a baseball stadium?


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The music for the intro and exit was provided by Michael Clark and the group "East of Shirley". The piece is titled "Ernesto, manana"  c. Michael Clark & Tintype Tunes, 2008 and used with their permission.

I hope you enjoy!


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Christmas Trivia Night scheduled for St Mary's, Tuesday, Dec 6 - Bring your "sense of humor and holiday spirit"

Take a break from your holiday bustle and hustle yourself over to the Sacred Heart Hall in Saint Mary’s Church on Tuesday, December 6th at 7 PM for a Christmas trivia program. This program is free and open to the public. The program will be hosted by the internationally acclaimed Krissy E (Ed Padden) with the help of the Quiz Belles of St. Mary’s (Nancy Rappa and Beth Mucciarone) and the pert and perky Princess of PowerPoint (Mary Padden). The program will begin with a brief series of hopefully humorous Christmas cartoons and pictures. There will follow a group of written and oral quizzes with full audience participation. All quizzes will pertain to Christmas subjects, including vocabulary, television, movies, music, literature, history, tradition, and more. Pens and buzzers and answer sheets will be provided, but attendees are asked to supply their own sense of humor and holiday spirit. The highlight of the evening will be the final fifty-question ultimate Christmas test – the Krissy Krismas Kriz. Be prepared for a fast-moving, informal, and unusual and entertaining night of Christmas fun.

Christmas Trivia Night scheduled for St Mary's, Tuesday, Dec 6
Christmas Trivia Night scheduled for St Mary's, Tuesday, Dec 6 

Sign up now for a great start to Thanksgiving morning as the Franklin 5K Turkey Trot Tradition continues for its 11th Year!

11th Annual Family Fun Run Benefits Franklin Food Pantry 

The Franklin Food Pantry is pleased to announce that the annual Franklin Turkey Trot is back for its 11th year! The race will take place on Thanksgiving, November 24, 2022, at 8:00 AM and for the first time post-COVID, breakfast will be provided for all participants! 

In addition, all registered runners will be automatically entered in the Turkey Trot Raffle for a chance to win terrific prizes from local businesses! The 5K starts at 91 Jordan Road, Franklin, MA and follows a lollipop route in the neighborhood.  


The $25 registration fee goes directly to the Franklin Food Pantry, keeping donations local to help feed those in need. Participants can register online here.  The Pantry will not be able to accept food donations instead of the fee.  Runners can also purchase a t-shirt directly from the registration page to commemorate their experience. 

Julia DiMarino
Julia DiMarino

"The Turkey Trot is such a wonderful tradition in our community, and we are incredibly grateful that through this event, we can continue to meet our neighbor's needs for food, services and programs. As we navigate a post-COVID world, we will extend our hybrid distribution model, offering both in-person and curbside distribution. We are also expanding our home delivery and mobile pantries to reach those who cannot come to us," said Tina Powderly, Executive Director of the Franklin Food Pantry

"Last year we raised an incredible $35,000! With food prices increasing nationally by 13.1% and locally by 10.9% this year, it's more expensive than ever to serve our neighbors in need. Funds from events like the Turkey Trot are critical to our mission to provide hunger relief and vital services to our community."  


"I'd also like to thank our Turkey Trot Chair, Erin Campbell. We are fortunate to have an incredibly hard-working group of dedicated volunteers, led by Erin, to bring this event to life," said Powderly. "Erin also works tirelessly to secure local businesses to cover the associated costs. The Turkey Trot is an amazing amount of work, and we could not hold this incredible community tradition without Erin's leadership." 


"This event has been a tradition in my community for many years and I'm really excited to be a part of making it happen this year! I'm thrilled that breakfast is back and I'm so happy to be able to thank our runners with a free raffle! I'm looking forward to a terrific day and raising funds that will truly help our neighbors in need," said Erin Campbell, Turkey Trot Chair. 


2021 Turkey Trot Runners
2021 Turkey Trot Runners

About the Franklin Food Pantry 

The Franklin Food Pantry offers supplemental food assistance and household necessities to more than 1,100 individuals per year. The Franklin Food Pantry is not funded by the Town of Franklin. As a private, nonprofit organization, we depend on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and other strategic partners. We are grateful for our many partnerships, including that with the Greater Boston Food Bank, that allow us to achieve greater buying power and lower our costs. 
Donations and grants fund our food purchases, keep our lights on, and put gas in our food truck. Other programs include home delivery, Weekend Backpack Program for Franklin school children in need, mobile pantry, emergency food bags and holiday meal packages. The Pantry is located at 43 W. Central St. in Franklin on Route 140 across from the Franklin Fire Station. Visit for more information.  

Franklin Newcomers & Friends annual Yankee Swap scheduled for Dec 14, 2022

Not just for Newcomers . . .

Come join your Franklin friends and neighbors at the Franklin Newcomers and Friends annual Yankee Swap and Holiday Party.  Join us at Escape Into Fiction Book Store, 12 Main Street, Franklin on Wednesday, December 14 at 7:00. 

Franklin Newcomers and Friends Club
Franklin Newcomers
and Friends Club
 To participate in the swap, bring a wrapped gift ($20 limit) and get one in return during the swap - you never know what you'll get!  Light refreshments will be served.

No need to be a newcomer to the area.  Come make connections in your community.

We are a multi-generational, member-driven organization, offering a wide range of activities, and are always excited to welcome new faces and new ideas.   Residents of Franklin, or any surrounding town that doesn't have a Newcomers Club, are welcome to join us.

Look for us on our Meetup and Facebook pages for more information.

Invisible People TV: "How is Poverty on the Decline, Yet Homelessness is Increasing?"

"In a September 2022 article, the New York Times writes poverty levels are plummeting. Census data supports this conclusion according to their 2021 census titled Poverty in the United States.

This would seem like celebratory news at first glance. Yet, even as poverty is plunging, homelessness is increasing. How is this possible?

If poverty levels are dropping, doesn’t that mean homelessness should be getting better? The complicated answer only raises more questions.

The Intrinsic Link between Homelessness and Poverty Perpetuates a Vicious Cycle 
Poverty is the third-leading cause of homelessness in the U.S. The first two leading causes – a lack of affordable housing and unemployment – are also tied to poverty. However, they are not quite the same. Let us first look at the prospect of poverty and how it is measured, quantified, and defined."
Continue reading the article online at Invisible People TV ->  

Credit Image: © Jon G. Fuller/VW Pics via ZUMA Press Wire
Credit Image: © Jon G. Fuller/VW Pics via ZUMA Press Wire

Register O'Donnell Explains How Land Document are Recorded

Norfolk County Register of Deeds William P. O’Donnell  explained the behind-the-scenes process that happens each day at the Registry of Deeds as the trained Registry staff record documents as expeditiously and accurately as possible.


The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds receives and records hundreds of thousands of documents each year. These documents are delivered in person, by mail, or electronically. It is the main resource for attorneys, title examiners, surveyors, mortgage lenders, municipalities, homeowners, and others with a need for secure, accurate, and accessible land record information.


"The importance of having knowledgeable staff members, like we have here at the Registry, can’t be understated; it is vital not just to the functioning of the Registry but to the individuals who rely on the accurate recording of land documents," said Register O’Donnell.


Whether the document in question is a deed, mortgage, homestead, mortgage discharge, or any other type of land document, the staff at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds is trained to quickly recognize the type of document in order to properly index it among the millions of documents archived at the Registry.


"As the depository of over 8 million land documents, there are certain basic steps that need to be followed when submitting a land document for recording." Register O’Donnell further noted, "First and foremost, the document needs to be associated with one of the twenty-eight communities comprising Norfolk County. In addition, the document must be an original; we will not record photocopies or documents submitted via fax. Please note that in many cases, land documents require signatures to be notarized before they are recorded."


There are two categories of land records in Massachusetts: recorded and registered. All land is in one category or the other, but it is possible for a single parcel to include both types. Recorded land comprises about 80% of the property in Norfolk County. Recorded land instruments are assigned a book and page number, while registered land documents are given a document number and noted on a certificate of title.


All land documents, both recorded and registered, are indexed with the names of all parties, the property address, and the type of document. The indexing process includes three stages: first entry, which adds the document type and grantor, usually the person who signs the document; second entry, which verifies the first entry, adds a description, and adds a book and page reference when necessary; and document processing, which puts all the documents that have not been e-filed in order and scans them into the computer system. Once the scanning process is complete, all documents, including e-files, are verified to ensure accuracy.


The resulting images are available for viewing and printing from public access terminals at the Registry and on the internet. In addition, the Registry microfilms all documents and continues to produce record books. Since 2003, the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds has recorded over 3.5 million documents.


"It should also be noted that the Registry does not draft land documents. The Registry of Deeds is in the business of recording land documents only. If an individual is unsure if a drafted land document, particularly a deed, is in proper order, it may be prudent to have a lawyer familiar with real estate law review the document for its accuracy. A simple mistake on a deed, for example, could lead to a major problem."


Register O’Donnell concluded by stating, "Our trained recording staff is more than happy to record your land documents. Land documents are recorded in an expeditious manner once they arrive here at the Registry."


To learn more about these and other Registry of Deeds events and initiatives, like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at and/or Instagram at


The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds is located at 649 High Street in Dedham.  The Registry is a resource for homeowners, title examiners, mortgage lenders, municipalities and others with a need for secure, accurate, accessible land record information.  All land record research information can be found on the Registry’s website  Residents in need of assistance can contact the Registry of Deeds Customer Service Center via telephone at (781) 461-6101, or email us at

Total documents recorded by Fiscal Year
Total documents recorded by Fiscal Year

Franklin TV and schedule for Monday, Nov 21, 2022

  • or 102.9 on the FM dial = Monday

9 AM 12 PM and 6 PM Talkin’ the Blues – Jim Derick & Todd Monjur
2 hours of awesome blues music, info, interviews

11 AM 2 PM and 8 PM A More Perfect Union – Discussing American Politics and Current Events - Peter Fasciano, Dr. Michael Walker Jones, Dr. Natalia Linos, State Rep Jeff Roy, Chris Woolf, and Nick Remissong host a round table discussion on current events and American politics, bringing about thoughtful conversation, compelling discourse, and a look at what the future might hold for the United States

  • Franklin All Access TV - Our Public Access Channel (Comcast 8, Verizon 26) = MONDAY

8:00 am SAFE Coalition: The Hamlins
9:00 am Veterans Day Luncheon 2022
12:00 pm Brook'n'Cookin: Brownies
12:30 pm Sandhya: Eclairs
1:00 pm Comfort Food: Comfort Food
1:30 pm Pizzapalooza: Emergency Pizza
2:00 pm New England Candlepins: Fall 2019 Show 6
3:00 pm Candlepin New Generation: Show 9
4:00 pm Physician Focus: Electronic Medical Records
4:30 pm Battleship Cove: Inside the History Pt. 2
6:00 pm Veterans' Call: PACT Act
7:30 pm Frank Presents: Caron Grupposo
9:00 pm Franklin Cultural Council: Pamela Means

  • Franklin Pride TV - Our Educational Channel (Comcast 96, Verizon 28) = MONDAY

7:00 am Public School Event: Horace Mann Winter Music 2021
8:30 am Sons and Daughters of Italy: Carlo Geromini
10:30 am Public School Concert: MICCA Showcase Pt. 1 03-14-18
12:00 pm FHS Girls Varsity Soccer v Wellesley 11-10-22
2:00 pm SAFE Coalition: Michelle Palladini
3:00 pm All-Town Showcase: Band
4:30 pm FHS Boys Varsity Soccer v St. John's Shrewsbury 11-13-22
6:30 pm Battleship Cove: Inside the History Pt. 2
7:00 pm FHS Varsity Field Hockey: v Wachusett 11-11-22

  • Franklin Town Hall TV - Our Government Channel (Comcast 11, Verizon 29) = MONDAY

8:00 am Planning Board: 11-07-22
12:00 pm Finance Committee: 11-09-22
2:00 pm Planning Board: 11-07-22
7:00 pm Planning Board: LIVE, Chambers, 865 7555 9649

Get this week's program guide for Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( online  

Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (
Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Franklin.TV: I Thank, Therefore I Am - Grateful

Thanking is the best kind of joyful thinking.

Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 11/20/2022

Cogito ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. This is the central concept in his philosophy. The fact that I am thinking means that I exist.

Now we can consider the nature and qualities of thoughts that we wish to embrace. Find and nurture some good ones. Own your mindset. For me? I thank. Therefore I am ever grateful. Good days become better days. Bad days are lessened.

Living in thankfulness – in gratitude – is a life-learned skill. None of us is born grateful. When we were very young, we were taught to say the magic words, “Thank you”. A perfunctory nod to receiving some gift or favor. However, throughout our bumbling practice of living, some of us eventually figure it out. With the passing of years, we can become increasingly grateful. To be truly grateful is not an obligation. It is a special joy. Thanksgiving is our annual reminder to preserve that joy – to try again.

It’s a day filled with family, friends, food, football. I would also add forgiving. This is an ultimate form of grace and gratitude. Forgiving and thanks giving help us to remove our barriers to gratitude and to joy.

Finally, there is receiving. We have all received much. Often, we are unaware of all that we have received. Be grateful in your receiving, even for all those things which are not known, and gracious in your giving – and forgiving – even for those things which are not known.

There, in that profound gratitude and grace, the joys of the season lie.

Questions? Call us. 508-541-4118. 

Thanks for listening to 102.9 wfpr●fm.
And – as always – thanks for watching.


Get this week's program guide for Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( online 

Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (
Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

Franklin Public Library: Schedule for Thanksgiving 2022

The  Franklin Public Library will be 

  • Closing at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, November 23
  • Closed Thursday, November 24 for Thanksgiving
  • Open on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving
Franklin Library Thanksgiving Week Hours
Franklin Library Thanksgiving Week Hours

Shared from ->

Reminder: Franklin Interfaith Council - Thanksgiving Service - Sunday, Nov 20 at 7 PM (live stream added)

The Franklin Interfaith Council will be holding its annual Thanksgiving Service at the Franklin Federated Church on Sunday, November 20, at 7 PM. Rev. Bev Waring of the First Universalist Society of Franklin will be preaching. All are welcome to attend in person at the Franklin Federated Church or via live stream.

The service is being live-streamed courtesy of Franklin TV. You can find the live stream here: The live stream will begin a few minutes before 7 PM.

You can also find a live stream on the Facebook Page of the Franklin Federated Church here:

Donations will support the Fuel Assistance Fund. You can also contribute online via the Interfaith webpage ->

Franklin Interfaith Council schedules Thanksgiving Service - Nov 20
Franklin Interfaith Council schedules Thanksgiving Service - Nov 20

Recycling is Real! - MassRecycle responds to the NPR article

"MassRecycle is deeply concerned that NPR’s “Recycling plastic is practically impossible — and the problem is getting worse” has maligned recycling and misinformed readers.  Far from addressing the problem of plastic waste, this kind of negative press motivates people to “throw it all in the trash”. 

Recycling is not a sham. Please do not throw everything in the trash.  

Plastic recycling is not impossible; it is happening everyday.   You can see it: MassRecycle offers facility tours, including tours of Material Recovery Facilities where recycling is processed.  These tours are open to the public. 

If you put recyclable plastic in the bin it will be recycled. There are resources available that will tell you which items can go in the recycling bin.  Go to the Recyclopedia and type an item in the search bar.  If it says the item is recyclable, make sure it is clean and put it in your bin. It will be recycled.  If it cannot be recycled, try not to buy it again. 

Read MassRecycle’s open letter to NPR for the rest of the story.

NPR Article:

The Boston Globe version of the NPR article was shared here

Recycling is Real! - MassRecycle responds to the NPR article
Recycling is Real! - MassRecycle responds to the NPR article


Franklin Fire SAFE Program: Holiday Season Movie Night - Dec 9

Franklin Fire SAFE Program (@FranklinSafe) tweeted on Fri, Nov 18, 2022:

Pleas join us for our very first Holiday Season movie night. Seating is limited, so please register soon. Admission will be 1 canned good per person upon entering, after you register for seats by using the QR code located on the brochure.

Use the QR code shown, or use this link (takes you to same place)

Franklin Fire SAFE Program: Holiday Season Movie Night - Dec 9
Franklin Fire SAFE Program: Holiday Season Movie Night - Dec 9

Alex Batla, the FHS girls cross country qualifier for the State D1 meet, ran Saturday

Alex Batla, the FHS girls cross country qualifier for the State D1 meet, ran 20:14 and finished 74th overall.

The complete MIAA State Cross Country meet results can be found ->

Nice Alex! 20:14 is a solid race and making the state meet twice is no joke! Congrats
Nice Alex! 20:14 is a solid race and making the state meet twice is no joke! Congrats

Alex Batla, the FHS girls cross country qualifier for the State D1 meet
Alex Batla, the FHS girls cross country qualifier for the State D1 meet

Popcorn & Pride at the 99 Restaurant in Franklin (LGBTQ+) - Dec 6

Join Franklin LGBTQ Alliance, for a casual bite at the 99 Restaurant in Franklin, along with our friends from The "NonScene" Friends LGBTQ+ MeetUp Group! Meet some new faces, and make some new friends!

Tuesday, December 6th, 6:30 PM at the Franklin 99 Restaurant

Please register at Create a free account and join "The "NonScene" Friends (LGBTQ+)" group, then register for the event. In order to get an accurate headcount and support their programming, there is a $4 reservation fee.

Sponsored by Franklin LGBTQIA+ Pride Alliance and the "Non-Scene" Friends (LGBTQ+)

Popcorn & Pride at the 99 Restaurant in Franklin (LGBTQ+) - Dec 6
Popcorn & Pride at the 99 Restaurant in Franklin (LGBTQ+) - Dec 6

NEW American Sign Language Class Coming Soon

NEW Language Class

Starting In Late November

Don't Miss Out


NEW American Sign Language Class Coming Soon
For additional details visit:
Lifelong Learning Institute - Franklin Public Schools | 218 Oak Street, Room 137, Franklin, MA 02038

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