Thursday, June 25, 2015

Franklin Library: Genealogy Club - June 25 - 6:30 PM

"Using DNA in your family history research" is the topic for the next Genealogy Club meeting at the Library. Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 PM.

genealogy club - 6/25/15 - 6:30 PM
genealogy club - 6/25/15 - 6:30 PM

This was shared from the Franklin Library webpage

In the News: 3 alarm fire, fire fighter deal approved

A three-alarm fire ripped through the basement and first floor of a Washington Street house early Wednesday morning, causing roughly $200,000 in damages. 
Crews responded to the two-and-a-half floor home at 886 Washington St. just before 1 a.m. to find heavy smoke on the first floor and fire in the basement. 
No one was home at the time of the fire. Smoke reached the second floor, but fire never took hold.

The town Council approved four years of retroactive salary compensation for the fire department by an 8-1 vote Wednesday night, ending a four-year dispute and drawing cheers from local firefighters. 
After roughly 150 firefighters and union members from around the state demonstrating in the town hall parking lot, dozens of firefighters filed the council chamber for a decision that would increase their pay for the first time since 2011. After the votes were tallied, the firefighters applauded the council before shaking hands with council members as they made their way out the door. 
The firefighters’ union president, Bob Donovan, observed the handshakes looked a bit like hockey teams at the end of a game. 
“This decision was hard-fought,” he said. “But at the end of the day, it’s important to shake hands and look forward."

Attn FHS Students: Grants for High School Seniors

Franklin Rotary Grant Application

Dear High School Senior,

As your high school experience is coming to a close, it is time to contemplate, plan and make decisions that will affect your future. Part of that process is determining how to pay for a college education. The cost of furthering your education is high but the failure to obtain additional knowledge will cost you even more. Our members understand this and recognize the significant expense and sacrifice that often accompanies its pursuit. With this in mind the Rotary Club of Franklin, as it has for many years, continues to offer graduating high school seniors from Bellingham, Franklin, Tri–County, and King Phillip High Schools an opportunity to receive scholarships to offset the expense of higher education.

The Rotary Club is an international service organization that is dedicated to world peace through service to others and an increased awareness of people's needs through education. Based on this premise, each application for the Franklin Rotary Club Grant is evaluated on the basis of community involvement, financial need, and academic achievement.

To apply for a Grant please complete the attached pdf application.

Please return it as soon as possible and before the June 30, 2015 deadline to:

Julie Rougeau
Rotary Grant Chair
5 East Street
Franklin MA 02038

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Franklin we wish you good luck and best wishes.


Julie Rougeau
Chair -- Rotary Club of Franklin Grant Committee

Franklin High School
Franklin High School

The Law Office of Julie A. Rougeau
5 East Street
Franklin, MA  02038

office phone:  508-541-4424
fax:  508-541-4421

The information in this email and subsequent attachments may contain confidential information that is intended solely for the attention and use of the named addressee(s).  This message or any part thereof must not be disclosed, copied, distributed or retained by any person without authorization from the addressee.

MBTA : Starting June 29: Franklin Line schedule change

Effective Monday, June 29, the Franklin Line will have a modified schedule. Please visit for details

  • Train 790 will arrive at South Station 3 minutes later at 6:18 a.m. changed from 6:15 a.m.
  • Train 736 will depart from Norwood Central at 5:32 p.m. changed from 5:22 p.m.

Last updated: Jun 23 2015 03:59 PM

Click here for more information:
Sent by the MBTA.

Reminder: for those not already paying for parking by phone, you'll pay more in July. The old payment slots are being decommissioned (taken away).

current payment slot board at Franklin/Dean Station
current payment slot board at Franklin/Dean Station

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Live reporting: Legislation through to closing

B. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – 7:00 PM - none to approve

C. ANNOUNCEMENTS – This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on
Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.



F. APPOINTMENTS – 2015 Annual Committee Appointments

reading the list of the appointments as shown in the agenda document

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0






2. Resolution 15-44: Appropriation – Other Post Employment Stabilization Fund
using some free cash to help fund the OPEB
investment trust fund to come back this summer with a plan to fund

motion to approve,  seconded, passed 9-0 (via roll call)

3. Resolution 15-45: Appropriation – Roads/Sidewalks/Drainage/Storm water/ Infrastructure
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

uses the last of the free cash from FY 2015, the money has not yet be programmed but makes sense to use it here

thank the Council for their vote

road work continues, paving Summer and Main St - Tue-Wed-Thu-

want to do the work to get out of the way before the 4th celebrations

looking to pass papers for the Rec Dept building

Mr Calarese going to Planning Board soon

the PSA for the needles done by the school, Fire, Police (posted to Franklin Matters)

next Tues - Coalition meeting at FHS






Dellorco - June 30th Coalition meeting at FHS
lots of folks coming, Fire to talk about the NARCAM
Drug folks to talk and provide info

Bissanti - meeting of EDC to review RFP's scheduled for 7/15

Kelly - Pfeffer, Nutting went to the over-90 lunch

there was a long listing of folks over 90

Bissanti - thanks to the Franklin Elks

attended the Flag day ceremony


motion to adjourn, passed 9-0

Live reporting: Town Council - June 24, 2015

Present: Feldman, Padula, Mercer, Kelly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Bissanti, Williams, Dellorco
Absent: none

– Strategy with Respect to Pending Litigation and Collective Bargaining re Fire Fighter’s Union


C. ANNOUNCEMENTS – This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on
Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.

Raye Lynn Mercer
introduces Electric Youth for a performance before they leave for France and England

Electric Youth introduces themselves before performing "I bet my Life"
Electric Youth introduces themselves before performing "I bet my Life"

a song by Imagine Dragons "I bet my Life"


1. Resolution 15-43: Appropriation – FY15 Fire Wages (Arbitration Award)
taking the agenda out of order due to the crowd gathered, 
motion to approve, seconded, 

9 municipal bargaining units, 6% agreement over the four years
had not settled with the Fire Fighters
went to arbitration with the Fire Fighters
award runs concurrent with other union agreements
would need to start into a successor contract for the new period
Council had been putting money aside in anticipation of the award
final deal to allocate the funds to meet the deal
so we have enough money to cover the funding required

so Jeff Nutting is looking to settle this issue
strongly suggesting an affirmative vote

Chuck Allen, Vice President Fire Fighters local union
fire fighters lag behind in comparative salaries
don't want to let the fire dept become the dept of last resort
the report the arbitrator has outlined the summaries

the Council (and other before us) have done much for Franklin
new school, updates to the Library, etc.
however, Franklin is more than just bricks and mortar
without the best people, Franklin would not be the best place in the Commonwealth
voting no would only hurt our families and our community
voting yes would allow us to go forward

vote via roll call - passed 8-1 (Pfeffer)
objecting as she thinks the other unions should get the same increases

Needle Safety Public Service Announcement (video)

Franklin collaborating again.

The Police, Fire, and Public Schools (Panther TV) got together to produce this public service announcement on what to do when you find a needle.

Used needles can be safely disposed of at the kiosk located at the Police Station on Panther Way

Remember that prescription drugs can be safely disposed of at the Police Station

FHS Emily Jeffries named All American

Via the Twitter feed:

Emily Jeffries scored four of Franklin's 20 goals on Wednesday against Mansfield. Julia Jette added four of her own and Emily Spath had a hat trick. (Josh Perry/
Emily Jeffries scored four of Franklin's 20 goals on Wednesday against Mansfield. Julia Jette added four of her own and Emily Spath had a hat trick. (Josh Perry/

Downtown Project: Update #5

The binder course (base coat) will be put down on Summer Street on July 1 or 2 depending on the weather. 
The binder course will be put down on High Street and Main Street from Pleasant to School Street during the same time period. 
They will begin replacing the Emmons Street sidewalk at the end of this week or next week. 
Work at the corner of Emmons and West Central Street (old municipal building) will commence next week, including the installation of the traffic light bases. 
The period lighting bases installation will continue over the summer at several locations. 
The sidewalk reconstruction of West Central Street will begin mid to late July. 
If anyone has a question, please feel free to reach out to the DPW Director, Brutus Cantoreggi or Town Engineer, Michael Maglio at 508-553-5500 or my office at 508-520-4949.
Main St under construction
Main St under construction

Pollinator Talk in the King St. Community Garden June 28th at 11AM

Ed Szymanski will be giving at a talk at the King St. Community Garden this Sunday, June 28th, at 1PM. Please join us to learn about the role that pollinators play in making the community garden a success each year.

bee on flower
bee on flower
​Updated 6/25 - 8:00 PM - > Note: We've moved the time of the pollinator event to coincide with that morning's workday. The workday will run from 9am until 11am. At 11am the pollinator event will start and will run until approximately noon.

If you plan on attending please RSVP to so we have a rough head count as there will be handouts.


The Franklin Community Garden Committee

In the News: Online voter registration, social media for cold cases, teacher award at Tri-County

Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin announced today that the state has implemented online voter registration which allows an applicant to apply to register, change party status or change address for voter registration purposes. 
“In a way, this represents the start of the 2016 presidential election here,” said Galvin in a press release. “The 2016 presidential primary is just eight months away, and this system will make it easier for residents to register to vote.” 
Galvin said that voter registration normally peaks in presidential election years.

Police hope the social media blast will bring new light to the cases. 
“We have to keep the fire going,” said Chief Stephan Semerjian. “Someone out there knows information helpful to police.” 
In many area communities, police departments have taken to social media to connect with the community. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get information out, said Semerjian. 
“It’s just the way it is with society. Everyone is high speed now,” he said.

The Paul Revere Chapter of the Air Force Association named Kristen Magas, an engineering technology instructor at Tri-County Regional, its 2015 Teacher of the Year. 
Paul Zauner, president of the AFA Paul Revere Chapter, visited the school on June 18 to present Magas with the award. School Committee Chairman Robert Wilkinson, Principal Jean Mallon, and several of Magas' engineering technology students also attended the presentation. 
Magas was named a runner-up for the State Teacher of the Year Award.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Live reporting: Closing

5. Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
Kristen Circe received an MIAA award

modulars coming down next week at Davis Thayer

new assistant principals to be joining the high school
3 promoting from within the district

anyone interested in substance abuse task force, meeting Jun 30th at FHS
will be a lot of work for anyone who wants to be part of it

School Committee Sub
finished policies, will continue work on the rest of the book

budget subcommittee working on lunch prices

Committee Reports
School Committee Liaison Reports

6. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.

Reminder on FEF fund raiser for Harlem Wizards coming in November

Trahan mentioned it was good to see efforts to support the local businesses while downtown is undergoing construction - #shopFranklin

8. Adjourn
motion to adjourn, seconded, passed

citizen who did not get to speak earlier asked about when he could do so before the meeting officially closed. "Next meeting or via correspondence" was the reply. (not sure when he had arrived but he might have missed the citizens comments section)

Live reporting: Action Items

4. Action Items
a. I recommend moving the following Policies to a second reading:
1. KF – Community Use of School Facilities
2. KF-E1 – Rules and Regulations
3. KF-E2 – FHS Building Use
4. KF-E3 – Facility Rental Fee Schedule
5. KF-E4 – FHS Facility Rental Fee Schedule
6. KF-E5 – FHS Grounds Rental Fees
7. (NEW)GCCD – Domestic Violence Leave Policy

motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed

b. I recommend the acceptance of two checks totaling $589.71 for FHS as follows:
1. $189.71 Ahold Financial Svc. – Gift Account
2. $400.00 John T. Ombelets/ Elizabeth A. John - Scholarship
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed

c. I recommend acceptance of two checks totaling $2,370.16 for Keller Elementary School as follows:
1. $370.16 O’Connor Portraiture, Inc. – In-house enrichment
2. $2,000.00 IBM - supplemental curriculum materials
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed

d. I recommend acceptance of the donation of a Maple Tree (value $150 - 250) from the JF Kennedy PCC for playground shade at JF Kennedy Elementary School.
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed

e. I recommend acceptance of a check for $150.00 from the Parmenter PCC for a Field Trip.
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed

f. I recommend acceptance of a check for $25.00 from Target’s Thanks a Billion Program for supplemental supplies at Davis Thayer Elementary School.
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed

Live Reporting: Policy updates

3. Discussion Only Items

– First Readings:

KF – Community Use of School Facilities
KF-E1 – Rules and Regulations
KF-E2 – FHS Building Use (new)
KF-E3 – Facility Rental Fee Schedule
KF-E4 – FHS Facility Rental Fee Schedule
KF-E5 – FHS Grounds Rental Fees

- (NEW)
GCCD – Domestic Violence Leave Policy

(policy documents hopefully to be added later, the documents used to be released pre-meeting but recently have not been)

Live reporting: Jefferson / FHS Guidance Presentations

2. Guests/Presentations

b. Jefferson Elementary Update
– Linda Ashley, Sarah Klim

video slide show highlighting activities throughout the school year

c. FHS Guidance Update
– Heather McVay, Josh MacCreery & Jennifer D’Amico

first change is they really are the Franklin guidance dept. covering grades 6-12

developing a curriculum model to spend more time in the classroom rather than just one-on-one with students

guidance seminars developed career seminars
worked with seniors, then freshman, juniors and sophomores

survey showed reduced stress among students with college process, more knowledgeable about scholarship process

student feedback was highlighting that they appreciated the importance of the transcript and how much freshman year really meant to the overall process

worked with the Juniors beginning in January
general info to the larger classes, and then dig deeper into the specifics during the 1-on-1
Naviance - ins and outs of the program and search options

met with the sophomores in the 4th quarter
preparing for junior year and career options
the career plan is a fluid doc but it is started and can be modified as the student progresses through high school

first comment on the high school that has raised a space issue where the prior planning for the new school clearly had not been prepared for the changes in the guidance program (nor could it realistically have been prepared for).

Jennifer D'Amico covered the middle school program

curriculum delivered differently at the 3 middle school but the content was consistent across the schools

first time for middle schools to get exposed to career inventory and career options; look at themselves as a learner, a worker

also looking at developing a curriculum to cover the 5th to 6th grade transition

O'Malley - guidance is the glue that makes schools go, I am impressed
I am impressed with how far we have come
having councilors talk to the 8th graders and their parents is great
having councilors in the classrooms is great
How does the high school or middle school handle a student with a personal or family issue?

Jen - They incorporate the family in the response at the middle school

At the High School, rely heavily on the adjustment councilors and work together with assistant principals as well as part of the team to approach the student situation

Jewel - Concerned about dealing with the problems and not being able to get to the student who can excel; how much with problems versus dealing with the excellence that is required?

With any problem, there is that underlying problem; the communications with the individual teachers is ongoing and priceless; the team approach is key

The great thing about the seminar is being out there creating a presence with the students; at the high school there is the three people to provide support. At the middle school, there is only the one person. 

Maureen - there is also the school psychologists at each of the schools who are good resources. There have been three years of moving walls, to get to this point. Looking to expand further to the kindergarten so it will truly be K-12

Jewell - it is important to get to the students early to get them excited about the STEM arena. Do you use professionals for some examples

One of our goals is to host a career fair for student, if a student has an interest, we do reach out to those where we can. the Senior Project is one particular area that addresses that well.

Clement - How do you strike the balance between showing them options and setting the path? It is good we are giving them the tools

Jen - they explored the options, these are considerations, what is may change many times, it is more about the future planning, not making the final decision

Rohrbach - I know from a parents point of view how overwhelming this can be. This is excellent, thank you

Mullen - When you stop and think about it, you realize how much it has changed over the last several years. Thank you

The seminars are helpful in getting the general info out and are able to have a focused discussion with the individual students

Jen - One of the things to be added to the middle school is to get a better feel on how much the numbers will help in predicting the rising student populations