Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Pantherbook: "many students feel that the topic is ignored by the town’s residents"

"For anybody who hasn’t already seen Jame’s Fredrick’s video “A Roundtable Discussion of Racism in Franklin,” it’s definitely worth a watch.

The video documents a discussion organized by Diversity Awareness Club President Ndoumbe Ndoye and Town Council Member Cobi Frongillo, where many FHS students of color met together to share their experiences growing up in predominantly white Franklin. 

Students recounted times when they had been insulted or felt unwelcome in their community because of the color of their skin.

Students have experienced both overt racism, such as use of racial slurs and hate speech, and more casual and ingrained racism."

Learn more about the discussion that raised awareness of racism in Franklin here:

Direct link to the video on YouTube:

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