Wednesday, February 24, 2021

"Riley’s announcement got a mixed reception"


"TAKING DIRECT AIM at Massachusetts school districts and teachers unions that have been reluctant to return to in-person instruction, state education commissioner Jeff Riley said he wants to use state education regulations to push districts to bring students back to the classroom.

Riley said Tuesday that he wants to see elementary grade students back in school five days a week in April, with older grades possibly to follow after that.

Adopting a much more aggressive posture than state officials have taken in a debate that has divided the education community, Riley said he’ll seek authorization to deem remote instruction not eligible to be counted toward state-required “structured learning time” hours. The proposal, unveiled Tuesday morning to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, would give Riley leverage in pushing districts back into in-person classes, something he, Education Secretary Jim Peyser, and Gov. Charlie Baker have been urging more schools to do for months. "

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