Sunday, April 6, 2008

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Yes, this has been operating long enough (five months) to run a few surveys to generate some feedback on how to continue to develop this site, or not.

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Brick Classroom FY09 budget status (audio)

A segment from the Franklin School Committee meeting on 2/26/08, Supt Wayne Ogden answers a question from Sue Rohrbach on the Brick FY09 budget status.

Time: 2 minutes, 9 seconds

MP3 File

The full segment from which this piece was taken can be found here.

The full meeting summary can be found here.

Pay to Ride or 20 Teachers? (audio)

A segment from the Franklin School Committee FY09 budget discussion during the 2/26/08 meeting, one option to save some teachers (instead of cutting 45 positions) would be cutting instead the entire pay-to-ride program. Supt Wayne Ogden explains.

Time: 2 minutes, 4 seconds

MP3 File

The full segment from which this piece was taken can be found here.

The full meeting summary can be found here.

Where in Franklin? #43

Where in Franklin? #43, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Hmm, where in Franklin would you find this white mill structure?

The guidelines for playing "Where in Franklin?" can be found here.

Where in Franklin? Answer #42

Where in Franklin? Answer #42, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Yes, the giant fish netting in picture #42 can be found along RT 140 as part of the Franklin Country Club driving range.

Thanks for playing. How about someone giving ltsjs some competition? ltsjs has been on a streak!

Stay tuned for the next opportunity to discover "Where in Franklin?"

Franklin Schools Art Gallery - April 14th

FHS_Gallery1, originally uploaded by shersteve.

From Mike Caple via the Franklin School Committee blog:
The Art Department has been working this year to open a Franklin Public Schools K-12 Art Gallery. All the teachers in the department work tremendously hard to teach the students relevant art skills and thinking strategies. We believe it is important to get the results out of the class room and share it with the greater community. The new gallery space is yet another way we can share with the community.

The new gallery space, Gallery 218, is located in the old bank space at Franklin High School. I want to stress that even though the space is housed at FHS the gallery is K-12. The work that will be on display for the first show will represent all buildings in the district. We are calling it Young Artists 08! The art work is from this year’s Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards entries and work that is currently at the Worcester Art Museum as part of the Youth Art Month Program.

I would like to invite all of you to the Inaugural Exhibition Opening of Gallery 218! The opening will take place Monday April 14th from 6:30-8:30pm and is free to all. That evening we will also be running an Empty Bowls event to continue to raise money for the Franklin Food Pantry. A $5 donation will allow you to pick out your own mug or plate and fill it with hot chocolate, coffee, or sweet treats. I do hope you can join us.
Note: Mike Caple is the K-12 Art Director for Franklin schools. The "old bank space" in case you are not familiar with it, is located off the cafeteria at the High School.

In the News - still hope for Brick?

Milford Daily News
Posted Apr 05, 2008 @ 10:45 PM


The little Red Brick School House that could just might.
Despite the School Committee's recent action banning the targeted donations on which the historic school is dependent for operation costs, the Brick School House Association remains optimistic about keeping it open, members said following their biannual meeting last Tuesday.
``As of right now, it's (funding) still in the School Committee's budget, so we're being optimistic. Until we know for sure otherwise, we're assuming it will be open'' next year, said Sandra Hunter, a Brick School House Association board member.
Read the full article in the Milford Daily News

Brick is the least of Franklin's budget problems, loosing 45 teachers is far bigger an issue that needs to be addressed.

I provide additional editorial comment here.

Franklin Blogger: Susan Speers

Susan Speers writes:
Are you due to get a tax refund or an "economic stimulus rebate" this spring? Why not spend it on energy-saving improvements or other steps to reduce your carbon footprint? The Bush rebate of $1,200 for a working couple might not pay all the cost of a solar-powered hot water system but it would go a long way for less intensive, smaller-ticket items! A few ideas for the typical Massachusetts home:
Click through to read if one of the dozen ideas she lists would be something you could do.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

FHS Lacrosse fund raising

FHS_Lacrosse, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Answered a knock on the front door a few minutes ago. The Franklin High School Lacrosse team is out going door-to-door selling coupon books as a fund raiser.

Good choices, good price!

Support FHS sports!

In the News - Lester Landry at 99

GateHouse News Service
Posted Apr 05, 2008 @ 12:19 AM


Lester Landry has learned a few things in his 99 years, and he doesn't keep those lessons secret.
``Money is secondary - people are number one,'' is Landry's first rule. He also advises, `If you get depressed, exercise - it clears your brain.''
Every day, Landry applies his wisdom and shares it with those around him - and he has made it a point to surround himself with people.
``I'm always very active, I like people, I like being with them,'' Landry said.
Between 7:30 to 8 a.m. each morning for the past 15 years, Landry has volunteered as a greeter at the Benjamin Franklin Bank on Main Street, lending an ear, telling stories and starting workers' days with a smile and a reminder that someone cares.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News

Google on Privacy

Online privacy is something anyone cruising on the web needs to be aware of. Spend a few minutes to review the video tips that Google has put together.

Attention Franklin Line Commuters

I received a series of T-Alerts today piece by piece the told the following story:

The Franklin Line will undergo necessary maintenance involving the installation of 24,000 ties.
Franklin Line Necessary Track Work Beginning Thursday April 10, 2008

We apologize for any inconvenience that may result from this necessary track work and thank you for riding Commuter Rail.

The work period will be between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mondays through Fridays. Delays of 20 to 30 minutes are anticipated during the work period.

The first phase of this work will commence at 9:00 AM on Thursday April 10, 2008.

Friday, April 4, 2008

In the News - kids go green

Posted Apr 03, 2008 @ 10:48 PM


Frightened that an "environmental catastrophe" is looming after conducting research on global warming, Remington Middle School students launched a public awareness campaign yesterday on the benefits of using compact fluorescent lights.

To combat energy waste, Team Titans, a group of 50 sixth-grade Remington students, made arrangements with Franklin stores J.D. Daddario, Stop & Shop, and Aubuchon Hardware to keep recycling bins on the premises.

Now people can drop off their used compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which are energy-efficient but contain a small amount of mercury, at the same place they purchase replacements.

If every American household replaced one incandescent light bulb with an Energy Star-qualified compact bulb for a year, enough energy would be saved to light more than 3 million homes and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of more than 800,000 cars, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Web site.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News

Twitter - a teaching learning tool

From Nottinghamshire (yes, Robin Hood country) Tom Barrett teaches and writes a blog. This post goes into great detail on how he uses Twitter as a teaching and learning tool.
In my experience, and in the short time that I have used it, Twitter has grown quickly to play a major part in the way that I interact with fellow colleagues and professionals from around the world. In my classroom and with the children I teach it has been an exciting tool to utilise and support learning. However it is one of many tools that we have at our disposal. I do not see it replacing any of the others we use nor do I see the positive impact upon learning being exclusive to Twitter.
Read the full posting here.

Cruise around Tom's site. He has video tutorials. He has some wikis.

Do you twitter?

Another Franklin's Goals

A year ago, as Franklin, MA prepared for an operational override, Franklin, WI had just rejected an override for their schools.

Visiting the Franklin, WI school department web site I find their school district goals

Their Franklin Education Foundation is prepared to accept donations online.