Thursday, June 11, 2015

FHS baseball season ends with loss to Mansfield

In a tie game and with two outs in the fourth inning, Mansfield senior Branden Nevius picked a perfect time for his first career home run.

Nevius smoked a 3-2 fastball over the wall in left field for a three-run home run to put the Hornets up 4-1, a lead they wouldn’t relinquish in a 10-3 win over Franklin in the D1 South Sectional Semifinals.
Mansfield player celebrate win. (Ryan Lanigan/
Mansfield player celebrate win. (Ryan Lanigan/

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In the News: Strawberry Stroll, lawsuit filed

The Strawberry Stroll kicks off downtown this afternoon, with volunteers outside Dean Bank on Main Street expected to dish out more than 700 whipped-cream-topped shortcakes. 
The Franklin Downtown Partnership’s annual event runs from 4 to 7 p.m., rain or shine, and includes 25 local businesses that have planned strawberry or spring-themed specials, including food, giveaways and activities for children. 
“The Strawberry Stroll was the first event the Downtown Partnership organized to bring the community together in the heart of downtown,” said organizer Nicole Fortier. “In the past 13 years the event has grown, but our mission has stayed the same: to give people a fun way to meet up with friends, discover new downtown businesses and create more engagement.”
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For a map of the events at the Strawberry Stroll check here

A local family has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court against the town, police chief and five officers, alleging acts of misconduct and civil rights violations that stem from a violent confrontation in February 2012. 
The plaintiffs, Jeffrey and Amy DeLucia, accuse officers of making false allegations against them in a police report of a Feb. 5 traffic stop on Church Street to cover up misconduct and intimidate the pair so they would not write a complaint, according to the 35-page lawsuit, originally filed in Norfolk Superior Court, but moved to U.S. District Court in March. 
During the traffic stop, Franklin police officer Paul Guarino allegedly struck Jeffrey DeLucia in the face with a metal flashlight “without justification,” giving DeLucia a concussion and an orbital bone fracture, the lawsuit said. The lawsuit also alleged that Guarino fractured DeLucia’s hand after stomping on it.
Continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News here

Police Alert: Low Flyer Copters for NationalGRID aerial survey

For those who have not yet subscribed to the alerts sent out by Franklin, the Police Dept issued this one on Wednesday. nationalgrid will be conducting aerial inspections of the power lines starting this week and running through mid-August.

The notice is shown below and can also be found on the Franklin website here

National Grid will launch an aerial inspection of all high-voltage power lines beginning Monday, June 8, 2015 through mid-August, 2015. Using continuous infra-red imaging, the Aerial Inspection Program will cover all transmission lines across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Safety will be the #1 priority in all areas of this work. 
National Grid’s certified contractor, JBI Helicopters of New Hampshire, will perform the aerial inspection using its fleet of Bell Jet-Ranger helicopters. Jet-Ranger helicopters are primarily painted blue and yellow with occasional yellow or red striping.
nationalGRID survey copter sample
nationalgrid survey copter sample

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Live reporting: Closing

building committee busy

Strawberry Stroll on Thursday

4th of july celebration

downtown project continuing to work on sidewalks on Main and Emmons
then W Central on sidewalks
hopefully moving along at a quicker pace

pipeline project, the project was withdrawn while Jeff was away

DelCarte playground, engineer reviewing the matter, discussions next week with the manufacturer

train noise, complaint passed along to Keolis


thanks for taking care of the train whistle, we now have a freight going down
should be using a flag man at each crossing

Dellorco - went to the Coalition meeting, next one June 30th at the High School
Mr Morrissey will be sending someone who is good and will be a good help

I have connections and if you need help, call me (Dellorco)

Bissanti - should ahve come up on the Committee reports
inquiries are coming in on the Pond St RFP
anxious for the opening on July 9th

Pfeffer - new home signed for Affordable Housing

Feldman - open house last week for the Solar Challenge, series of open houses over the next several weeks, check it out

– Collective Bargaining, Nine Municipal Units

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 9-0

Live reporting: Legislation

1. Resolution 15-36: Salary Schedule: Full Time Elected Officials
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

2. Resolution 15-38: Establishment of a Fire Department Fire Rescue Training Revolving Account for FY 16
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

annual action to set up the annual accounts

3. Resolution 15-39: Establishment of a Council on Aging Senior Center Activities Program Revolving Account For FY 16
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

annual action to set up the annual accounts

4. Resolution 15-40: Establishment of a Council on Aging Supportive Day Program Revolving Account for FY 16
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

annual action to set up the annual accounts

5. Resolution 15-41: Establishment of a Use of Facilities Account for FY 16
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

annual action to set up the annual accounts
discussion on amount, which is actually the limit to be spent from the account
it was at 100K and trying to increase the amount of lighting to be changed in the School facilities to 200K
the money comes from the facilities use fees, pays for the custodian, etc. and then what is left is the town's piece to maintain the facility, i.e. lighting

6. Resolution 15-42: Authorization for Intermunicipal Agreement with County of Norfolk to Provide Veterans’ Services to Franklin
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

we get the same level of service for less money, Dale checked with the State veterans folks

Kelly - excited to have him as our veterans agent

Dale - handles all the veterans questions and assists with processing their education, housing, medical costs

7. Bylaw Amendment 15-747: Amendment of Service Fees - Solid Waste and Recycling- 2nd
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

approval of the reduction from 216 to 200 for solid waste effective July 1

8. Bylaw Amendment 15-748: Amendment to Chapter 128 Peddling and Soliciting – 1st Reading
motion to move to 2nd reading, seconded, passed 9-0

change in hours, effectively reducing the hours to 'daylight' hours only

9. Bylaw Amendment 15-749: Amendment to Chapter 139-14 Sewer System Map – 1st Reading
motion to move to 2nd reading, seconded, passed 9-0

addition of 14 Crocker Ave to sewer map
house built on ledge, originally had septic, has failed and it can;t be redone with the current process

Pfeffer - objecting to the petitioner not being here to request in person

Kelly - looking for the addition to curb to curb

Padula - there is work there?

there is work being done further down the road

Live reporting: Budget Hearing #1

– 7:10 PM Budget: FY 2016 Budget Hearing – 1st Reading

Jim Dacey, Susan Gagner, Jeff Nutting

about $2.5M additional revenue, mostly from property taxes, $300K from local receipts

about what we get every year
the Commonwealth is looking at Chapter 70 which is the school aid funding process, maybe it will change but not today
revenues next year to be about the same

the Town Clerk is not running again
therefore 2 different salaries, one for the current, one for the new one (to be elected)

the four fire fighters currently on via a grant are now fully funded

Regional Assessment reduced as the progress is not going as fast

Health insurance change this year, saving money for taxpayers and employees

we were not able to increase the OPEB budget this year, to do so would have required cuts elsewhere

benefits account for over $600K of the increase
1.3M for the schools
the remainder is spread out among the department
reduced unemployment

Vallee announced that he would not hold tonight but would Thursday hold the following -police, fire, DPW, and education

Town Admin
question on Technology dept expenses, salaries are paid by school
question on salary within TA account, wage increase for only 9-10 months of the deputy; includes in the expense account the public information

are we spending enough to take care of the problems with the drug problem
Semerjian - we have enough people to do what is needed, we are all behind the ball on the drug problem, it is not like motor vehicle incidents can be reduced by folks on the street

salary amount does include the deputy chief

question on ambulances, we are currently running 2, with what we have is that enough?

with what we have it is not in this budget, it is one of the pressing issues
3 calls 365 times, at least once a day now, it is a pressing issue

it is personnel related, we have a solution to grow the budget this year and the next couple of years to add a 3rd ambulance 

there are so many variable, it is trending, where it goes past that is anyone's guess; we will cover a foreseeable problem

Mercer - the schools are a major part of the town budget
I think the school departments viewing audience is different from the Town's audience

Sabolinski - thanks for approving the capital budget, we have not had a chance to do so before. we will keep you appraised with how the implementation goes with the chromebooks for the middle schools, different from the high school implementation

budget at 56.9M
48.4% of the budget is funded via Chap 70
anticipate State and Federal grants as well as some one time use of revolving fund to 'balance' the budget
the biggest addition to the budget is staffing
the elementary levels are decreasing, high school grows, middle school increasing but not rapidly
in this budget we reduce 5 elementary positions
added one to the HS; science has exploded
also 4 FTE 2 at Annie Sullivan, 2 at Remington to address class size problems
adding three elementary math specialists, an FTE for an ELL teacher
actually a plus 4 positions

1.3M still accounts for the bulk of the increase

bulk of the increase is the collective bargaining agreement

that clears it up a lot, thanks

retirees, last year 23

attrition can not be budgeted per the forensic audit from 2008

retirees, expecting at least 10 for this year

street lighting
how did the rates stay the same?

we made our solar deal with the nuns, that was number one in maintaining the budget dollars and avoiding the increase

we may still see some increases as there are underground wiring to be replaced for the lights

how close does this put us to the required?
the required is 900K
we are above the minimum hours, above the materials purchased, 
the formula requires a 2.5% increase over a three year average
we are not going to get there
we are getting waivers and will keep asking for them

the waivers are an annual request, we meet 2 out of 3 of their requirements and our budget is going up so that is good. We also hosted the commissioners here recently

once construction gets started, doesn't make sense to add now and have them not working when the library is 

if you were given $200K, how would you use it?
if we got it now, we don't know when we are going to be closed, or some section of the building during the construction
wait until after the construction to get a better answer

we could use for programming and library services

what is our total?
as of 2013 it was 89M, we just contracted to update it
we did form a trust, we are investigating investment options
we will transfer the money to the trust later this year

we would need 1.8 or 1.9 to invest each year
we are putting in 400K and should be putting in 2M

we can't put any more in this at this time
maybe some additional free cash from the capital account

the game plan is to put 10% of free cash each year
Wall St looks at the game plan and good faith effort
I think we are covered for now but it will continue to be an issue

what is OPEB?
Other Post Employment Benefits
for retirees and current employees
about 600 people on health insurance
currently pays 68% of the cost

it should be fully funded by 2031
health insurance was a negligible amount fro many years

which is why we are looking for part-timers to avoid paying the health insurance cost now and for the future

Charles River Assessment
an increase of 671K

due to the EPA regulations, this is the renovation of the plant, reducing phosphorous outflows, we own about 65% of the plant so that is our portion

clarification on who is required for Thursday

Live reporting: Town Council - June 10, 2015

Present: Feldman, Padula, Mercer, Kelly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Bissanti, Williams, Dellorco
Absent: none

– May 6, 2015, May 20, 2015
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

– This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.




– Purple Heart Presentation

Senator Ross remarks on the efforts of the VFW to recognize as a "Purple Heart Community"
a resolution was made on Capitol Hill

a collaborative effort as Representative Roy joined in reading the resolution

design of the purple heart developed early on
oldest medal still being award today

August 7th as purple heart day

"purple is the perfect blending of blue and red" - Senator Ross

Franklin Strawberry Stroll scheduled for Thursday, June 11

The Franklin Downtown Partnership will serve up sweet, juicy, whipped cream-topped strawberry shortcakes at the 13th annual Franklin Strawberry Stroll on Thursday, June 11. The event will happen throughout downtown Franklin from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., rain or shine.

"The Strawberry Stroll was the first event the Downtown Partnership organized to bring the community together in the heart of downtown. In the past 13 years the event has grown but our mission has stayed the same – to give people a fun way to meet up with friends, discover new downtown businesses and create more engagement," says Nicole Fortier, event chairperson.
Franklin Strawberry Stroll - June 11
Franklin Strawberry Stroll - June 11

Volunteers will slice up more than 160 quarts of ripe strawberries to top nearly 700 shortcakes. Dozens of cases of whipped cream will top off the Stroll's signature desserts, which will be served up outside Dean Bank on Main Street.

More than 25 local businesses have strawberry or spring-themed specials, food items, giveaways, face painting and kids' activities planned for the afternoon. For example, the Historical Museum invites visitors to browse the Horace Mann exhibit while enjoying punch and cookies.

A complete list of happenings will be available at the Stroll and on the FDP website,, and its Facebook page.

Along with sweet treats and activities, the Stroll promises great local entertainment. Music Odyssey Productions DJ Domenic Cotoia will entertain crowds browsing the booths in the Main Street parking lot. Jane's Frames is sponsoring Jamie Barrett with his guitar, and a talented lineup of Franklin High School musicians will perform at The Cake Bar. Kevin Wolfe is set to perform at Pisini Shoes.

Generous sponsors make the Strawberry Stroll possible. The Platinum Sponsor for his event is Dean Bank. Gold Sponsors are Dean College and SolarFlair, and the Silver Sponsor is DCU. Bronze Sponsors include Chestnut Dental Associates, Franklin Ford, Franklin Health & Rehabilitation Center, Keefe Insurance Agency, Middlesex Savings Bank and The Estate at Franklin. Friends of the Festival Sponsors are Garelick Farms, Jane's Frames, Leaf Filter Gutter Protection, Nexamp and Simon's Furniture.

Download and print out your copy of the map

FHS girls drop a double OT game - "So, it came down to wording"

It is not often that a playoff game comes down to the officials pulling an actual rule book out of a bag under the scorer’s table. Not many tournament fates are decided on the minutiae of the codes of the game but with six seconds remaining in Tuesday’s Div. 1 East semifinal that is exactly what sent the game to overtime. 
Franklin had taken a 7-6 lead on a free position goal by sophomore Caroline Lounsbury with just 29 second left to play and was in position to return to the sectional final, but with only six seconds on the clock Lincoln-Sudbury’s Brianna Stokes answered with a free position goal of her own. That is when the controversy began.  
Emily Jeffries (4) scored a goal and had an assist for Franklin, but the Panthers lost in a controversial overtime game against Lincoln-Sudbury. (Josh Perry/
Emily Jeffries (4) scored a goal and had an assist for Franklin, but the Panthers lost in a controversial overtime game against Lincoln-Sudbury. (Josh Perry/
The Panthers immediately called for a stick check on Stokes, who reached up and adjusted the strings on her stick. That is an automatic no goal, if it happened after the refs had asked to check the stick, and the refs initially waved off the goal and Franklin appeared to have won. 
After huddling on the field for a few minutes and speaking with both coaches, the officials marched to the scorer’s table and pored over the MIAA rule book. After a few minutes of deliberation, the officials said that the adjustment of the strings was before being asked and that the goal stood sending the teams to two 3-minute overtime periods.

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FHS boys lacrosse drop a close one - "They were all scrappy, ugly goals"

The run is over for the Franklin boys’ lacrosse team. It has been a historic season with the Panthers going further than any team in the program’s history, but on Tuesday night Catholic Memorial shut down the Franklin offense and battled back in the fourth quarter to end the Panthers season in the semifinal, 7-6.

“We tried to force some issues and made some mistakes but credit to CM because they forced us into some of those bad decisions,” said Franklin coach Lou Verrochi. “Everything is a little bit tighter at this level and this stage of the season.”
Freshman Eric Civetti had two goals and two assist in the first half, but CM rallied in the fourth quarter to end the seaons for the Panthers in the D1 South semifinal. (Josh Perry/
Freshman Eric Civetti had two goals and two assist in the first half, but CM rallied in the fourth quarter to end the seaons for the Panthers in the D1 South semifinal. (Josh Perry/
CM jumped out to a 1-0 lead with 2:19 left in the first quarter, but Franklin responded, as they had in the previous round, with two quick goals in the second. Freshman Eric Civetti tied the game just 23 seconds into the quarter off an assist from Kyle Lundgren and then Civetti picked up an assist on a goal by Austin Kent.

Civetti then provided a pair of highlight reel plays. First, he extended the lead to 3-1 with a goal as he was falling down into the middle of the CM defense. After CM scored to cut the lead to one, Civetti provided the pass of the season with a behind the back look from the corner of the cage across the crease to a wide open Justin Miller.
Continue reading the article in Hockomock Sports

Franklin/Medway American Legion 5 Miler - Jun 20

The American Legion Annual 5 Miler Scholarship Fund Road Race

Saturday, June 20th 2015 at 8am

Help support our effort to give scholarships to high school students looking at the high cost of secondary education. All profits from this event will go to the Scholarship Funds for Medway Post 367 and Franklin Post 75.

Registration: 7:00 – 7:45am
Start Time: Run 8:00am
Start / Finish: Medway High School
88 Summer Street
Medway, MA 02053
Run: 5 mile loop on paved roads
Entry Fee: $25
$15 High School Students
  • Post race refreshments
  • Prizes awarded by category
  • T-Shirts for entrants
  • Raffle Prizes
  • iRace Timing by Spitler Race Systems
  • Massage Therapist

Register Now!
or download and register by mail

American Legion: Medway Post 367 and Franklin Post 75

Franklin American Legion · 82 West Central St · Franlkin, MA 02038 · USA                                          

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"favorable to other available options"

The charter school on Main Street has finalized plans to construct a new building with some of the land it owns on Washington Street, part of a $22 million expansion that will see its enrollment double over the next decade. 
The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School (BFCCPS) is looking to hire an architect to design the new 90,000 square-foot school, including recreation fields, said Donald Tappin, president of the school’s 10-member Board of Trustees. 
“Much of this work will take place over the summer,” he said in a blog post last week. “Our timeline remains aggressive but we currently expect that we will be able to welcome students into BFCCPS’s new facility in September of 2017.” 
The school owns three parcels off Washington Street – a total of about 8 acres. All together, the land is worth more than $600,000, according to the Franklin assessor’s database.
Continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Live reporting: Action Items to Closing

4. Action Items
a. I recommend approval of the request for ASMS 8th graders to travel to Pawtucket, RI to see a PawSox game on June 10, 2015 as detailed.

motion to approve, seconded, passed 6-0

b. I recommend acceptance of a check for 287.66 from O’Connor Studios for supplemental supplies at Davis Thayer Elementary School.
motion to approve, seconded, passed 6-0

c. I recommend acceptance of two checks totaling $2.500.00 for FHS Scholarships:
1. Whitson’s Food Service $1,500.00
2. Steven M. Coppola $1,000.00
motion to approve, seconded, passed 6-0

d. I recommend acceptance of a check for $5,200.00 from the Oak St. PCC for Supplemental Curriculum Materials.motion to approve, seconded, passed 6-0

added approval of Girls Track team to Saco, ME

motion to approve, seconded, passed 6-0

5. Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
congratulations to the 4x 800 for winning the State and now going to the New England meet


acknowledge the number of people who made graduation and the All Night Party successful; thanks to all (long listing of groups, folks)

Pandora and Patty Clay for working with the Class of 1965 for their inclusion in the evening

Trahan - graduation never gets old (like the Globe article), all a fabulous job

debriefed today and already started planning for next year
for some it may be the only graduation they attend

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports

School Committee Liaison Reports

Harlem Wizards coming in Novmeber

motion to go into executive session

Live reporting: Team Horace Mann Middle School

c. Horace Mann Update – Shawn Fortin, Kaitlyn Demers

(note the slide set needs to be updated as it doesn't include all the photos from the trips)

STEM is not putting students in front of computers
we do love technology, but we do not loose the 'forest for the trees'
challenged the Science Dept to create three small field trips
actually did 5 with a couple of more coming before the year end
several small field trip - single class
secret is to get students excited about science

nurture STEM, provide opportunities that could not be achieved in the classroom

Museum of Science brought a program on heat to the classroom
MIT, actually at Mass General Hospital - beefed up the background on genetics before the trip, looking for signs of life
Mystic Aquarium - biology focused
Harvard Museum of Natural History
Signal Rock Farm - sheep farm, further into genetics

trips were made based upon the interests of the children
kids made the choice

used a simplified application process

the students took turns explaining what they learned from each of the trips
one of the activities was to dissect a squid at Mystic

O'Malley - 
outstanding student presenters, not easy to sit and present to the School Committee
a science trip is important, we live in a culturally diverse area and it is easy to do and well worth it, connecting the schools and community. I also believe in bringing the experts into the school house

Jewell - 
applaud the kids for the presentation, it was great
my father had raised sheep and breed one of his own
DNA is on file for each soldier to help with their identification
it is exciting for you to see that

  • heard about Dr Carr via the network and worked to make the connection
  • Mystic Aquarium is a convenient and good location with manageable traffic
  • Museum of Science, if they could do what they do at the museum, here, it would be worthwhile; did provide some pre-planning to ensure a good fit and interaction
  • a lot of it was trial, if it works, we'll do it again

Live reporting: ECDC update

2. Guests/Presentations

b. ECDC Update – Kelty Kelley

historically had two start times but needed to change to one start time
now really one school

pilot program last summer expanded this summer

families looking for longer school days, school has been meeting the needs by expanding

worked on curriculum last summer to synchronize the themes across the program, working on a common vocabulary to help all involved talk with the same words

"Big Idea" - posted at the beginning of each unit to help center the idea and activities

Open House to showcase the learning and engage the parents
created a passport to get checked off for each activity in each classroom, a change from the prior open house where the parents would go to the one classroom, visit and leave for the night

literacy tied in to the lessons

problem solving, how to fit ten apples on top, an engineering challenge

art theme, inspired by Eric Carle

increasing communications and connections, via email, also started a blog
You can find the Principal's Page here
(It is also found on the right column of the Franklin Matters home page where the Franklin Area blogs are located)

parent workshop to help them engage their children with STEM learning (a good way is by cooking)

a networking group for parents of children with special needs that don't already have an IEP

looking to make a long term partnership with the Franklin Public Schools, working with a collaborative advocate

working to include the children from sub-separate classrooms to spend time with regular classrooms, part of the long term transition

worked to streamline the registration process, eliminate one step in the process (already registered with the district for proof of residence)

special transition program with each of the receiving schools, enabling connections and meetings

the children makes the connections easily, facilitated the parent connections

nice work, did well unifying the school

some were fairly simple things and I don't mean to minimize it, do the foundational things and it helps

enrollment is currently above 160 children