Monday, October 10, 2022

Tri-County RVTHS Carpentry Students Build Pearl Harbor Display Case

Juniors and Senior Carpentry Students Build New Cabinet for North Attleboro Town Hall

Edward “Shorty” Ruest
Edward “Shorty” Ruest
Antonio Morabito reached out to Tri-County last year for a new display case to house their Pearl Harbor memorabilia. The cabinet showcases an article about the Pearl Harbor Bombings and photos taken at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, by Edward “Shorty” Ruest, a North Attleboro resident serving in the Navy as a Seaman 1st Class aboard the USS Independence during World War II. Ruest had 10-battle stars denoting his combat battles with enemy forces and was a Purple Heart Recipient.

The case is flanked by the American Flag and a POW/MIA Flag. It hangs above an empty memorial chair in honor of POW/MIAs. The project was worked on throughout the 2021-2022 school year and was built using solid wood and a glass sliding door purchased from local small business, Franklin Glass Company. 

Pearl Harbor Display Case
Pearl Harbor Display Case

Seniors Israel Pereira of Blackstone and Connor Bertram of Franklin built the cabinet between projects with the guidance of their teachers, Mark Spillane and Jeremy Barstow, and finished days before graduation. 

Conner Jackson of North Attleboro, Sam Sepulveda of Medway, and Justin DeMarino of Plainville (Class of 2023) helped deliver the new case to the North Attleboro Town Hall, where it is installed in the lobby. 

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Tri County students. We were impressed with their enthusiasm and their pride in craftsmanship. We are pleased to have their work house an important piece of North Attleboro history prominently displayed in our Town Hall,” commented Antonio Morabito, Assistant Town Manager of North Attleboro.

Register O’Donnell Reports on September 2022 Real Estate Activity in Norfolk County

Norfolk County Register of Deeds William P. O’Donnell reported that the September 2022 numbers relative to Norfolk County recordings indicate a continuing decrease in overall real estate activity, particularly mortgage activity, as compared to the September 2021 numbers

“Our data indicates that the Norfolk County real estate numbers in September demonstrate a continued slowdown in the market compared to 2021 and for the first time it appears that the average sales price is leveling off,” noted Register O’Donnell. “There were 9,972 documents recorded at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds in September, a 35% decrease from September 2021 and a decrease of 14% from August, 2022”.

“The number of deeds for September 2022, which reflect real estate sales and transfers, both commercial and residential, show a decrease of 23% from September, 2021 and a decrease of 16% from the previous month of August, 2022. Sale prices for September appear to have leveled off when compared to September 2021. The average sale price in September was $1,082,714, a decrease of 1% compared to September 2021. Total dollar volume of commercial and residential sales is down, decreasing 24% from one year ago and decreasing 16% from last month,” noted the Register.

Overall lending activity show a continued trend downward for the month of September. A total of 1,693 mortgages were recorded during the month, a significant decrease of 55% compared to a year ago and down 15% from August, 2022. “It appears that the sharp increase in the mortgage interest rates has significantly impacted mortgage activity,” noted O’Donnell.

A continuing cause for concern in Norfolk County is the number of pending foreclosures. The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds has been closely monitoring the foreclosure market. In September, there were 6 foreclosure deeds recorded as a result of mortgage foreclosures taking place in Norfolk County, one less than in September, 2021.  However, there were 37 Notices to Foreclose, the first step in the foreclosure process, recorded in September, up significantly from the 10 recorded in September 2021. “The dramatic increase in the number of these notices is alarming. It indicates that more of our neighbors are facing financial challenges going forward”, said O’Donnell.  “We will continue to track these numbers.”

For the past several years, the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds has partnered with Quincy Community Action Programs, 617-479-8181 x376, and NeighborWorks Housing Solutions, 508-587-0950 to help anyone facing challenges paying their mortgage. Another option for homeowners is to contact the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Consumer Advocacy and Response Division (CARD) at 617-727-8400. Register O’Donnell stated, “If you are having difficulty paying your monthly mortgage, please consider contacting one of these non-profit agencies for help and guidance.”

Homestead recordings by owners of homes and condominiums decreased again this month at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds. There was a 21% decrease in homestead recordings in September 2022 compared to September 2021. “The reduction in recorded Declarations of Homestead is not too surprising where the sales of homes continue to level off, but all homeowners, not just new purchasers, should keep in mind that a recorded Declaration of Homestead provides limited protection against the forced sale of an individual’s primary residence to satisfy unsecured debt up to $500,000,” noted O’Donnell. “We want to see folks protecting the biggest asset most of us have, our homes. I would urge anyone who has not availed themselves of this important consumer protection tool to consider doing so. The recording fee is only $36. Feel free to visit the Registry website at  to get more information on homesteads and to make sure you have taken advantage of this protection.”

Register O’Donnell concluded, “September real estate activity in Norfolk County continues to show a decline from last year. In comparing the numbers with last year, it appears the market may be starting to cool off.”

To learn more about Registry of Deed’s events and initiatives, like us on Facebook® at or follow us on Twitter® at and Instagram® at

The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds is located at 649 High Street in Dedham. The Registry is a resource for homeowners, title examiners, mortgage lenders, municipalities and others with a need for secure, accurate, accessible land record information. All land record research information can be found on the Registry’s website Residents in need of assistance can contact the Registry of Deeds Customer Service Center via telephone at (781) 461-6101, or email us at

Register O’Donnell Reports on September 2022 Real Estate Activity in Norfolk County
Register O’Donnell Reports on September 2022 Real Estate Activity in Norfolk County

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) Episode 223 - Chewy, Countries Signature Wines

Wonderful World of Wine with Kim Simone, Mark Lenzi shared their most recent podcast episode. Listen here (or on your favorite podcast app).

Audio file ->

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) Episode 223 - Chewy, Countries Signature Wines
The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) Episode 223 - Chewy, Countries Signature Wines

The Washington Post: "Where Republican election deniers are on the ballot near you"

The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) tweeted on Fri, Oct 07, 2022:

"Election deniers will be on the ballot in 48 of 50 states in the midterm elections this November.

Nearly 300 Republicans seeking those offices have denied the outcome of the last presidential election, according to a Washington Post analysis."


Where Republican election deniers are on the ballot near you

Where Republican election deniers are on the ballot near you

election deniers in MA
election deniers in MA

New York Times: "Retirees are expected to get the biggest Social Security cost-of-living increase in decades"

"Social Security will soon announce the largest inflation adjustment to benefits in four decades — a welcome development for millions of older Americans struggling to keep up with fast-rising living costs.

The cost-of-living adjustment for 2023 is likely to be around 8.7 percent, based on the latest government inflation figures. The final COLA, as the adjustment is known, will be released Thursday, when the federal government announces inflation figures for September. Medicare enrollees can anticipate some additional good news: The standard Part B premium, which is typically deducted from Social Security benefits, will decline next year.

The COLA, one of Social Security’s most valuable features, will give a significant boost to more than 70 million Americans next year. While retirement comes to mind when most people think about Social Security‌, the program plays a much broader role in providing economic security."
Continue reading the article online -> (subscription maybe required)

New York Times: "Retirees are expected to get the biggest Social Security cost-of-living increase in decades"
New York Times: "Retirees are expected to get the biggest Social Security cost-of-living increase in decades"

Franklin TV and schedule for Monday, Oct 10, 2022

  • or 102.9 on the FM dial = Monday

9 AM 12 PM and 6 PM Talkin’ the Blues – Jim Derick & Todd Monjur
2 hours of awesome blues music, info, interviews

11 AM 2 PM and 8 PM A More Perfect Union – Discussing American Politics and Current Events - Peter Fasciano, Dr. Michael Walker Jones, Dr. Natalia Linos, State Rep Jeff Roy, Chris Woolf, and Nick Remissong host a round table discussion on current events and American politics, bringing about thoughtful conversation, compelling discourse, and a look at what the future might hold for the United States

  • Franklin All Access TV - Our Public Access Channel (Comcast 8, Verizon 26) = MONDAY

8:00 am SAFE Coalition: Overdose Awareness
9:00 am 4th of July 2022: Michael Rivelis
12:00 pm Brook'n'Cookin: French Toast
12:30 pm Sandya: Crepes
1:00 pm Cooking Thyme: Candy Apples
1:30 pm Pizzapalooza: Meat-Lovers Pt. 1
2:00 pm New England Candlepins: Fall 2019 show 4
3:00 pm Candlepin New Generation: Show 6
3:30 pm Physician Focus: Prescription Drug Abuse
4:00 pm Celebrate With Pride: Pt. 1
6:00 pm Veterans' Call: PACT Act
7:30 pm Frank Presents: Shawn Dooley
8:00 pm Frank Presents: Charles Bailey
8:30 pm Concerts on the Common: Ken DoRosario

  • Franklin Pride TV - Our Educational Channel (Comcast 96, Verizon 28) = MONDAY

7:00 am Public School Event: Annie Sullivan Winter Music 2021
8:30 am FHS PCC: Vaping Forum
12:30 pm Public School Concert: MICCA Showcase Pt. 2 03-14-18
2:00 pm SAFE Coalition: Overdose Awareness
3:00 pm FHS Varsity Volleyball: v Mansfield 10-03-22
4:30 pm Public School Event: FHS Winter Music 2019
7:00 pm FHS Girls Varsity Soccer: v Mansfield 10-03-22
9:00 pm FHS Varsity Field Hockey: v Concord-Carlisle 10-06-22

  • Franklin Town Hall TV - Our Government Channel (Comcast 11, Verizon 29) = MONDAY

8:00 am Planning Board: 10-03-22
12:00 pm Community Preservation: 10-04-22
2:00 pm Planning Board: 10-03-22

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Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (
Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Now that the Climate bill was signed, what's next? State Rep Jeff Roy joins Ted & I to answer that question and more (audio)

FM #859 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 859 in the series. 

This session of the radio show shares my conversation with Ted McIntyre, Franklin resident and climate activist. We recorded this via the Zoom conference bridge Monday, October 3, 2022.  

We are joined by our special guest, MA State Representative Jeff Roy. The last time Jeff was with us (August) we were all waiting for the governor to take action on the recent climate legislation. It had worked its way through the MA House & Senate, the Conference Committee, back through both the MA House & Senate and sat on Governor Baker’s desk until he did sign it.

In this episode our conversation covered the following topics: 

  • legislation passed, signed, now what's next

  • electric rate, municipal aggregation, home electricity monitoring

  • Site visits; White House, Schneider Electric, Andover; Millstone Nuclear Plant in CT

  • MassSave options

This discussion continues our journey understanding the MA roadmap toward net zero and while it helps me “make sense of climate”, we hope it helps with your understanding as well. 

If you have climate questions or Franklin specific climate questions, send them in and we’ll try to answer them in a future session.  

The conversation runs about 53 minutes. Let’s listen to my conversation with Ted and State Rep Jeff Roy.

Audio file ->


Mass Save to sign up for an energy audit -> 

White House visit - 

Millstone Nuclear plant visit ->   

See the page that collects the “Making Sense of Climate” episodes -> 


We are now producing this in collaboration with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( or 102.9 on the Franklin area radio dial.  

This podcast is my public service effort for Franklin but we can't do it alone. We can always use your help.

How can you help?

  • If you can use the information that you find here, please tell your friends and neighbors

  • If you don't like something here, please let me know

Through this feedback loop we can continue to make improvements. I thank you for listening.

For additional information, please visit or

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The music for the intro and exit was provided by Michael Clark and the group "East of Shirley". The piece is titled "Ernesto, manana"  c. Michael Clark & Tintype Tunes, 2008 and used with their permission.

I hope you enjoy!


You can also subscribe and listen to Franklin Matters audio on iTunes or your favorite podcast app; search in "podcasts" for "Franklin Matters"

Franklin TV: Harvest Fest - We Were Blown Away

Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 10/09/2022 

Whoops – there’s goes another one.

Whoops – there’s goes another one

A few moments earlier the mangled tent above stood at the other end of this scene. 

Up it went – sailing past the post office in a mere second before being wrangled back to terra firma. A few more were mangled and wrangled. Our own tent, held down by ninety pounds of weights, was shimmying. We packed it up before the gusts could steal away with it. 

Breeze notwithstanding, the crowds turned out.

harvest festival 2022

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm. 
And, thank you for watching.


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FHS cross country results for Bay State Invitational on Sat, Oct 8, 2022

Coach Bailey (@FranklinHSXC) tweeted on Sat, Oct 08, 2022:

Live results from today's Bay State Invitational -| MSTCA

Varsity Girls - Girls C Race
10 Alexandra BATLA Franklin 21:00.2
14 Fiona MORRISON Franklin 21:25.1
28 Ashley TIGHE Franklin 22:16.2
44 Carli WALBERT Franklin 23:15.0
45 Emily MATTESON Franklin 23:15.5
46 Artemisia SAPAROFF Franklin 23:20.3
49 Mackenzie MANN Franklin 23:33.9
53 Emma PRUITT Franklin 23:37.6
70 Katie SWEENEY Franklin 25:14.8

Varsity Boys - Boys C Race
54 Jonathan PINK Franklin 18:54.5
57 Joshua DIEHL Franklin 18:58.6
58 William BOOZANG Franklin 19:07.0
60 Jake VACCAREZZA Franklin 19:12.0
72 Anton SACKLEY Franklin 19:31.1
74 Sean GIULIANO Franklin 19:39.0
80 Fraiser BAIRD Franklin 20:03.5
84 Luke PARAGONA Franklin 20:07.4
90 Jason HUFF Franklin 20:14.0
108 Aiden ORR Franklin 21:16.0

JV Girls
2 Vivienne LOUKOTA Franklin 23:09.3
26 Ella MCLAUGHLIN Franklin 25:11.4
34 Kasey BRADY Franklin 25:26.7
74 Georgia PELLEGRI Franklin 27:09.3
75 Grace TUCCERI Franklin 27:11.8
79 Julie BOND Franklin 27:20.0
94 Mikaela ROBILLARD Franklin 28:31.4
114 Maddie TWARDOWSKI Franklin 29:30.3
128 Mariana FERNANDEZ-MARTIN Franklin 30:27.2
133 Gianna STODDARD Franklin 30:50.0
136 Tess BOWER Franklin 30:52.4
142 Judith SHERIDAN Franklin 31:45.5
155 Maddie STAMP Franklin 33:07.2

JV Boys
8 Rory TENG Franklin 19:42.1
14 Andrew SCOTLAND Franklin1 9:58.1
26 Zachary SPRAGUE Franklin 20:21.2
27 Tyler ANDERSON Franklin 20:21.8
40 Manuel ROMERO Franklin 20:46.8
53 Edison EATTIMO Franklin 20:56.7
57 Jack HALTER Franklin 20:59.2
58 Matthew FITZGERALD Franklin 20:59.6
80 Daniel CRONIN Franklin 21:31.5
85 Jaret SCHMIDT Franklin 21:43.8
87 Quinten HARDT Franklin 21:44.7
96 Patrick MCINTYRE Franklin 21:54.1
101 Tucker MORIN Franklin 22:02.4

Team Scores
11 Boys C -  46 48 49 51 60 62 67 = 254
5 Girls C -  8 12 25 36 37 38 40 = 118
4 JV BOYS -  8 14 26 27 39 52 55 = 114
6 JV GIRLS -  2 24 31 64 65 68 80 = 186

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Tickets for the FHS theatre performance of Cinderella now for sale!!!

Opening nights are November 11, 18, and 19 at 7 PM, and November 12 at 2 PM. Holding at $17 for Adults, $12 for students, $10 for Children, and $10 for FHS staff! 
We can’t wait to see you there! 

Dean Neighborhood Alliance formation meeting - Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 - 6 PM

Please join Dean College Chancellor Edward M Augustus, Jr and other college representatives as we look to establish a partnership between the neighborhood and the college community. Together we will share information and develop mutually beneficial opportunities that improve our neighborhood and the town of Franklin as a whole.

Meeting location:  Campanella Boardroom - Dr Rooney Student Center (opposite the dining hall)
Dean Neighborhood Alliance formation meeting - Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 - 6 PM
Dean Neighborhood Alliance formation meeting - Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 - 6 PM


Notice from the Department of Public Works - Curbside Trash and Recycling to Run on Schedule Week of October 10, 2022

Curbside trash and recycling will run on it's normal schedule the week of October 10 - 14, despite the holiday on Monday, October 10, 2022.

If you accidentally tossed the new 2022-2023 curbside flyer from Waste Management (which picks up per contract from the Town of Franklin DPW), you can download a copy here  ->

Note the next one day delay in the normal schedule will be in November for Thanksgiving Day.

Curbside Trash and Recycling to Run on Schedule Week of October 10, 2022
Curbside Trash and Recycling to Run on Schedule Week of October 10, 2022

MAEnergy Environment upgrades drought status - still in drought but better than before

MAEnergy Environment (@MassEEA) tweeted on Fri, Oct 07, 2022:

most regions have been upgraded to lower drought levels, but drought still persists across the state
most regions have been upgraded to lower drought levels, but drought still persists across the state

"With the majority of the state seeing improvements, @EEASecretary declared today (10/07/22) that most regions have been upgraded to lower drought levels, but drought still persists across the state. 
For the current drought status & water conservation tips:   or"

All Town of Franklin buildings will be CLOSED on Monday, October 10, 2022.

Franklin Municipal Building 
Franklin Senior Center
Franklin Public Library
All Franklin Public Schools

will be CLOSED on Monday, October 10, 2022.

The Franklin municipal & school  buildings will be CLOSED on Monday, October 10, 2022 in observance of the Indigenous People's Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

All Town of Franklin buildings will be CLOSED on Monday, October 10, 2022
All Town of Franklin buildings will be CLOSED on Monday, October 10, 2022

Helping Voters with Disabilities Participate in Our Democratic Process

During the 2022 midterm election, 38.3 million voters with disabilities will have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process. These voters may include you, one of your friends, or a family member.

Voters with disabilities face unique obstacles when casting their ballots. The Help America Vote Act ensures that all voters with disabilities have the right to mark, cast, and verify their ballots privately and independently.

The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) helps voters with disabilities register to vote and understand their options to cast ballots. 

Helping Voters with Disabilities Participate in Our Democratic Process
Helping Voters with Disabilities Participate in Our Democratic Process

Continue reading this article ->

What is Franklin TV, radio and News doing in this arena?
Election interviews in particular are shared in video and audio formats where possible. If needed, a transcript of either can be made available. We are working towards making the combination an 'automatic' production so in the meantime, feel free to ask for a transcript.

Comment on this post to request a transcript of an interview, or send an email to