Thursday, September 10, 2015

Floral Design Classes Begin Next Week

Franklin Public Schools - Lifelong Learning Institute
The Center for Adult Education & Community Learning

Floral Design Partnership with Hillside Nurseries
Classes Begin September 15
The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning, in conjunction with Hillside Nurseries, is pleased to offer their first Floral Design Partnership Seminars. This flexible program, consisting of 5 individual workshops, has been developed to introduce you to the enjoyment and satisfaction the art of floral design holds. 

Whether you are the amateur home florist or the potential budding professional, these hands-on evening classes offer an exciting exploration for you. Your registration fee is all inclusive and will provide you with a finished product that you can take home each week.

You can register for all of the courses or just one - it's up to you. See registration options below.

Outdoor fall decorating has never been easier and more fun and better yet - at this class we will discuss how to create an inexpensive, yet sophisticated outdoor display for your home AND show you a sample display. You will see how to add a bit of nature into your front porch or yard fall decorating scheme to enhance its overall curb appeal. Together, we will then build a planter that you can integrate with your exterior display. If you have a favorite planter, plan to bring it with you. It should be between 10 and 12 inches in diameter and height. If you don't have a favorite planter, we can provide one for you.

Want to take a more natural approach with your pumpkin decorating?  Well, you can skip the spider webs and jack-o-lanterns. At this class you will learn how simply carving a hole in a pumpkin and filling it up with your favorite fall blooms can create an exquisite centerpiece and decoration.

 October 6 - Cornucopia - A Thanksgiving Tradition Nothing says fall like a beautiful cornucopia arrangement. When you attend this class you will learn how to make a quick and easy cornucopia for your Thanksgiving table, a centerpiece that is beautiful and sure to impress.

A festive treat for the holidays, at this class you will learn how to create a traditional, natural looking boxwood tree. This timeless design will be an elegant addition to you holiday decorations OR it will make a fabulous present. AND boxwoods are long lasting. They stay fresh from five to eight weeks, if watered daily.

At this class you will be making a magnificent arrangement, suitable for any of your holiday events. As a beautiful Christmas centerpiece decoration, this unique arrangement will mix the colors and textures of the season around the base of a glowing single candle. You will decorate with velvet ribbon.

Beginning September 15

All classes 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Tuesday evenings. 

Space is limited so register early

Hillside Nurseries
823 Washington Street
Franklin, MA 02038

This fall you can experience 5 different floral design opportunities

Bring Autumn & the Holidays home with you
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FPS- Life Long Learning | 355 East Central Street | Franklin | MA | 02038

FHS vs Oliver Ames results in sports action on Wednesday

From Hockomock Sports we share the results of the FHS girls soccer game vs. Oliver Ames (a tie), boys soccer (a loss) and volleyball (a win).

Girls Soccer

Last year, when Franklin and Oliver Ames met in the first game of the girls’ soccer season, the Panthers dominated with a number of scoring chances that weren’t put away. In the end, keeper Dani Lonati saved the Panthers from those wasted chances by stopping a late penalty kick and earning a point. 
This year, the roles were reversed in the second half at Muscato Stadium. Oliver Ames dominated the ball in the second half, pushing forward, and controlling the center of the pitch, but struggled to put away the chances that it created. 
In the dying seconds, sophomore goalie Regan Benton made her third huge save of the half, diving out at the feet of Meg Adams, to stop a breakaway and ensure the battle of reigning league champions finished 0-0.
Regan Benton makes a save against Franklin. The sophomore made several key stops to preserve a 0-0 draw. (Josh Perry/
Regan Benton makes a save against Franklin. The sophomore made several key stops to preserve a 0-0 draw. (Josh Perry/

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Boys Soccer

Oliver Ames, 2 @ Franklin, 0 – Final
OA sophomore Cameron Vella and senior Chris Romero scored second half goals to lift the Tigers. Max Bamford and Romero each had an assist in the game. Head coach John Barata said Keegan Nutt and Nathaniel Cardoza played great in the middle. Jack Carroll recorded his first career shutout for OA.


Oliver Ames, 1 @ Franklin, 3 – Final – 
Franklin senior Hannah Chase had six aces and three kills, Aubrie Kutil had six kills, sophomore Meaghan Maguire collected four blocks and Dayna McCue had six digs and an ace.

For all the results around the Hockomock League on Wednesday

Franklin Federated Church plans colorful kickoff - Sep 13

Franklin Federated Church is planning to kick off the program year on Sunday, Sept. 13, with a splash of color. As part of the 10 AM worship service, a rainbow flag will be hung outside the front door and dedicated. It will join the new rainbow marker that has been added to the church's front lawn sign.

Franklin Federated Church
Franklin Federated Church

The two rainbows are symbols of the congregation's commitment to welcome all into the life and ministry of the church, as explained in a statement adopted by the congregation in 2013. It reads in part:

"We welcome all those who come to worship God and declare ourselves to be open to all for participation in the full life and ministry of the church regardless of age, ethnicity, faith background, mental abilities, physical abilities, or sexual orientation & gender identity." (read the entire statement at:

The Sept. 13th service is called Reaffirmation Sunday. Fall is a time of reconnecting, so this day is an opportunity for everyone to refresh their spiritual connection and for church members to reaffirm their commitment to the church. The 10 AM service will include Communion (all are invited to partake) and will be followed by a picnic on church grounds.

Reaffirmation Sunday also marks the kickoff of the church's program year, and includes:
An opportunity, prior to worship, for children in preschool through middle school to register for Sunday school, which will begin meeting on Sept. 20.

A chance for people of all ages to sign up for a Connect group. These are groups that meet weekly for 10 weeks around shared interests, such as art, nature, playing Scrabble, watching and discussing movies, and more.

Franklin Federated Church is located at 171 Main Street, across from the corner of the Common. There is a handicapped access ramp leading from the driveway at the left of the church into the Sanctuary. There are large print bulletins, hearing assistance devices and activity bags for children all available for use during the service.

All are welcome. To learn more, visit You can also stop in to Pastor Charley Eastman's office hours at Panera Bakery on Thursday, Sept. 10, between 8:30 and 10:30 AM, or contact the church at (508) 528-3803.

In the News: man to be charged, Horace Mann statue funded

The local man whose alleged threats to set fire to or blow up his house that led to a neighborhood evacuation Tuesday will be facing charges for the incident, police said. 
The 43-year-old man, whom police declined to identify Wednesday afternoon because he was still receiving health services, will likely be facing charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, making a false bomb threat and possessing an infernal machine, said Deputy Chief Thomas Lynch. 
The incident took place at around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to a police release, after the department received a report that the School Street resident had been threatening to harm himself and others.
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The Town Council has voted to allocate $46,000 to a project to build a statue of Horace Mann, securing the final piece of funding needed to honor the man known as the father of public education. 
The council at its meeting Wednesday night opted to transfer $28,000 from the Adelbert Thayer Trust and $18,000 from the Austin Fletcher Trust to the effort, which would place the statue at 150 Emmons St. 
Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting noted that State Rep. Jeffrey Roy, D-Franklin, had secured $50,000 in state funding for the $96,000 project. He said the $46,000 transferred Wednesday would come from trust funds established to assist the town. 
"It wouldn't be taxpayers' money, and it would come from interest earned on the trust funds," he said.
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Cruisin' for a Cure Car Show - Sep 12

The 7th Annual Cruisin' for a Cure Car Show is scheduled for Saturday, Sep 12 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Benchmark Senior Living Center 4 Forge Hill Road.

Cruising for a Cure Car Show - Sep 12
Cruising for a Cure Car Show - Sep 12
All proceed from the event to benefit the Alzheimer's Assoc

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Live reporting: to closing

thanks to the police and fire for the action yesterday on the School St issue

looking to get three fire fighters to replace 2 and anticipate a retirement

now have a Facebook page for the Town
will hook up

Oak St is only temporarily paved

looking to move the Rec Dept by the end of next week
web and phones down for move

Nutting - in order to meet his request, would have to declare surplus and abandoning a portion of a pubic way, doesn't meet the intent of public property. Sets a bad precedent from a public policy perspective

water did seep into the structure, does require maintenance on a regular basis
may need to cover it up would keep kids off during the winter

it took an awful long time to get them to repair, the kids are out there constantly
would need to provide notice if it is covered

you heard Jeff's comments

he would need a variance and the recommendation was to make an inlaw housing rather than dual property

would need to do title search, would need to draw plans, would have to incur those costs

Kelly - sometimes we need to sit down with the home owner and the building commissioner

Cerel - you don't know what kind of pandora's box you are opening here, my legal advice would be this is a slippery slope

Bissanti - we can't talk about Pandora's box every time

can't apply for a duplex or inlaw, would not get approved for it
town took it in 1940, I am looking to take it back
my brother needs the help

Pfeffer - I think it is a bad use of the public property

The neighbor doesn't want the improvement because it would raise their taxes

Padula - there may be other avenues for this,

There are other options that are available

Refer to new business is only thing that can be done to resolve this

Vallee - proposing to get Partners HealthCare to get an urgent care facility for the town
Carewell is part of the site plan being presented on Sep 14
Medico is going in next to Starbucks

Pfeffer - sidewalk and utility poles
Nutting - we do have a commitment

Pfeffer - work on Wachusett St for the parking lot
property at 48 Arlington, doing work spruced up and it looks great

solar panels at Parmenter are not working
cellar leak at Parmenter


motion to adjourn

Live reporting: legislation for action




  • Resolution 15-52: Order of Layout, Acceptance & Taking of a portion of Lewis Street, Currently a private way – Referral to Planning Board

discovered during the process of replacing the sewer lines, that the property had not been in the public way, property owners have approved
motion to refer, seconded, passed 9-0

  • Resolution 15-53: Funding Horace Mann Statue

transfer of small sums from two trust funds for the Horace Mann statue
$50K from State budget, balance to be from the above trust funds

letter from Rep Roy read for the record
urging action and funding for the statue

Debbie Pellegri
everything has been said already
recognize the members of the committee
May 20th the Council appointed us to commission the statue
former Horace Mann high school is 150 Emmons St
do have the birthplace marker at the Shaw's Market Plaza
Roger Calarese, developer of the land will be putting in $150K of his own money for the landscaping
a business and community plan working together to put this statue

Maureen Sabolinski, School Superintendent
thank you for your consideration in this resolution
we look forward to the unveiling

won't cost Mr and Mrs John Q Public anything from their pocket
it makes terrific sense

if you have had a chance to read more about Horace as I have over the last few months
this project is really exciting

the committee did lots of really good home work
4 or 5 sculptures came in and they make a really good choice

the fact that Roger donated $150K for this project speaks to the nature of his work
he didn't have to do that

we knew he was the right guy for the job
especially as the next door neighbor, I can wait to see the new building up

Mr Calarese is before the planning board next week
RFP P&S is for Nov/Dec so likely spring construction

construction of the sculpture will take about a year

is the design chosen? yes, copy in agenda packet

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

  • Resolution 15-55: Ratification of the Franklin Public Library Staff Association Contract
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0
this is inline with the other agreements, language changes and
  • Resolution 15-56: 2015 Amended Schedule of Town Council Meetings
charter requires Council to be sworn in on seconded Wednesday
as it is a holiday (Nov 11) moving to Nov 12
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 15-750: Zoning Map Changes from Industrial to General Residential V District in an Area on or Near Dean Ave – 2nd Reading – 2/3 Vote
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 (via roll call)
in accordance with Master Plan recommendation
would ultimately eliminate the old factory down there and replace with residential

Kelly - this is a great opportunity for the downtown to create space for walking to the train

  • Bylaw Amendment 15-751: Changes to Chapter 181, Wetlands Protection – 2nd Reading
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0
recommended by Conservation Commission to streamline the process

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 15-752: Nonconforming Buildings, Structures, and Uses – Referral to Planning Board
motion to refer, seconded, passed 9-0
allows flexibility, more so than the current wording today

Live Reporting: Town Council - Sep 9, 2015

Present: Feldman, Padula, Mercer, Kelly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Bissanti, Williams, Dellorco
Absent:  none

– August 5, 2015, Executive Session June 24, 2015
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

Town Clerk Debbie Pellegri swore in Deputy Chief Thomas (TJ) Lynch

(30 second recess)

– This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.

Progressive Dinner announcement
tickets available

(citizen providing handout to Councilors)Wayne Brodsky, resident many years

124 Beaver St owner
looking to build a duplex
land taking widen Beaver St

400 sq ft shy of the requirements, tried to get it resolved with a variance

small property on Reed and Beaver from Town to be acquired
house would be more conforming than what is there
the only thing stopping me is the purchase of the small strip of property

would be willing to pay for it

– Conservation Commission - Tara Henrichon
motion to approve, seconded, approved 9-0


- Transfer of Hotel/Innholder License – Residence Inn
motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-2

discussion on approval and hold license for payment of past due taxes

Live Reporting: Economic Development Committee meeting - Sep 9, 2015

Committee Present: Kelly, Bissanti, Vallee,
Absent: Padula

Other Town: Nutting, Taberner, Wierling, Halligan, Pfeffer, Feldman
and 4 citizens

1. Economic Development Marketing Update

Brian Taberner, provides the marketing update
quality of life, great place to do business two focal points
summary of what has been done and what is underway

Biotech conference in PA that Rep Jeff Roy attended
he took some of the brochures (see handouts)

Brian going to a conference in Boston and will be taking some of the materials to hand out
regular marketing brochures
available on webpage, redoing webpage to be called "Franklin Development"
including the videos prepared by Franklin TV

finds space in publications for relatively small budget to spread awareness
New England Real Estate Journal

Site Selection magazine - 1/2 page ad last year

Expansion Solutions - full page (advertorial) in biotech section

LeadGen - will provide info if ad purchased, usually from the conferences where they find businesses who might be interested in Franklin

Business InFocus magazine, full page plus article with info on Franklin

also focused on Downtown with Metrowest Tourism Bureau
Metrowest Guide comes out twice a year, looks for other businesses to put ads in
got Franklin (in some form) into 39 of the 40 something pages

Rack cards - from Metrowest focused on Franklin and downtown businesses

working with Dean College on a couple of projects
promotion of downtown via branding
one class starting now is just beginning to work on this

working with a class at Clark Univ to help with the Cultural District paperwork

Kelly - have you talked to Marlboro about their economic development efforts?
Brian - yes, we have been in talks with them. They have a full time economic development director. We know what they are doing.
Nutting, we need to get to other shows and pick and choose which ones to attend

Bissanti - do you go with knowledge of what is available?
Brian - yes, we have what we know of.

Kelly - the small ones are the important ones, they are the ones we see every day. The larger ones can generally handle themsleves

2. Nu-Style Property Update

There were originally four parcels
#1 is owned, #2 should be set of sale
#3 should be prepared for sale
#4 was already purchased

consideration of #2 as the owner of #1 has already expressed interest

#3 still needs to get environmentally cleaned

consensus will be to proceed as Jeff proposed
will bring before the Council for decision

3. Pond Street Property Update

• Solar Lease Proposals
• Condominium Proposal

solar still an issue with caps expiring at State
not a viable option for further development

need to vote yes, no or table it
currently holding deposits from the proposals

would entertain a motion to give the solar deposits back

we feel it would not be prudent at this time to make a decision so close to a new council coming in
condo development would be willing to clean up the property, solar developers were not interested in cleaning up the property

hotel developers were concerned with the clean up

representing two chains, 2-4 acres required for a stand alone hotel
leave 30 acres of green space, still puts traffic on street but leaves better part of parcel alone

in order to do that, would require a whole new RFP
limiting the site to green space and hotel space

town would need to create a subdivision to create the 3-4 acre plot for the hotel and leave the remaining untouched

the meetings had come up from phone calls from RFP responses that could of come in but missed the deadline

possible sale price of $200K /acres, would need to be appraised
comparative hotels provide about $300K in revenue per year

Current condo developer present in meeting
would like direction from the Town, are interested in the property but do have other business opportunities

Kelly - discouraged by the solar, before we look at any proposal need to look at all the details
25 students would be a new classroom

we went for a re-zone, the site will get developed, we need to figure out what can go there that will be a good benefit for the town

I am interested by the hotel proposal if we stick the hotel down by the interstate and away from the the residential

I don't know if we need to do a phase 2, we need to work with the neighbors
we could have a whole new council in November and need to collectively figure out how to make this work

I am not ready to vote on what we have infront of use

We can give the solar guys their checks back

amended motion to reject and refund the solar bids and table the condo until next meeting
seconded, passed

after conversations with hotel vendors, they could buy the lot but would not likely do anything in a 2-3 year period

Sandy V - appreciate Matt's points and willingness to work with the residents. If we are to move forward if it is going to be a consensus, they let it be a consensus.

Bissanti - I don't see an answer to this prior to the election, I am sensitive to the neighbor I see it as a residential area. I don't see it as commercial. I don't see it as a hotel. That is my take on, I'd like to see it kicked down the road to another council. Right now we have good interest. with a developer, but I don't see it happening

Bissanti - it is an F rating for a left hand turn onto Pond St

Nutting - we have met with District 3 and they want to do the traffic counts when school has re-opened. Whether there is a development or not, the state does have to deal with it

That can be a slow crawl with the state

McDowell - there can be MassWorks grants, to help

motion to adjourn

Hockomock League boys soccer preview

Hockomock Sports has published is boys soccer preview. The section on Franklin is shown here. Links for the preview for the other Hockomock schools are listed below.

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers


2014 Record: 13-2-5
2014 Finish: Reached MIAA D1 South Quarterfinal
Coach: Fran Bositis

"For the past four seasons, the Panthers have claimed the Kelley-Rex division title. This year, it could be more of an uphill battle in order to claim a fifth straight. 
The Panthers graduated 16 seniors and a good solid chunk of their starting lineup so a couple of strong returning players will be relied on heavily for coach Fran Bositis. Austin Kent is the only starter back and 2015 will be his third year on varsity. Hatim Brahimi had a big sophomore season last year and his junior campaign could be a big one for him. 
“The focus has been on just trying to find the right mix of players right now,” Bositis said. “I know that the kids have worked really hard, and are in real good shape physically but we’ve got a ways to go before we call ourselves a good soccer team.” 
Senior Nick Parent will see his role increase this year while Danny Geraci and Pat Kapples are two players who have some experience in the back. Henri Guilmette will step in as the new goalie and could have a breakout 2015."

Kelly-Rex Division (Franklin's division)

Davenport Division

Hockomock League girls soccer preview

Hockomock Sports has published is girls soccer preview. The section on Franklin is shown here. Links for the preview for the other Hockomock schools are listed below.

FHS PAnthers
FHS PAnthers


2014 Record: 17-1-3
2014 Finish: Reached D1 South Final
Coach: Tom Geysen

"Franklin reached its third consecutive Div. 1 South final last fall but couldn’t come through with a three-peat in an overtime loss to Whitman-Hanson. The Panthers lost several key pieces including two-time Hockomock Sports .com Player of the Year Taylor Cogliano, but remain among the favorites for the Kelley-Rex title. 
The Stowell twins, Assumption commits Victoria and Alexis, are two important players coming back for the Panthers in midfield and attack along with senior forward Bailey Knous, who has battled injuries during her career but when on the field can be prolific in front of goal. Also, junior Meg Adams is back and healthy, which will be a huge boost in the early season, and Megan Georges returns after a breakout season at attacking mid. 
Franklin was not only a strong offensive team but also one of the league’s best defensively and Geysen is counting on Lauren Rudolph and Meghan Dietrle to hold down the center of defense while young players step into roles on the outside. Geysen is confident his team is going to be solid, but he believes younger players are going to need to grow into new positions if the Panthers are going to get back to the sectional final."

Kelly-Rex Division (Franklin's division)

Davenport Division

MOMS Club - Annual Fall Social - Sep 14

From Chrissy Burkholder, VP of Membership:

MOMS Club of Franklin Annual Fall Social 
Open to non-members and members 
Monday, September 14th at the Franklin YMCA from 10-12 
Come find out what MOMS Club is about and have some fun with your kids.

Moms Club logo
Moms Club logo

For additional information on the Moms Club, you can visit their webpage

FHS Field hockey Car Wash - Sep 12 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

From Tammy McPhee, Co-President FHS 2015 Field Hockey Boosters:

FHS Field Hockey Car Wash 
Saturday, September 12th 
Franklin High School, Oak Street 
Please support FHS Field Hockey 
Money raised goes to current and future season FHS Field Hockey scholarships, events and activities

Franklin HIgh School
Franklin HIgh School

FHS 2015 Field Hockey Boosters

  • Melissa Conroy and Tammy McPhee, Co-Presidents
  • Denise Reutlinger and Sue Egan, Co-VPs
  • Lynne Lounsbury and Temma Downing, Co-Secretaries
  • Suzanne Gendreau and Cheryl Marshall, Co-Treasurers
  • Kim Derby and Cheryl Marshall and Suzanne Gendreau, Clothing Coordinators

In the News: brief evacuation for safety, summer school experiences

A resident who poured gasoline around his home and threatened to hurt himself was shot in the leg and subdued by police shortly before noon Tuesday. 
At 11:30 a.m., Franklin Police and Fire departments responded to a call from Riverside Mental Health Services reporting a male patient who was threatening harm to himself on School Street. 
Concerned about the safety of the neighborhood, Police Chief Stephan Semerjian said a perimeter around the man's home was briefly evacuated, including the nearby Davis Thayer Elementary School.
Continue reading the article online

Students and residents took part in an array of summer programs - including those focusing on music, art, math and science - since schools let out in June. 
The School Committee at its meeting Tuesday night heard from 10 presenters about how summer programs at the schools had progressed. 
Pandora Carlucci, the executive director of the district's Lifelong Learning Institute, said the institute works to support, complement and supplement instruction done in the classroom. She introduced the individual program directors, who spoke about their experiences over the summer.
Continue reading the article online

math program group photo
math program group photo

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Live reporting: to closing

4. Action Items

a. I recommend adoption of the District Improvement Plan as presented.
motion to accept, seconded, passed 7-0

b. I recommend acceptance of a check for $288.00 from All American Publishing for FHS.
motion to accept, seconded, passed 7-0

5. Information Matters

Superintendent’s Report
it was a great week, then today happened
i.e. Davis Thayer, thanks to Dean College for their help, students at Dean embraced our students
thank you to Franklin Police and Fire for their guidance and help today
we do need to do a follow up

hosting interviews for Horace Mann interviews on the 10th
decision expected by the end of the month

Think Taylors Concussion Awareness Week
the impact of concussions is the new public health crisis
week of 21st to 25th
all of MIAA teams will also participate

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports

School Committee Liaison Reports

6. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.
Harlem Wizards - Nov 13th
volunteers looked for to help with the event

7. Executive Session
Personnel Matter - not needed

8. Adjourn
motion to adjourn