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US Census Bureau: Which Jobs Have the Largest Gender Pay Gap?

Women continue to earn less than men in nearly all occupations, but the largest pay gap is...

united states census bureau

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Women's earnings are lower in most occupations

Which Jobs Have the Largest Gender Pay Gap?

Women continue to earn less than men in nearly all occupations, but this is more pronounced in fields that predominantly employ men and in professions with a comparable mix of men and women.

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Overall, women are also more likely to be employed in lower-paying jobs.
"The pay gap has narrowed over the last 50 years," said Lynda Laughlin, chief of the Industry and Occupation Statistics Branch at the U.S. Census Bureau. "However, the gender pay gap continues across the board in almost all occupations. In 2016, median earnings for women was $40,675, compared with $50,741 for men."

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FHS girls and boys lacrosse teams top Canton

Via HockomockSports we share the results of the FHS spring sports action on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

Softball = Franklin, 0 @ Bridgewater-Raynham, 3 – Final
– Franklin had the same amount of hits as Bridgewater-Raynham but couldn’t string them together to find a run. Both teams had five hits but the Trojans cashed in on a couple of unearned runs. Jackie Cherry had two hits for the Panthers while Maggie Hobby had one and made two nice catches in foul territory behind the plate. Emily Valentino allowed five hits while striking out four.

Boys Lacrosse = Franklin, 12 @ Canton, 5 – Final
– Franklin built a 7-1 lead after 24 minutes of play and never looked back to finish its regular season with a win on the road over Canton. Eric Civetti netted seven goals and had three assists while Jake Davis scored a hat trick and had two helpers for the Panthers.

Girls Lacrosse - Canton, 1 @ Franklin, 20 – Final
– Katie Jones led Franklin’s offense with four goals and two assists as the Panthers picked up a win at home. Lilly Kolb added two goals and an assist while Haley DeStefano found the back of the net twice for the Panthers.

For the other results around the Hockomock League

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

‘End of the Line – How it Starts.” - May 24

The SAFE Coalition, with sponsorship by the Rotary Club of Foxboro and Infinity Family Care, PC of Mansfield, is pleased to present a play entitled ‘End of the Line – How it Starts.” The program is intended to help our community bring addiction into the light and to talk about it.

Improbable Players will perform “End of the Line - How it starts,” a short play followed by a talkback and Q& and A. Based on true stories, the play is performed by actors in long-term recovery. Through education and reducing stigma, their mission is to stop addiction before it starts and help end the opioid epidemic. The show is appropriate for anyone 6th grade and up.

When: Thursday, May 24th at 7:00 PM
Where: Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center (Formerly The Orpheum Theatre), 1 School Street, Foxboro, MA
Tickets: This event is FREE and open to the public
Reserve your seat at:

‘End of the Line – How it Starts.” - May 24
‘End of the Line – How it Starts.” - May 24

SAFE is a regional coalition of community partners in Western Norfolk County who have come together to provide a pathway for support, education, treatment options and coping mechanisms for those affected by substance abuse disorder. We do so by empowering those affected, including their families, with the tools necessary to succeed on their journey to recovery. We understand that while I can’t, we can!

Limited seats still available! Sign up now for Lifelong Learning summer programs.

Franklin Public Schools’ Lifelong Learning Institute summer programs are taught by creative and dedicated faculty and staff members. While many programs are full, limited seats are still available. Join Lifelong Learning this summer for fun and enrichment!

See the PDF below or visit for available programs.

Sign up now for Lifelong Learning summer programs
Sign up now for Lifelong Learning summer programs

FTC: New alert for Western Union refunds

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information
by Karen Dodge
Senior Attorney, Midwest Region, Federal Trade Commission

Did you lose money to a scam, wiring the money via Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017? If so, you might know that May 31 is the deadline for filing your claim to get money back from the FTC's and the Department of Justice's settlement with Western Union. 

With the deadline fast approaching, we know two things: (1) there will probably be a rush of last-minute filers; and (2) scammers will try to take advantage of the people filing claims.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Norfolk County Register of Deeds schedules Franklin office hours - May 24

Norfolk County Register of Deeds 
Franklin Office Hours

Thursday, May 24, 2018
10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Council Chamber
355 East Central Street

The Register and members of his staff will be available to help answer questions or concerns about any Registry of Deeds matter.

Information will be available concerning the Massachusetts Homestead Act. Internet ready computer terminals will be on hand to print a Registry recorded deed, confirm the status of a mortgage discharge or check on any other recordings.

No appointment is needed.

Norfolk County Register of Deeds Franklin Office Hours - May 24
Norfolk County Register of Deeds Franklin Office Hours - May 24
This was shared from the Town of Franklin webpage

Statement by Dr Monica Linden, Franklin, MA School Committee member

The statement read by Dr Monica Linden, School Committee member at the School Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

"I’d like to thank the evaluation sub-committee for what must have been challenging work to combine the assessments into an aggregate report. However, I would like to express my concern that the superintendent evaluation, as prepared by the evaluation sub-committee, especially the particular rankings themselves, does not reflect my voice as a School Committee member. I’d like to start by being clear that my evaluation of Dr. Ahern is positive, and I am pleased with her progress. Additionally, I know that in my day job I am known for being an especially critical, observant assessor who provides assessment feedback intended for growth. In this case as well, I devoted significant time and thoughtfulness to provide feedback meant to honor the hard work that Dr. Ahern has done for the district while providing clear commentary intended for growth to help elevate the Franklin Schools.

One area of particular concern to me in the evaluation is that for all 4 district improvement plan goals, it was deemed that the goals were met. To me, this means that either the goals were not ambitious enough, or we should have one of the very best districts in the state. While we have a great district, it is not the best. In terms of the ambition of the goals, I believe that Dr. Ahern established excellent, visionary goals for the district. To say that she has met them during her brief tenure does a disservice to the hard work that has actually been done and undermines what students, parents, and community members should expect from the district. While I do not believe that any of the four goals have been fully realized, to respect everyone’s time, I will use DIP #2 as an example. As a reminder the goal reads:
To ensure that all students are supported and challenged to reach their full potential, the FPS will align curriculum, best practices, and varied assessment opportunities to personalize learning and meet individualized needs. [emphasis mine]

Personally, I love this goal because a goal like this should be a goal of public education. I also want to emphasize that I appreciate and value the hard work under Dr. Edwards that has been done to strengthen the Franklin Schools’ curriculum. However, I do not understand how we can conclude that this goal has been met. Many of the parents that I speak with either say that the individual special circumstances for their students are not being fully met or that their students are not challenged enough in their courses. In fact, the only parent that attended the last community coffee chat spoke about her son not being challenged in his courses at Franklin High School. Furthermore, while great work is being done to differentiate in the classroom, we are far from realizing truly individualized, personalized learning. To me, saying that this goal has been met, means we do not need to continue to work towards it. Rather, I believe lots of great progress has been made, but the Superintendent should continue on this path to help improve the Schools for all of our learners.

I believe similar cases can be made for each of the other district goals and one of the professional practice goals. Similarly, I disagree with the assessments against the standards. [I did not read this section in the meeting due to time…. As an example here, with Standard III-A, Family and Community Engagement, I acknowledge the excellent work done to honor the diversity of our community and to be inclusive, however I believe more can be done to make sure ALL families are included, for example, providing more materials in other languages if necessary.]

Frankly, Dr. Ahern is showing that she has the makings of an exceptional superintendent. As elected officials, we owe it to the community to expect more from her so that she can grow and support our schools to the best of her abilities. Rubber-stamping her work does not sit well with me. For these reasons, I will be voting against the composite evaluation. Furthermore, I request that my individual evaluation be made public as an addendum to the composite evaluation so that my voice can be represented. Thank you for your consideration."

The statement can also be found online

Note: The evaluation document was not made public prior to the meeting. It will be shared here once it is available

Franklin Matter's notes from the Tuesday meeting recorded live during the session

2018 South Sectional Div 1 Unified Track & Field Champions

Only reports via Twitter to share on the Unified Outdoor Track meet held yesterday at Franklin High. Based upon the tweets and photos the little bit of rain did not hinder everyone having a good time.

2018 South Sectional Div 1 Unified Track & Field Champions - Franklin High School!!!
2018 South Sectional Div 1 Unified Track & Field Champions - Franklin High School!!!

The TC Insider

May 22, 2018

To the Tri-County Community,

I wanted to start by updating every one of our performances in Skills USA and First Robotics. First, congratulations to the students who will compete at the National Skills USA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from June 25 – 30. All of these students received either gold, silver, or bronze medals at our state competition:

Additive Manufacturing:
Hannah Davis - grade 10 (Franklin) and Anne Seibel – grade 10 (Walpole) 

Career Pathways, Arts, Communication:
Micah Perkins – grade 12 (Medway), Lucien Parker – grade 12 (Norfolk), and Justin Stevens – grade 12 (N. Attleboro)

Career Pathways Business, Management and Technology:
Michael Barba – grade 11 (Franklin), Brian Nolan – grade 11 (N. Attleboro) and Henry Gnecco – grade 11 (Wrentham)

Action Skills:
Abigail Pacheco – grade 11 (Seekonk)

Over 400 teams were invited to compete at First Robotics World Championships in Detroit, MI. Tri-Force competed in the Daly division against 68 teams from all over the world. After 2 days of intense competition, major work, and several design changes to our robot during competition, we ended up 30th in our division. Congratulations, to advisors, Mike Garland and Tom Vagnini, as well all the students that participated.

As we approach the end of the year we want everyone to be aware of these important dates:

Senior Finals: Monday and Tuesday, May 21 and 22
Senior Project Fair: Wednesday, May 23

Math MCAS: May 23 and 24

Biology MCAS: June 6 and 7

Fourth quarter grades will close on June 13th.  Student finals are scheduled to take place on the last five days of the school year from June 19th through June 25th. These days will be half days for all students. During Finals, June 19th and 20th are B Day finals, June 21st and 22nd are A Day finals.  June 25th will be a make-up day for all finals. Please note, it is important to realize and that these are school days and attendance will be taken, including June 25th.  Buses will run on their normal routes. Again, attendance counts.

Lastly, I am pleased to inform you that many of our Tri-County staff have been recently certified in CPR and to operate the numerous AED equipment that have been installed throughout the school.

Thanks for your support,
Mr. Procaccini

Upcoming Events

Senior Final Exams
May 21-22

Senior Project Fair
May 23

Math MCAS - Sophomores
May 23-24

Memorial Day - No School
May 28

Honors Night
May 30

Last Day for Seniors
June 1

June 3

Biology MCAS
June 6-7

Early Release Day
June 8

Golf Tournament
June 8

Last Day of School
June 25

About The TC Insider

The TC Insider is a monthly newsletter for the families of Tri-County students.

Tri-County RVTHS
147 Pond Street
Franklin, MA 02038

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District · 147 Pond Street · Franklin, Ma 02038 · USA

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Help Joshuea Ogbuike Get to His Dream Internship

Hello Everyone!

Many of you know me but if I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you my name is Joshuea Ogbuike! I am a rising senior in the UMASS Amherst Sports Management program and was just awarded a fantastic opportunity! I will be spending this summer participating in a highly selective and competitive internship at USSSA who will be running and hosting the first ever U.S. based edition of the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup in Viera, Florida.

The internship will allow me the opportunity to participate in the organizing of the Women’s Baseball World Cup and spread the awareness of women’s baseball as a sport. This opportunity with be my stepping stone towards advocating for equality in women’s sports. In a short time I have already been able to peak the curiosity of my professors and other individuals with my aspirations to establish a professional women’s baseball league in North America in 2028. 

I am hoping this opportunity will better further my understanding of women’s baseball and women's roles in sports as a whole. With all that has come to light recently about horrible mistreatment of women by their own industries, I look forward to taking the steps to help make sure it no longer happens in the sports industry. 

This is why I need your help to make sure that I can participate in this once in a life time internship opportunity with USSSA this summer. Your donation will help me offset the cost of housing for the internship. 

Frankly, I will not be able to participate in the internship without it so I thank you in advance for any sum you offer. Your donation is supporting a vision that is so much bigger than me. 

I truly hope you will consider participating in my campaign.

Help Joshuea Ogbuike Get to His Dream Internship
Help Joshuea Ogbuike Get to His Dream Internship
The GoFundMe page for Joshuea is

Joshuea is a former Dean College student who volunteered to manage several sports teams while he was at Dean.

Tryout for the Mass Youth Soccer District Select Program District 3 team - June 3

We will be having an additional tryout for the Mass Youth Soccer District Select Program District 3 teams:

The District Select Program ("DSP") is run by Massachusetts Youth Soccer each summer. DSP provides players the opportunity to continue their development during the summer in a fun and competitive soccer environment. The DSP schedule runs weekends from 7/7 through 8/5.


All tryouts will take place at Dacey Field. 700 Lincoln Street, Franklin, MA

Tryout Date.: 6/3/18

Tryout Time: 7-8:15 PM

for more information or to register for tryouts please use this link:

We hope to see you at tryouts

Tryout for the Mass Youth Soccer District Select Program District 3 team - June 3
Tryout for the Mass Youth Soccer District Select Program District 3 team - June 3

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Live Reporting: Consent Agenda to Closing

6. New Business
a. To discuss any future agenda items
Mr Angelo to review athletic programs
appointments to make for Collaboratives

7. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes
I recommend approval of the Open Session Minutes from the May 8, 2018 School Committee Meeting.
b. Executive Session Minutes
I recommend approval of the Executive Session Minutes from the May 8, 2018 School Committee Meeting for release.
c. Transfers
I recommend approval of the Budget Transfers as detailed.
d. FHS Senior Pilot
I recommend continued suspension of policy JH – Student Absences for the purposes of the late arrival/early release pilot for seniors at FHS on good standing during quarter 4.
e. Music Donation
I recommend acceptance of a grant for $500.00 from Music Drives for inhouse
enrichment for the Music Department.
f. Davis Thayer Gifts
I recommend acceptance of donations totaling $1,573.50 Davis Thayer as detailed:

  • Various Donors $325.00 for Supplemental Supplies
  • Robin S. Clark $25.00 for Supplemental Supplies
  • Davis Thayer PCC $1,223.50 for Field Trips

g. Districtwide Gift
I recommend acceptance of two checks totaling $840.00 for supplemental supplies districtwide as detailed:

  • Commonwealth of MA $500.00
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club $340.00

h. Oak Street Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $771.00 from the Oak Street PCC for inhouse
enrichment as detailed.

i. FHS Scholarship
I recommend acceptance of two checks totaling $1,150.00 for Scholarships as follows:

  • Peter Coppola (Andrew Coppola Scholarship) $1,000.00
  • Peter Light (Maureen Sabolinski Scholarship) $100.00
  • Denise Miller (Maureen Sabolinski Scholarship) $50.00

j. Music Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $3,700.00 from Franklin Music Boosters for
in-house enrichment as detailed.

k. Jefferson Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $1,078.00 from Jefferson Student Council
for Scholarship/Memorial/Donation as detailed.

motion to approve consent agenda, seconded, passed 7-0

8. Payment of Bills Dr. Bergen

9. Payroll Mrs. Douglas

10. Correspondence - none

11. Adjournment
motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 7-0

The agenda PDF can be found online

The set of documents released for this agenda can be found

Live Reporting: Discussion - Action Items

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Superintendent’s Evaluation
recommend your approval of the Superintendent’s composite evaluation for the 2017-2018 School year as discussed.

overall as 'proficient'

Feeley - would have modified the summary to include a recognition of the teamwork that she represents and always acknowledges

Linden - reads statement on evaluation, positive overall but differing in some of the details from the consensus report

motion to approve, seconded passed 6-1 (Linden no)

b. Appointment of Franklin TV Board Member
I recommend appointment of Rose Turco to the Franklin TV Board.

motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

c. Policy – 2nd Readings
I recommend adoption of the following policies as discussed:

  • KF-E2 – FHS Building Use
  • KF-E3 – Facility Rental Fee Schedule
  • KF-E4 – Facility Fee Schedule for FHS

motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

4. Discussion Only Items - none

5. Information Matters
a. School Committee Sub-Committee Reports 

presented to Town Council

Community Relations
recording session at Franklin TV soon to be broadcast

next coffee, June 13 at 6:30 PM

meeting Tuesday, May 29


Public Schools Advocacy
meeting JUne 9 at 1:00 PM
Senate budget debate began today, cautiously optimistic for increasing budget

Ad Hoc Superintendent’s Evaluation
disband for now

b. School Committee Liaison Reports 
Joint PCC 
looking at equity across the schools (via fund raising)

Substance Abuse Task Force 
will be meeting again next year

School Wellness Advisory Council [SWAC] 
finished up the meetings for this year
mental health, physical activity and nutrition had been set as two year goals

Denise applied for appointment to the MASC

Start Time 
- next meeting June 7
athletics related to the high school will be a challenge