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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Franklin, MA "Unofficial" results - Nov 3, 2020

The unofficial election results for Franklin, MA as released Tuesday, NOv 3, 2020 by the Town Clerk Nancy Danello

To download your copy


Ballot Question 1 Right to repair14018526051919797
Ballot Question 2Ranked Choice Voting75291163163719797
Ballot Question 3Community Preservation Act11565737086219797



Franklin, MA "Unofficial" results - Nov 3, 2020
Franklin, MA "Unofficial" results - Nov 3, 2020


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Did you know? The Community Preservation Act (CPA) webinar gets into the nitty gritty today

Did you know... there will be a dive deep into the nitty gritty of how the Community Preservation Act (CPA) works in the webinar Thursday night (October 15, 2020 - 7:00 PM)? 

There are three points to remember:

1. Every residential property is given a deduction for the first $100,000 of value before the CPA surcharge is calculated.

2. Moderate income seniors can apply for an exemption from the CPA surcharge

3. Low income families can apply for an exemption from the CPA surcharge
These three exemptions were chosen by the Town Council to minimize the impact on residents while gaining the benefits of CPA for the Franklin community.

But for that promised deep dive, please connect to the Zoom webinar Thursday night via your computer, tablet or phone. Details for connecting are posted in the Facebook Event
  • Download your copy of the flyer for the webinar 


Did you know? The CPA deep dive is tonight? Oct 15, 2020
Did you know? The CPA deep dive is tonight? Oct 15, 2020


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Hold the date (Oct 15) for webinar on the Community Preservation Act (CPA)

What is the Community Preservation Act (CPA) 

and How Could CPA Help Franklin?


CPA for Franklin, a citizens committee supporting Ballot Question 3 to adopt the Community Preservation Act, will present a live webinar about the ballot question on Thursday, October 15, at 7:00 PM. 

Stuart Saginor, Executive Director of the statewide Community Preservation Coalition, and members of the local ballot campaign group will describe how the local option would raise funds for Historic Preservation, Open Space and Recreation, and Affordable Housing. 

Time for questions will be provided. Details about the Franklin Ballot Question 3 are posted at

For more information and to connect to the online event, please email or text (774)571-0878. 


The CPA For Franklin group has prepared a flyer with information. Get your copy here

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

350 Mass Endorses The Community Preservation Act (CPA) For Franklin

Members of the Franklin Node of the statewide organization 350 Mass voted to endorse The Community Preservation Act (CPA) in Franklin. 350 Mass is a movement of volunteer members who carry out both municipal-level and statewide campaigns intended to broadly and systemically confront the climate crisis, hold our politicians accountable and undermine the destructive influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Carolyn Barthel, coordinator of the Franklin Node, said that the local node encourages Franklin residents to vote yes on question 3 on the November ballot because the CPA is in alignment with our goals of resource preservation and affordable housing. With the Community Preservation Act, Franklin will have the resources to purchase land for open spaces, maintain and improve parks and recreation areas, restore historical sites, and provide more affordable housing.

Raymond Milici, Franklin resident and a member of 350 Mass, points out that several surrounding towns, including Norfolk and Wrentham, already enjoy the benefits of CPA, and Franklin should do the same. In addition to revenues raised, via a small surcharge on property taxes (details in link below) the state will also contribute funds to help support town projects covered under the Community Preservation Act. We would get a lot for a little. A win-win for Franklin. For open spaces and more, please vote yes on 3.

For more information on what CPA is and how it works go to


350 Mass Endorses CPA For Franklin
350 Mass Endorses CPA For Franklin

Monday, October 5, 2020

What can the Community Preservation Act (CPA) do for Franklin?

This month, the CPA For Franklin group  will be answering questions about the Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act is Ballot Question 3 for Franklin. Ballot Questions 1 and 2 for the November election are state wide  questions.

For the first Q and A in a series, head over to the CPA web page for a list of what nearby towns have used their CPA funds to do for their community.

If you have a question about how CPA works, please email and they will answer in a future post.  

The CPA For Franklin group has prepared a flyer with information. Get your copy here

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

“When you go to a town with CPA, the difference is amazing”

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"With over $2.35 billion having been raised for community preservation funding in the past 20 years, some municipalities that have lost out by not having adopted the Community Preservation Act now want a piece of the pie.

Community Preservation Act, signed into law in 2000 by the late Gov. Paul Cellucci, provides state matching money to communities that have levied property tax surcharges up to 3% for funding of open space protection and outdoor recreation, historic preservation, and affordable housing. Over 12,000 projects have been approved locally.

To date, 177 cities and towns in the state have adopted CPA. Only about a dozen are in Worcester County, a much larger number is in Middlesex County. Nine municipalities have CPA on the Nov. 3 ballot, including Shrewsbury, Hopedale, Lancaster, Franklin, and Framingham.

Chase Mack, communications director for the Community Preservation Coalition, said, with the pandemic, it’s been a tough year for campaigning to get communities to adopt CPA.

“I’m still impressed that nine communities still prioritized it with everything going on,” Mack said. “Everyone who has adopted CPA doesn’t want to give it up. It’s been very successful.”

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)
Town of Franklin fact sheet on the CPA ballot question
The Old South Meeting House is one historic property that would benefit from CPA funds
The Old South Meeting House is one historic property that would benefit from CPA funds

Saturday, September 19, 2020

9 Communities Will Vote on CPA Adoption in November 2020 Election

"Wow! CPA advocates in the town of Lee pull off the incredible task of collecting enough signatures to add #CommunityPreservationAct adoption to their November ballot.

This means a grand total of 9 communities will vote on CPA adoption later this year."

Communities voting on CPA this November: 
Picked up by the Franklin radar via Twitter:
Ballot Question #3 on the Franklin ballot will be to decide on the Community Preservation Act. This was voted on in the November 2007 election and failed at that time (Yes - 1528; No - 2174) . Additional info on how the Community Preservation Act can help Franklin will be available as the election approaches.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Community Preservation Coalition - Happy birthday CPA!

"Happy 20th Birthday to CPA!

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Gov. Cellucci signing the #CommunityPreservationAct into law. 
Since then, over half the state has adopted the program, raising over $2.35 billion for open space, historic preservation, and affordable housing."
The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is on the Franklin ballot (Question #3) for the voters to decide this November.  You can find out more about the act and what it provides online


Friday, June 19, 2020

Town Council Budget Hearing #2 - Recap - June 18, 2020

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #tcbh0618

  • Two options for listening/participating in the Town Council budget hearing tonight 1/2 = use your web browser to listen to or tune to the radio dial at 102.9 in the Franklin area #tcbh0618

  • Getting ready for real time reporting for the Town Council meeting tonight. Out on the FHS football field again, broadcasting live on the radio or 102.9 on the Franklin area dial #tcbh0618
  • Sound check underway, should be online soon #tcbh0618
  • Another gorgeous evening here at FHS on the football field, Pisini Stadium. Less then a dozen folks in audience this evening (approx 75-80 last night) aside from Council and town management #tcbh0618

  • Q on some items in DPW budget items, their budget is complex as they also support the enterprise funds, and trying to take care of storm water along the way. #tcbh0618 Q how many folks would you need? More than we have, we're about 2/3 of comparable Community
  • Q on town bylaw to not touch a road after it has been rebuilt? Still in effect, does only cover the full rebuild, could modify the bylaw to include other types of repairs. #tcbh0618
  • Cerel interjects to clarify unfunded mandate restriction of use to state imposition but not to the Federal government. #tcbh0618 Mercer asks Brutus for a brief primer for storm water. There have been info sessions on this, there will be a utility fee to assist
  • We have to do the Storm water maintenance, the question is how we pay for it we could use the utility fee, or we just keep it in the budget. #tcbh0618 find much of the info here
  • Q if we needed to cut more where would you cut in the DPW? It could be in any number of areas but would also affect the looks and quality of life. #tcbh0618 the storm water utility could gradually get the items moved from operations to the utility
  • Q on speculation of a farmer suit that could toss the regs and hence we would have lost the money? It is speculation, so no further answer required #tcbh0618 recognition for Cathy Liberty and Health Dept for the work on the pandemic
  • Next up, Senior Center - Karen Alves current Director, and retiring; Erin Rogers, new Director, no questions, just recognition #tcbh0618
  • Next up, Recreation - COVID-19 has been tough to deal with, lots of credits issued for programs we couldn't run, are getting ready to do some in July, mostly fee based programs #tcbh0618 court at Fletcher underway, nets for safety at the high school ball fields
  • Approx $600K in grants over last five years for various projects for recreation. #tcbh0618 concerts in the common, socially distanced on then common for 4-5 weeks
  • Q on debt/interest as percent of ops budget. Deep in the report are details showing the position where we are, some bonds will be paid off freeing up room for capital funding. There is a separate item on the agenda for a funding list. #tcbh0618 have good rating credit rating
  • Another glorious evening out on the field tonight. #tcbh0618 update on the CARES Act for COVID expense, highly restricted for response only, not operations used for PPE, some technical items but not ops
  • Recieved $1M in the first allocation, most of this was used for 1,000 Chromebooks for schools in prep for a possible hybrid model in September #tcbh0618 that completes the first run through of the budget line items
  • Next up vote on the budget Passed 9-0, no roll call required this evening
  • Next up Community Preservation Act a surcharge of 2% proposed to be out on the ballot for the Nov election, passed 9-0, no roll call required
  • Capital appropriation with draft set of projects  Motion to approve, passed 9-0, again no roll call required
  • So what do those three votes mean? After the discussions, no one steps up to call for additional revenue for schools although a year ago the Joint Budget Subcommittee called for it. What happened? The CPA is approved for voters to have their say #tcbh0618
  • The third vote for capital is a reasonable and required appropriation. It definitely shows fiscal planning. However the fiscal planning on that is missing on the operational budget. #tcbh0618
  • Councilor comments. #tcbh0618 by the way, the audience grew from when I first took a count, was about 2 dozen folks tonight.
  • June 19, 2019 the joint budget subcommittee meeting notes refers to an override required for this year but not discussed tonight, maybe as this budget round continues #tcbh0618
  • Chair Mercer closing meeting with this budget as a work in progress #tcbh0618 . This completes the reporting for tonight catch you all next time!
ready for the three votes to close out the procedings
ready for the three votes to close out the procedings

Town Administrator Jamie Hellen explains; Assistant Chrissy Whelton listens
Town Administrator Jamie Hellen explains; Assistant Chrissy Whelton listens

Monday, May 25, 2020

Commuity Preservation Act update

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) still in the planning for a decision later this year by the Town Council to either put it on the ballot for the voters in November, or not. This article from the Mass Municipal Association (MMA) reveals "preliminary guidance" on the state distribution amount.
"While the COVID emergency’s impact on the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund is difficult to predict, the Division of Local Services on May 1 issued preliminary guidance, projecting an 11.2% first-round distribution to CPA communities in November.

“While current events have made estimating the state match a challenge, we have calculated a conservative estimate for use in municipal budget discussions,” the DLS stated.

Revenue for the trust fund comes from filing fees collected at the state’s registries of deeds (for home sales and mortgage filings, for example), but it’s unclear how COVID will impact the real estate market in the coming months.

A change to fees collected by the registries of deeds went into effect on January 1, 2020. This change was implemented to boost the CPA trust fund balance to provide for a greater state match."
Continue reading the article online

The recent CPA materials used for the Town Council discussions
  • Feb 5, 2020 meeting recap

  • The audio segment of the Feb 5, 2020 meeting

  • CPA presentation materials

It was a sense of deja vu for Jamie as he realized that he had come to Franklin on November 7, 2001
It was a sense of deja vu for Jamie as he realized that he had come to Franklin on November 7, 2001

Friday, May 8, 2020

Town Council denies Dean College liquor license; approved trash/recycling fee increase

  • The Council denied Dean College a liquor license to replace the daily/event based one they request up to 30 times a year. No issues ever over the years of this process, yet fears of future problems prevailed for Council vote. With one member absent, the vote was 4-4 hence failing
  • The water resource map was updated as a formality and necessary to correct technical errors, this was approved as the last legislative item for action
  • The coronavirus update by Town Administrator Jamie Hellen still seems inadequate for at least one Councilor. The plan was released for the phased re-opening of Town operations but it seems to have been not enough
  • The trash recycling fee increase was approved 8-0-1 (1 absent, 8 for)
  • Action on the Community Preservation Act was punted to a future (June?) meeting primarily for tworeasons, Pellegri's absence and concern over the 3% proposal, although the Council still seems to want to put it on the November ballot. And they have time to do so by voting to approve before October
My real-time notes for the Town Council meeting of May 6, a lengthy session on Wednesday night.

  • Real time reporting underway for Town Council meeting tonight, #tc0506
  • 8 of the 9 Council in attendance tonight (Pellegri absent) approx 26 total participating at start of meeting #tc0506
  • Motion to approve minutes of March 22; seconded passed 8-0-1 via roll call (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Jackie Maciel lives on Elm St regarding COVID-19 data as published, raising problem with the #s as reported; towns being held hostage by the cities. Makes reference to AG Barr. #tc0506
  • Next item water resource map update for hearing, had been discussed in time BCE (before coronavirus era) required per state DEP, really a house cleaning item. #tc0506 TA Jamie Hellen provides update, No cost to it. Up to 29 participating now
  • Need to update map due to zoning requirements for the water resource protection, a developer had a proposal stopped to an inaccurate map #tc0506
  • Dean college license application for liquor as discussed in last meeting back up for discussion, and revised since last time per discussion. Modifications to address items raised last time. New license would replace the daily ones they had been using #tc0506
  • Discussion continues, side issues of future, and safety, and would this license then lead to a brewery desire? No, not desired by Dean, trying to simplify the license process for the Town and Dean #tc0506
  • Annual license actually provides more oversight and protection (than the 30 x daily licenses) which is what some Councilors are asking for but appear to be getting confused by the side issues they raise #tc0506
  • TA Hellen provides summary and updates to various points raised during the discussion. #tc0506
  • Roll call vote on the amendment to add the restrictions to the motion, passed 8-0-1 (1 absent) vote on measure itself: Bissanti no, Chandler no, Dellorco no, Kelly no, motion does not carry as it finishes with a 4-4-1 (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Moving on to coronavirus update, up to 98 cases, approx 20/week. Plan on return dept by dept shared last week including Library contactless pickup/take out #tc0506 all Beaver St services open next week, only brush this week
  • Councilor Jones asking for the plan when the TA already said that is further away. There is NO public access under the first wave of the plan released. Not ready to make those decisions, discussion still underway #tc0506
  • Moving on to Community Preservation act, recap of what's been done to get here. Did include 3% surcharge along with the common exemptions, if to out on ballot for Nov, need to decide by October. #tc0506
  • Concern on the 3% item, maybe go lower initially. Get it passed, and perhaps after we have had success raise it later. Bissanti asking for delay to allow Pellegri to participate. #tc0506 most community went with 3 for the additional match/round of funding available
  • Can getting kicked down the road on this item, seeming for and mostly for 3% but deferring to Pellegri for her to weigh in at a meeting in June #tc0506
  • 1- Budget subcomm update on discussion 5/4 with follow up meeting on 5/11 at 5:30pm #tc0506 2- EDC meeting on inclusionary zoning held, another to be scheduled meeting notes and audio posted
  • Legislation up now, Bruins Grant of $75K for Fletcher field of basketball street hockey court under construction #tc0506
  • Acceptance of gift passed 8-0-1 (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Recycling/trash fee increase up for 2nd approval; chart of fees over the years shared previously, still below what we had been paying before we started single stream, vote 8-0-1 (1 absent)
  • Next 5 items all up for approval are for the resulting agreements with various negotiation groups. First passed 8-0-1 (1 absent) these were discussed in executive session last week. All should pass by same vote hearing that. Second does
  • Third passes, same vote; fourth passes, same vote and fifth passes by same vote - see agenda doc for details vote via roll call 8-0-1 (1 absent) #tc0506
  • Zoning bylaw amendment 20-854 passed by 8-0-1 (1 absent)
  • Wouldn't due justice to the council comments with this method of notes, listen to the replay for details. #tc0506 thanks to residents for patience and compliance during this. Thanks to the first responders for their work helping us all!
  • Motion to adjourn, seconded, passed via roll call 8-0-1(1 absent)

The agenda and associated documents can be found online

screengrab of virtual Town Council meeting 5/6/20
screengrab of virtual Town Council meeting 5/6/20

Sunday, April 12, 2020

FM #244 Town Administrator Jamie Hellen "Talks Franklin" 4/10/20 (audio)

FM #244 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 244 in the series.

This session of the radio show shares my conversation with Jamie Hellen, Franklin Town Administrator and Anne Marie Tracey, Marketing and Communication Specialist. We had our conversation via conference bridge to adhere to the ‘social distancing’ requirements of this pandemic period.

Given the dynamic changes we are seeing during this pandemic period, we are shifting this call and show format to a weekly schedule.

We talked about the decision to follow the DPH guidelines and not to report COVID-19 locally. The Town is reporting through the proper channels and the State DPH reports on the overall total and at the County level but not locally. We get into some of the pros and cons of this discussion item.

We talk about the Beaver St recycling center that after being open for yard waste only on Easter weekend is returning to a ‘closed’ status at least until May 4. Other topics include participation in local or at least area blood drives, the School Committee has a meeting Tuesday, and the Town Council has their next session scheduled for a virtual meeting on Wednesday, April 15.

Among the topics on the agenda are the Community Preservation Act, a public hearing on another in the series of plot line clean ups, the discussion on the solid waste fee increase proposed for July 1, 2020. The full agenda and documents for the Town Council meeting are linked to in the show notes.

The recording runs about 44 minutes, so let’s listen to my conversation with Jamie and Ann Marie. Audio file =


We are now producing this in collaboration with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

This podcast is my public service effort for Franklin but we can't do it alone. We can always use your help.

How can you help?

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The music for the intro and exit was provided by Michael Clark and the group "East of Shirley". The piece is titled "Ernesto, manana" c. Michael Clark & Tintype Tunes, 2008 and used with their permission.

I hope you enjoy!


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FM #244 Town Administrator Jamie Hellen "Talks Franklin"  4/10/20 (audio)
FM #244 Town Administrator Jamie Hellen "Talks Franklin"  4/10/20 (audio)

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - April 15, 2020

Meeting Date: April 15, 2020

A NOTE TO RESIDENTS: Due to the growing concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, we will be conducting a remote/virtual Town Council Meeting. In an effort to ensure citizen engagement and comply with open meeting law regulations, citizens will be able to dial into the meeting using the provided phone number (Cell phone or Landline Required) OR citizens can participate by clicking on the attached link (Phone, Computer, or Tablet required). The attached link and phone number will be active for the duration of the meeting for citizens to ask questions/voice concerns.

Link to access meeting: April 15, 2020 Town Council Meeting Link (Editors Note: the link should be password protected for the safety of all participants and to ensure the uninterrupted conduct of business; as it is not (yet), you'll need to go to the Town of Franklin page to access the link)
 -- Then click “Open Zoom” 

Call-In Phone Number: Call 1-929-205-6099 and enter Meeting ID # 701 131 488

a. This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast Channel 11 and Verizon Channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.

a. Citizens are welcome to express their views for up to five minutes on a matter that is not on the agenda. The Council will not engage in a dialogue or comment on a matter raised during Citizen Comments. The Town Council will give remarks appropriate consideration and may ask the Town Administrator to review the matter.
a. March 19, 2020
b. February 12, 2020

- None Scheduled

- None Scheduled

6. HEARINGS - 7:10 PM
a. Zoning Map Changes on or Near Pleasant, Chestnut, and Brook Streets

a. Dean College: New Section 12 All Alcoholic Beverages License, Located at 135 Emmons Street, Franklin, MA.

a. Coronavirus Updates
b. Community Preservation Act (CPA)

a. Capital Budget Subcommittee
b. Budget Subcommittee
c. Economic Development Subcommittee


Zoning Bylaw Amendment 20-853: Zoning Map Changes on or Near Pleasant, Chestnut, and Brook Streets - First Reading (Motion to Move Zoning Bylaw Amendment 20-853 to a second reading - Majority Vote)


Resolution 20-19: Solar Authorization - Maple Street Bellingham (Motion to approve Resolution 20-19 - Majority Vote)


Bylaw Amendment 20-857: Chapter 82, Trash and Recycling Fee Increase - First Reading (Motion to move Bylaw Amendment 20-857 to a second reading - Majority Vote)

- None Scheduled


Two-Thirds Vote: requires 6 votes
Majority Vote: requires majority of members present and voting

The full agenda can be found on the Town of Franklin page

The agenda can also be found in one LARGE PDF file (~59MB - can take time to download)

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - April 15, 2020
Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - April 15, 2020

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Town Council meeting of Feb 5, 2020 - Recap

Quick summary:
  • Randy LaRosa appointed to Historical Commission
  • beer/wine license approved for Maks
  • Community Preservation Act presentation and discussion
  • first pass at the capital budget was approved

Audio segment - Community Preservation Act (Audio)

My notes reported live during the meeting
  • Live reporting: Town Administrator's Report to Closing
  • Live reporting: Legislation for Action
  • Live reporting: License transaction - Norfolk County Sheriff - CPA
  • Live reporting: Town Council - Feb 5, 2020

Sunday, March 8, 2020

FM #220 - Town Council FY 2021 budget overview - 3/4/20 (audio)

FM #220 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 220 in the series.

The Town Council meeting of Wednesday, March 4, 2020 featured, among its many topics the initial look at the FY 2021 budget. It projects a deficit of $3.5M which will need to be resolved before the budget is finalized by the end of June 2020.

To remind folks, Franklin operates on a fiscal calendar. We are currently operating under the FY 2020 budget which carries us through June 2020. The FY 2021 budget would begin to provide funding for operations from July 2020 through June 2021.

The show notes provide links to the key Town of Franklin budget page and to specific documents

This is the real beginning of the budget process or cycle for FY 2021. The key dates to follow are
  • March 24 - School Committee Budget Hearing
  • April 7, 8, 13 and 29 - Finance Committee Budget hearing meetings
  • April 14 - Final School Committee Budget approval
  • May 21 and 22 - Town Council Budget Hearings

The audio segment from the Town Council meeting runs about 31 minutes, so let’s listen in to a preview of the FY 2021 budget


Town of Franklin budget page

Town Administration FY 2021 budget introduction

Superintendent’s Recommended School budget for FY 2021 (audio and links)

We are now producing this in collaboration with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

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I hope you enjoy!


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FM #220 - Town Council FY 2021 budget overview - 3/4/20 (audio)
FM #220 - Town Council FY 2021 budget overview - 3/4/20 (audio)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Live reporting: License transaction - Norfolk County Sheriff - CPA

Maks Roast Beef and Breakfast, Inc., New Wine and Malt License, Located at 451 West Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038

Richard Cornetta, attny for applicant
own and operate the business
general restaurant, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
glass of wine or beer to compliment the meal
not a bar operation, only sit down restaurant
would also use outdoor patio in warmer months
owned elsewhere for about 15 years (Revere) (Bellingham)

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

a. Norfolk County Sheriff Office and House of Corrections Update with Sheriff McDermott Community

appointed by Gov Baker to replace Bellotti
female inmates were not being treated equitably
would encourage taking a tour of the facility
Q&A session with the inmates available
will also travel to middle/high school with program

team building program, anti-bullying
ropes challenge course
in talks with Dean College to replicate program (along with others)
Leadership academy

working to meet the needs for kids mental health, leading to experimentation with drugs
stigma on mental health
looking to produce report within 6 months across Norfolk County

inmate work crews available, municipalities and non-profits
vast majority in due to drugs and mental health
44 US Marshal inmates also inhouse now, drug gang members
an uptick in drug activity in MA

Bissanti - had visited, left knowing that you care, supporter of Gilly's House

Kelly - Franklin is not along, we are facing the same or similar situation as others are

Jones - great to have you here, good for our citizens hear about the programs you do

Chandler - are you able to help with some of the weekend folks Franklin houses? 

A - we had some internal debates about that, we are able to see an uptick in increases
limited cell space can fill up quick, we can hold them and put the police back on the streets

Hamblen - distracted driver program

A - show them before prom season, with simulator, googles to simulate driving when under the influence; putting green empty pizza box, hard to walk across the room with the googles

MCI Framingham - not a nice place to spend your time, men had a better time at county level were not getting the same choice; six week program with NE wildlife coming
equine therapy and canine therapy being explored as well

b. Preservation Act Discussion.

  • i. Town Administrator Memo & Backup Material

Jamie had been in the 2001 Town Council to present the CPA as part of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Pellegri - I had pushed for this in 2007, this presentation is far superior than what we did back then. We need to see what money we have given in and lost (over 20 years). We could be using for historical buildings, open space, etc.  We have got to work hard, to set up coffee, teas, so we can explain

Hamblen - the match percentage changes throughout the years, back up to 24%, does it change every year/
A - it has ebbed and flowed. if you were an early adopter, it was more of a dollar for dollar match, put in two million, get two million aback, that is a good ROI. The match did slide slowly to 11% an all time low, it was adjusted to currently to the 24%, it could continue to ebb and flow

it is all in how you play it, if we can get some of the match, we can free up some money for other things within the capital budget
Boston did it for affordable housing

Chandler - it almost something for everybody,every one pays in but there is something for everybody veterans, affordable housing, open space

Bissanti - I had an opportunity to participate in another community meeting, it is a great program, the funds dwindled unfortunately. Is this an opportunity we could loose if we don't act?

A - if you look at the list of priorities, something is on the priority listing up and down where this could be used; renewed optimism to look at 

Earls - sense of long term trends on where this is going? any other local options

A - no idea where the long term trend is... our own imaginations could go wild with how to do this

Community Preservation Committee - appointments to committee with a representation from several other board/depts

database of every project done

Kelly - 5th most contribution in Norfolk County, with how close we came in 2007, it might be worthwhile to put it back, it would be good to see a veterans exemption, we'd need to lobby hard for that; this is our next step towards avoiding suburban sprawl

Jones - I am for this, anything we can do to help support open space and historical, I am for

Lisa Audette Franklin Housing Authority
renovating 40 units $2.5 million at Central Park Terrace
could have been a $650K project with CPA funding available

Jim Schultz - question on historical building criteria
Mark - national register or local historical commission, great flexibility

there may be restrictions on re-habbing an older building but not on the use restrictions

Ed Symansky
what would be the process to get it from here to the ballot

Mercer - process would start in the not to distant future, at least 60 days prior to an election

there is a lot of interest in the town to see this happen

Roberta Trahan
how did we loose all that money, we do need to educate the public
what do we need to do, we should get it on the next election

Susan Speers
we moved to Franklin 32 years ago for the schools and the Library
active with a group that does open space and environmental 
because of what they can do with their capacity
I was involved in 2007, we have to a lot of time to tell the word out and get the community a chance to get behind it this time

Mary Olsson
representative of the Historic Commission
Canton told the story of what they were able to do with their amount
it is about educating the Town, we need to campaign as if it was a candidate on the ballot
it is possible, we can get it done

Mercer - this is something from what I have heard and seen, I think I would ask the Town Administrator to begin the process, sooner rather than later is the right thing
the education piece is the biggest piece, help us to spread the word
there will be more here at Council meetings, and elsewhere
the most people who would be out to an election would be in November for the Presidential election

set up an ad-hoc committee to work on this
we need your help to let the taxpayers know why we need this


  • a. Capital Budget Subcommittee
  • b. Budget Subcommittee
  • c. Economic Development Subcommittee
set priorities for near term
another lot change coming to Council
next meeting March 4