Thursday, October 16, 2014

"This is a black eye for us."

Milford Daily News reports on the liquor license suspensions:
Town Council on Wednesday handed down liquor license suspensions to two New England restaurant chains that served alcohol to teenagers working undercover with the police department. 
The British Beer Company and the 99 Restaurant & Pub — chains that combined have more than 100 locations across New England — failed the police department’s annual compliance check last month. 
For the past few years, Franklin police have received a state grant that provides money for underage drinking enforcement, including the checks that run similar to drug stings. During a typical check of a business, the teens attempt to purchase an alcoholic beverage using their real Massachusetts driver’s licenses.

Continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News here

While the Milford Daily News reports on the license suspensions, you can find out all about the remainder of the almost 2 hour meeting here

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live reporting: Closing items

additional signage for school signs, $60K

looking to get the money for SNETT trail to be released by the Governor

bringing before you some Fiscal 2015 budget adjustments

reminder on Question 5
for road improvements, funds can only be spent on roads
a permanent increase in taxes
will star to address the $50M backlog of road repairs
about $130 per year per household, don't skip the ballot questions

Pfeffer - the folks appointed tonight were all on the first building committee, want to finish the building

TV studio to see the progress on the building
the generator, and the other items being stored from the old high school

The old South Church
uncertainty on what the building can be used for some work required, 1856
what can the town use it for?
need to know the actually and official status

if the building is under the historical society, what does it really mean
it is the oldest church in Franklin

we can give you a written reponse
we have a copy of the deed to the town, are the owner of the building
the deed is not the best written
one should have a lot more info
there are a lot of pieces of the puzzle to be figured out

why when a published author speaks at the Library
the Library trustees have a long standing policy prohibiting the sale for profit

They should go talk to the Library Board

the recycling center is going well, over 70 last two Sundays

stroke awareness program well received at the Senior Center
Friends of Franklin Elders provided the refreshments
the cable show taped it and it will be available for replay

extras trucks will be going around, bags will also be available

Franklin Housing Trust is putting together a modular house with Tri-County school
good work by them, it was true and stayed true when moved
it will be part of the lottery next year

Condolences to the Cusson family on the loss of their daughter

motion to adjourn, passed

The documents released for this agenda can be found here

Live reporting: Legislation

Public Hearing to determine whether it is in the public interest to accept Grace Lane and Nina Lane – 7:10

Planning Board held hearing and made recommendation as well

roads finished, 100% complete, recent subdivisions
made the presentation to the town to accept the roads

hearing closed


1. Resolution 14-60: Order of Layout, Acceptance, and Taking of Grace Lane and Related Drainage Lot
motion to accept, passed via roll, unanimous (6-0)

2. Resolution 14-61: Order of Layout, Acceptance, and Taking of Nina Lane and Related Drainage Lot and Easement
motion to accept, passed via roll, unanimous (6-0)

3. Resolution 14-62: Local Licensing Authority’s Approval of Package Store Licensees’ Notifications of Change in Hours to Permit Earlier Sunday Openings
motion to accept, passed via roll, unanimous (6-0)

Cerel - legislature passed to allow opening on Sundays, licensees need to file paperwork, it is a fomality, rather than doing separate enactments (13 separate) this will authorize the clerk to sign off

allows for opening at 10 instead of 11

4. Resolution 14-63: Creation of a Senior Center Building Committee
motion to accept, passed via roll, unanimous (6-0)

announcement of the Committee members
Karen Alves, Tom Mercer, Ken Norman, Judith Pond Pfeffer, Nancy Rafter, and Paul Remington

5. Bylaw Amendment 14-742: Amendment to Chapter 185-§4. Districts Enumerated – Referral to Planning Board
motion to refer to the Planning Board, passed 6-0

all three changes are technical corrections, no substantial change, just wording for consistency

5. Bylaw Amendment 14-743: Amendment to Chapter 185-§20. Signs – Referral to Planning Board
motion to refer to the Planning Board, passed 6-0

6. Bylaw Amendment 14-744: Amendment to Chapter 185 - §31. Site Plan and Design Review - Referral to Planning Board
motion to refer to the Planning Board, passed 6-0

live reporting - Public Hearing - Liquor license compliance

Stephan Semerjian, Chief of Police

introducing new police officers
(photo to be added)

Sargent Alan Thibeault going to retire
one of the old guard, came through some difficult times, weathered the storm and did it well, doesn't like the attention, lifelong Franklin resident

Chairman Vallee reads proclamation for Sargent Thibeault

Padula - I grew up next to Alan
had some trouble spinning his wheels on the high school grass
Alan helped him

Alcoholic Beverages Licensees – Failure to Pass Compliance Check – 7:10
• 99Restaurant
conducted Sep 26th with underage license check, 3 were not open, 2 did fail the operation
9:00 PM under cover operative entered, asked for a Bud Lite received and paid for the drink without carding

99 representatives do not dispute the facts
Operations director, we always take precaution, it is embarrassing as it is Boys and Girls Club fund raising month; bartender fired immediately (part of their policy)
all servers re-took class and exam, working to ensure it never happens again
had not occurred in the 7 years of operation; sympathetic and apologetic
I stand humble before you

recommendation 1 day suspension, 2 days held in reserve for a period of two years

Padula - Clarification on section of policy that applies to the sting operations

Bissanti - the compliance check notification is sent?
Yes, we knew
The bartender completely failed to do that, put a black eye on the restaurant, he lost his job

Vote via roll, unanimous

• British Beer Company
now that the package is given with the license renewal, we don't do another notification (we used to)
asked for Bud Lite, paid for it with a $20 received the change

also a first offense, recommendation like for 99
3 day suspension, 1 day to be served; 2 days held in abeyance

we do acknowledge that we were stung 
we are a family establishment, we have been in business for 17 years it is our first offence, not proud of our first offense

it is an embarrassment for our company
each pub is our own individual family, the leaders take ownership
The bartender was suspended immediately, for a week
has retaken the course and is back at work
has been a good employee and has not had any other cause for

we love Franklin and plan on being here for a long time

Padula - they are taken steps, they are apologetic, they are good corporate partners

Pfeffer- thank you for the suspension and for not firing the bartender

Padula - motion to serve on October 31 with two days held, 
vote via roll call, unanimous

Live reporting - Special Presentation

Senator Richard Ross

Senator Karen Spilka
Representative Jeffrey Roy

Presentation of a Senate Citation for Glenn Jones
in recognition for his service to Franklin

has been tirelessly working on economic development
Glenn will be back, his heart is in all of these issues
his students are reaping the benefits of his time

(photos to be added)

Senator Ross congratulations on working together for the past four years
working together with Senator Spilka to bring things back to Franklin

$1.5M for the SNETT trail work among recent accomplishments

listing of items done for Franklin, in the future when you have things coming down the pike, let us know, keep us informed and we'll help you
it is never an embarrassment to represent Franklin

Sen Spilka
thank you, surprising that it has been nine years representing Franklin
thank you for the close relationship that we have 

Trying to work with Best Buddies, Franklin has a special spot with this program
these are programs that enrich every bodies life

Franklin may be the first community to go from elementary through higher ed coordinating with the schools and Dean College

Commission on Status of Women, nine member commission
can decide for themselves the agenda and areas to target
very exciting, we rely on policy recommendations from groups like these
applications are due Sep 1

Rep Roy
it has been an honor and a privilege to represent Franklin as a team
Richard read off the laundry list of things we have delivered together
by working together collaboratively we are able to get a whole lot accomplished

the formula will be reviewed, to look at how schools and education is funded in MA, hopefully to see some increases in Chapter 70 money

thanks for the great presentation of Franklin when the Governor was able to visit, it sends a strong message about what the community is, I continue to hear positive things from that day

Live reporting: Town Council - October 15, 2014

Present: Padula, Mercer, Kelly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Bissanti
Absent: Williams, Feldman

September 3, 2014

This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by Franklin Matters.



Presentation - DPW on Lincoln St
Brutus Cantoreggi, DPW Director

roadwork bid in May, contractor got notice to proceed in June
180 days to proceed
we could put it out for being done in 60 days but the bid would be far higher and cost more
Aggregate Industries won the bid, have been here before
Focused on getting the road repaired in front of the school, they did that
and then the road slowed down
discovered the culverts at Winterberry that needed to be replaced
The work needed to be coordinated with the gas company to get a line lowered to allow the culvert to get replaced

I have worked with the Project Manager and I'll not beat around the bush, I have worked with better.
The road will be completed

The dip in the due to the flatness of the road, need to keep the water off the roadway
Could have put more catch basins in but that costs money

One of the issues we had on Lincoln was the school, how do we calm the traffic?
You narrow the road, notified the residence of a pubic hearing in May
we did remove some sections of the dividers to meet with criticisms

the area is not actually done yet, it will be layered with some visual indicator
The contractor will be prepping the work tomorrow and be doing it soon

The contractor last year was for the water lines, this contractor was for the repaving
there is a penalty clause in the contract

we do document the various issues

Mercer - keeping documentation on contractors, have you thrown someone out in the contractor
Cantoreggi - yes, we did this year

Mercer - it is important to know that there are ways and you need the documentation

their communication was an issue, we needed updates, the PM could have been better, their work is good

Kelly: What about the dividers?

The divider is on the DPW, that is our design
we got no push back on this, this is to create the boulevard effect, it would slow the traffic down; they could see that.

we worked with folks on the curb cuts themselves, we put sand bags out there so they could see for themselves

Kelly: Snow - what is the plan for ice and snow down there?

It will be a resin product, about a half inch that goes down

Bissanti - mentioned the communication problem, a liaison between their PM and use

Cantoreggi - we have someone out there almost daily

Bissanti - was weather an issue?

Cantoreggi - no, not really. They are within their contract now

Reminder: Walk to Break the Silence - Oct 18th

Friendly reminder that you can take action to help end domestic violence.

Voices Against Violence provides comprehensive services including a 24 hour hotline, crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy and shelter to more the 3000 victims and survivors in the Metrowest area every year. Voices depends on the generosity of the community to ensure that life-saving services remain free and accessible to all. 
The "Walk to Break the Silence" is an annual, family-friendly, 1/2 day rally and walk-a-thon event in downtown Framingham that celebrates the strength and courage of victims and survivors. The event includes powerful visual art displays, games and face painting for the kids, inspiration from our speakers, and a little exercise too! Registration is free and there are several ways you can lend your support - you can be a Team Captain, a Walker, or a Virtual Friend!

The "Walk to Break the Silence" flyer:

For additional information about Voices Against Violence you can visit their webpage

To register for the Walk to Break the Silence, follow this link

Register to Walk to Break the Silence
Register to Walk to Break the Silence

Library: Book and Bag Sale -> Oct 18-19

The monthly Library Book and Bag sale comes up this weekend October 18 and 19.

  • The Book Sale runs Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 
  • The Bag Sale runs Sunday from 9:00 AM to noon.
Classical music by Betty Kushner will be available from 9:00 to 10:00 AM

Oct 2014 - Book and Bag Sale
Oct 2014 - Book and Bag Sale

This was shared from the Franklin Public Library webpage here

Fun Workshop .... Living you Yoga

From Karen Ring:

I wanted to let you all know that I am running a 6 week workshop with Betsy Barry and Kathryn Nulf of Franklin Yoga & Wellness about "Living you Yoga and LOVING YOUR LIFE!!" (See below for the details)

Living you Yoga and LOVING YOUR LIFE!!
live a life you love
We will meet every Friday 6pm-8pm except Halloween we will meet Sunday Nov. 2nd 6pm-8pm. This all starts October 17th and runs through to Nov. 21st. Just in time for all the holidays!!! 

Enter this Holiday season with a clear, happy, healthy mind and a new outlook on your life :) SIGN UP HERE -->

Thank you for reading this email and if you ever want to be removed from my email list please let me know, do not hesitate to send me a simple reply "Please remove my email"  :) and I will get right on it! Hope to see some of you for this fun workshop!! 

Much Love. 

This unique 40-day program includes: 
  • ·        Weekly class meeting (1 ½ - 2 hours)
  • ·        40 days unlimited yoga (all current class passes will be put on hold)
  • ·        Instruction to begin a deeper, personal meditation practice
  • ·        Tools to move past current limiting beliefs and habits
  • ·        Short yoga practices unlock, open and heal the body gently
  • ·        Stress reduction techniques to invite peace into everyday living
  • ·        Nutritional tips and techniques
  • ·        One hour wellness consultation with a certified holistic health counselor
  • ·        Weekly journaling assignment
  • ·        Online FaceBook group support
  • ·        20% of holistic health services for 40 days after the program ends (November 26 – January 5th) – clear with practitioners first!

The Six Weekly Themes:
  • 1.      Seeing & Accepting: Beginning where you are
  • 2.      It Doesn't Have to Be Hard: Learning to release, forgive and move on
  • 3.      Detox Your Life (remove toxic relationships, excess, clutter, food (the "whites!"))
  • 4.      Pleasure: A guide to self-care
  • 5.      Ease & Grace: "When you are relaxing, you are receiving"
  • 6.      Gratitude: Positive strategies to manifest abundance (this last week should be a mini-celebration with food)

"online security can be a complicated task"

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The MA.GOV blog has a good posting with good tips like:

The internet enables people to conduct everyday transactions from anywhere, at any time, including the convenience of online commerce. As we become more dependent on this technology, we also become more exposed to the threat of cybercrime. By taking some simple cybersecurity steps, you can better safeguard yourself against it.
  • Create strong passwords for your wireless internet network, restricting unwanted users.
  • Monitor your child’s internet use and social interaction online.
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
National Cyber Security Awareness Month

There are security measures I take with the postings I male here and on Facebook to hopefully help all of us stay secure. I vet all links before I post them. I generally will layout the link in detail so you'll know where you are going before you click. 

Be safe. Be secure. Share good info!

In the News: underage liquor sales, Senior Center buildout

The Milford Daily News reports on the recent sting operation being reviewed at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday.

On Sept. 26, six police officers and three teenagers performed checks of the 35 businesses in town licensed to sell liquor. During the stings, the teens used their real Massachusetts driver’s licenses. 
Prior to each check, police photograph the teens, record their blood-alcohol level, and search them. Any cash given to them is photocopied, in case a business owner or bartender denies making the sale. 
Unlike a drug sting, departments must inform all of the businesses in the area in advance that they received the grant and will be conducting the checks. 
The 99 Restaurant & Pub on West Central Street and the British Beer Company in the Franklin Village Shopping Center were the only two establishments that sold an alcoholic drink to one of the undercover teens.
Continue reading the article here (subscription maybe required)

Franklin's Senior Center
Franklin's Senior Center

The Milford Daily News also reports on the creation of a building committee to coordinate the buildout of the 2nd floor of the existing Senior Center. The building already has a second floor. It was left unfinished. There would need to be an elevator installed and then the finish work completed.

This has been talked of for some time. We have reported on the progress during the budget cycle as funds were set aside for this and for the expansion of the parking lot to accommodate the additional capacity provided.

The 3,000-square-foot unfinished space, used now for temporary storage, needs flooring and walls. The costliest aspect of the project will be installation of an elevator. 
In the months ahead, building committee members, including senior center director Karen Alves, must secure an architect and put the project out to bid. The town has saved approximately $700,000 for the work. And construction will not begin until next year. 
Alves has said the second floor should have space enough for at least two offices and a wide-open area for exercise programs. In the past, the senior center has hosted chair volleyball, Tai Chi and Zumba, among other exercise classes. 
Overall, space at the senior center is at a premium, since attendance has grown. Alves also expects the number of 65 and older residents to increase by more than 3,000 over the next seven years.
Continue reading the article here (subscription maybe required)

Photos from the grand opening of the facility in 2007 can be found here

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DelCarte Recreation in the rain

Even in the rain, the DelCarte Recreation area is glorious on an autumn morning. The geese were busy about their business and no one else was around.

trees along the water line
trees along the water line

DelCarte Recreation and Conservation Area sign
DelCarte Recreation and Conservation Area sign

A 360 view of DelCarte on a rainy Saturday morning

For additional posts on DelCarte, you can follow this link

Church Yard Sale - Oct 18

The Franklin Federated Church will be holding their annual yard sale on Saturday, October 18 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Franklin Federated Church - annual yard sale - Oct 18
Franklin Federated Church - annual yard sale - Oct 18

For additional information about Franklin Federated Church you can find them online here

Mark your Calendars for Hockomock Area YMCA Spooky Games!

The Hockomock Area YMCA invites area residents to enjoy a spooktacular evening as Spooky Games returns on Friday, October 24th from 6:30PM-8:00PM at its Bernon Family Branch (45 Forge Hill Road, Franklin), Invensys Foxboro Branch (67 Mechanic Street, Foxboro), and North Attleboro Branch (300 Elmwood Street, North Attleboro). 
This FREE event is open to members and non-members alike. Participants are encouraged to dress in costume. 
  • The theme for the Bernon Family Branch is ‘Night at the Movies”. The Bernon Family Branch staff invites participants to visit Olaf’s Ice Adventure, Maneuver through our Lego Movie Obstacle Course, Journey the Road to Oz, and meet the Sanderson Sisters, and more. 
  • The theme for the Invensys Foxboro Branch is ‘Haunted School House’. The Invensys Foxboro staff invites participants to play ghoulish games in math class, experiment in the horror lab, dare to try lunch lady snacks, and to beware of the Principal’s office. 
  • The theme for the North Attleboro Branch is ‘Never Never Land, the dwelling place of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the lost boys.’ The North Attleboro staff invites participants to visit Mermaid Lagoon and seek out the Treasure of the Tides, venture to Pixie Hollow to find fairies and fun, and to hike the Indian Camp to check on Chief and Princess Tiger Lily. 
Hockomock YMCA
Hockomock YMCA
At dusk, anyone seven years of age or older will want to head outdoors to check out Franklin branch’s ‘Batman’s Arcam City’ Haunted Woods or North Attleboro branch’s “Never Never Never Land’ Haunted Woods” both proudly presented by the Y’s Teen departments and volunteers. 
Admission to the outdoor activity will be $4.00 per person. For more information, call Michael Mahoney at 508-643-5265 or visit our website at

In the News: simultaneous calls, Lincoln St contractor

Late last month, the fire department experienced one of its busiest days in some time.
Three alarms had sounded almost in succession. Then, with all available emergency crews dispatched, a dreaded fourth call came in: smoke alarm activation at Glen Meadow Apartments. 
"We had nothing left," Fire Chief Gary McCarraher recalled. 
According to McCarraher, that Monday in September provided yet another example of an alarming trend for the department: an increase in three or more simultaneous calls even as the overall number of responses remains unchanged. 
In fiscal year 2014, such calls made up 54 percent of the department’s total call volume, up from 44 percent the previous year.
Continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News here (subscription maybe required)

A Bedford-based contractor has drawn the ire of residents and town officials for problems with the roadwork underway on Lincoln Street. 
Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting and Department of Public Works Director Robert Cantoreggi have grown increasingly frustrated with Aggregate Industries, which in July started work on a stretch of Lincoln Street that begins at Elm Street and ends at Brook Street. 
Both have reached out to the company several times with concerns about delays and inconsistencies in its work schedule. 
Residents in the area have criticized the quality of the work, pointing out examples of poor oversight; the most glaring of these has been the need to tear up patches of just-paved road to adjust traffic calming islands built so tall that they blocked driveways.
Continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News here (subscription maybe required)