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Project PJ continues again this year, can you help?

December 2021

My name is Ethan DePaolo and I am a junior at Franklin High School. Project PJ was started in 2007 and seven years ago, my sister was contacted by one of the families who had previously run it asking if she would take it over, as my family has participated in this project for over 10 years. Since Ryan is at school in NYC, I am going to keep Project PJ going this year. 

Project PJ is a community service project founded to bring awareness to kids in need placed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts foster care programs. I am asking people to donate NEW pajamas for foster children of all ages, newborn to 18 years. The pajamas I collect will be donated to the Whitinsville office of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families which helps the communities in our local area, including Franklin.

Foster children are very unfortunate to be placed in the situation they are in. They leave their homes with barely anything and families are only given $20 a day to spend for their daily needs. Pajamas help ease the transition for these children and I would like to ask you to support Project PJ this holiday season. 

Last year, the project donated around 300 pairs of pajamas and this year the goal is 325. All sizes are in great need. Pajamas can be dropped off at 48 High Ridge Circle at your convenience. We have a large plastic container on our side steps for collection. 

If you'd rather purchase pj's online, you can have them shipped directly to our home. We would like all donations by January 1st, but later donations are always appreciated. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at 

I appreciate your consideration in supporting this cause!

With Gratitude,

Ethan DePaolo
example of kids pajamas

Recap: Board of Health hears multiple updates; congratulates staff on vaccine clinic success (audio)

Quick Recap:
  • Status update on 27 Winter St heard, keeping eye on progress, owner may need to appear for Feb 2022 meeting if no action taken for demolition of building
  • Nurse picked up contact tracing as collaborative ended in November; starting health check for Central Park Terrace residents
  • Both COVID-19 vaccine clinics for the youth went well with over 280 does delivered each time. Kudos to the team for great execution, thanks is not enough!


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting via the Zoom conf bridge. 


The Twitter hashtag #BoH1208 can be found online The thread begins with

Board of Health agenda doc ->  

  • Real time reporting for the Board of Health meeting underway, #BoH1208, approved minutes by 3-0 vote via roll call, status of 27 Winter St some evidence of work around building/property, should have an update for Jan 2022 from owner …
  • Per carryover from prior meeting, if no progress owner due at Feb meeting. Update from nurse, COVID clinic success, some doses left over; also visiting Central Park Terrace to do health checks and address items as they arise. #BoH1208
  • Contact tracing collaborative ended in Nov, nurse Alisha now picking up that contact tracing as needed. #BoH1208 discussion on monthly meeting dates, possible adjustments to Jun/Jul dates sliding one week; discussion non text around Title V change in language to clarify … 
  • To be brought to a future agenda for a formal hearing, reading of potential change to alleviate duplication of effort. #BoH1208 worth noting that clinic performance was well done, staff, volunteers, etc.  very well done and received, thank you is hollow!
  • Motion to adjourn, passes 3-0 via roll call #BoH1208

 Meeting audio ->

Recap: Board of Health hears multiple updates
Recap: Board of Health hears multiple updates

Cobi's Corner: A Time for Reflection


Cobi's Corner

Hey Neighbors!

As the Fall comes to a close, the past few months have centered on reflection and community feedback. I am excited to share the continued progress we've made on pursuing our priorities.

If you are joining us for the first time, welcome! Here are my past seasonal updates:

In personal news...
As always, please reach out if you ever have any thoughts or questions!

Your Franklin neighbor,

The newsletter was shortened for publication here. To view the full set of content, follow this link ->

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Our mailing address is:
Town Councilor Cobi Frongillo
PO Box 562
Franklin, MA 02038-0562

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Holiday Pop up Market at Fresh Start Market - Dec 18

"Come shop our Holiday Pop up Market and help support local artists. From stocking suffers to delicious local foods for your holiday gatherings, we'll have something for everyone's tastes. Local artists will be selling their wares, we'll be hosting food tastings, and Franklin's Girl Scouts will be outside selling cookies. 
We are New England's only premier 100% locally sourced New England healthy food grocery market and every purchase will help local businesses. "

Follow the event on Facebook: 

Holiday Pop up Market at Fresh Start Market - Dec 18
Holiday Pop up Market at Fresh Start Market - Dec 18

Holiday Happenings and Gift Guide 2021

Via the Franklin Downtown Partnership comes this Holiday Happenings and Gift Guide to remind residents to shop local! See the guide here -> 

Holiday Happenings and Gift Guide 2021
Holiday Happenings and Gift Guide 2021

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Franklin.TV Open Meeting - Thursday Dec 9, 2021 - 5 PM

FranklinTV Annual Open Board Meeting

This year our Annual Open Board Meeting will be conducted online only as a virtual meeting via Zoom.  The link is:   857  7708  6916

Join us, Thursday, December 9th at 5:00pm.

Questions?  Email: 

This brief meeting is open to all Franklin businesses and residents.  Learn more about FranklinTV and wfprfm.  We'll review our progress during the past year and discuss plans for the future.  At the meeting you may cast a vote for new and/or renewing board positions.  This year we will vote to continue Jay Horrigan's board position for an additional three year term. 
Excerpt from FCCA bylaws:  (Available on our website.)
Section 15. Election of Director by the Membership (a) Members shall be notified by the Clerk of the election of a director by the Membership at the Annual Meeting. Said notice shall be in accordance with the notice provisions of Section 4 of this Article IV. (b) Any eligible voting Member may be nominated for election to the position of Director by: (i) Written notification to the Clerk no later than seven (7) days prior to Annual Meeting; or (ii) By nomination from the floor of the Annual Meeting made and seconded by no less than three (3) eligible voting members.

Our facility enables us to provide full production support for Franklin residents and groups who wish to create TV and radio programs.  Thanks to our board members who contribute their time and energy to help make FranklinTV all that a public access studio can be.  If you would like to become involved either as a volunteer or produce your own TV or radio programs at FranklinTV and wfprfm, just send an email to: with your contact information.  You can also call us to discuss and help you develop your program ideas.  508-541-4118.

See you then

Get this week's program guide for Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( online     

Franklin●TV Annual Meeting - Dec 9, 2021
Franklin●TV Annual Meeting - Dec 9, 2021

Recap: Community Preservation Committee approves meeting schedule, reviews sample plans/applications, sets Jan 4 and 18 as public hearings

Quick Recap:

  • A short 21 minute meeting saw the introduction of new member Rick Power. He will represent the Planning Board and was unable to vote until formally approved by the Town Council.
  • The proposed schedule of meetings for 2022 mostly Tuesday nights to avoid conflict with School Committee and other meetings in the Council Chambers was approved by 8-0 vote.
  • Discussion on sample plans and applications used by other communities. Watertown's plan and Concord's application were touted and generally received agreement to be used as the 'template' for the Franklin version
  • Public hearings scheduled for Jan 4 and Jan 18 to allow the community to provide input and suggestions to develop the 'wish list' for how the CPA funds can be used.


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting in the Council Chambers. 


The Twitter hashtag #CPC1207 can be found online The thread begins with 

  • getting ready for the Community Preservation Committee meeting tonight - agenda doc ->…  #cpc1207
  • meeting opens, motion to approve minutes of Oct 2021, passes 8-0 - new member representing the planning board is here listening/observing, can't officially vote yet (requires Town Council approval). #cpc1207
  • discussion on proposed scheduled for meetings for 2022; motion to approve, passes 8-0 #cpc1207  (BTW - Rick Power is the representative from the Planning Board)
  • discussion on CPC application and sample plans from other communities - see links in the agenda doc…  #cpc1207
  • two public hearings scheduled for Jan 4 and 18 to enable community input for the 'wish list' for which to use the CPA funds available in Nov/Dec 2022 #cpc1207
  • Watertown plan touted as a good sample (side note, Watertown leveraged our charter once upon a time) #cpc1207 Concord application touted as a good one for consideration as a guide for Franklin's development
  • The Town does have their own items for the 'wish list' one can look to the capital requests and see what of those make sense to use with CPA vs. remaining on the list for use with capital funds (i.e. free cash) #ccp1207
  • consideration of applications as 'rolling' but have some level of 'cutoff' to enable the due diligence and prioritization to being before CPC for approval and then the Town Council #cpc1207
  • expectation of the 4th and 18th is to open the listening session for ideas of possible use of the CPA funds #cpc1207
  • motion to adjourn, passes 8-0 #cpc1207

Audio file ->

Recap: Community Preservation Committee
Recap: Community Preservation Committee

2022 Spring Registration for Franklin Girls Softball is Now Open!

Click on the "Register" button in the top right corner of the page to get started!

2022 Spring Registration for Franklin Girls Softball is Now Open!
2022 Spring Registration for Franklin Girls Softball is Now Open!

Franklin, MA is a location for COVID-19 Testing for Child Care

COVID-19 Testing for Child Care
Department of Early Education & Care (EEC) will be offering No-Cost COVID-19 drive-through testing for the child care community at locations across Massachusetts. Get Tested. Testing for COVID-19 is widely available in Massachusetts and critically important to preventing the spread.


For additional information on the testing process and requirements

Franklin is a location for COVID-19 Testing for Child Care
Franklin is a location for COVID-19 Testing for Child Care

Add MBTA bus drivers to the growing list of driver shortages

"THE MBTA is paring back service on 31 bus routes and the Mattapan trolley because it doesn’t have enough workers to provide the scheduled service.

Starting December 19, T officials said some service will be added on a handful of routes, but overall service levels during the winter will be declining by about 3 percent to reflect a large dropoff in the number of drivers available. The transit authority on Monday put out a call on Twitter for more drivers, saying 300 positions need to be filled. "

Continue reading the article online

Add MBTA bus drivers to the growing list of driver shortages
Add MBTA bus drivers to the growing list of driver shortages


MyFM 101.3 Wins Coveted “Station of the Year” Award

“I will never take winning this award lightly or for granted.  To win this award once is an amazing accomplishment, but to win it a record 11 times is simply unheard of in the industry.  I can’t say enough about my staff, our listeners, fans and followers, and all the local partners we’ve developed over the years” said Tom McAuliffe, owner of MyFM Media. 

With a commitment to community, and a little light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, MyFM Media launched their first ever MyFM Quest for the Best Contest.  This initiative was designed to inject some serious positivity back into the community by shining a spotlight on the incredible local businesses who have endured, innovated, and found new and better ways to serve their customers and clients during the toughest economic period in almost 100 years.

The MyFM Quest for the Best Contest simply exploded and grew into the biggest promotion this region had ever seen with over 1,200 local businesses nominated in over 234 categories, and then over 256,000 votes in just 2 weeks!  

“We believed our listeners, fans and followers were sick and tired of toxic politics and pandemic talk and we were right.  I think this was the number one reason why the judges from the Wyoming Broadcasters Association selected MyFM,” McAuliffe said.

"The Station of the Year Award is the one award that every station strives to win.  It's the most cherished station award the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association presents,” explained Jordan Walton, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association.  “My FM 101.3 truly epitomizes what 

LOCAL radio, and service to the community is all about, and we're proud to salute them with this honor for a record 11th time.”

“The Station of the Year” award is presented annually by the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association to the most outstanding radio station in the Commonwealth, and is open to all of the more than 200 radio stations.

The “Station of the Year” award is given to the top station in Massachusetts that exemplifies overall excellence in all phases of operation.  The judges, members of the Wyoming Broadcasters Association, cited MyFM 101.3 had experienced extraordinary growth of audience, client base, but most importantly, MyFM was providing exceptional service to their listeners, community officials, and local organizations.

About MyFM 101.3

My FM 101.3 & WMRC 1490AM have been on the air since 1956, making it one of the oldest, continuously locally owned and operated radio stations in Massachusetts. 

Tom McAuliffe II owns and operates the station with his wife Megan. MyFM 101.3 is located right “In the Heart of It all” between Boston, Worcester & Providence with a population exceeding 750,000 people.  For more information of the station visit


MyFM 101.3 staff photo
MyFM 101.3 staff photo

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Results of the survey on candidate information available for the Nov 2021 Biennial Election

The following is the output from the survey conducted after the 2021 election. There were 146 anonymous responses. While the number is low (compared to the total votes cast) to the extent that these folks (likely engaged) took the time to do so, the insights should be useful. 

There were 4 questions asked
1 - My voting action for this election was via: ballot type (a required question)
2 - How well prepared were you with information on the candidates to make your vote? (numerical response required on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)) (optional)
3 - What information did you find the most useful? (please be concise in your answer) (optional)
4 - What information do you wish you had? (please  be concise in your answer) (optional )

voting actions pie chart
voting actions pie chart

rating distribution chart
rating distribution chart

My takeaways
Continue to provide the info in advance of early voting (to the extent that the candidates cooperate)
Continue to enable/incentivize the candidates to provide their info
Continue to be as transparent as possible about the sources of info
Expand to provide transcripts as a regular feature for the audio/video interviews

While there is feedback looking for more of a ‘summary’ or table to simplify the candidate positions, I personally would hesitate to do so. 

I have provided the open-ended responses in three PDF files.
Both responses together (good for insight into the individuals’ responses, if blank, there was no response)
Two files, one with each question response listed together, this should enable a view of common themes such as there may be

Results of the survey on candidate information available for the Nov 2021 Biennial Election
Results of the survey on candidate information available for the Nov 2021 Biennial Election

Finance Committee Meeting - Agenda - Dec 8, 2021

Finance Committee Meeting on December 8, 2021

1. Call to Order
2. Public Comments
3. Approval of Minutes:
a. October 13, 2021
b. November 10, 2021
4. 2022 Finance Committee Calendar
5. Community Preservation Act
a. Sample CPA Plans
b. Sample CPA Applications
6. Open Meeting Law discussion
7. Future Agenda Items
8. Adjourn

Please find the agenda and links for the upcoming Finance Committee meeting posted here:

Agenda doc (PDF) (including remote connection info) ->

Finance Committee Meeting - Agenda - Dec 8, 2021
Finance Committee Meeting - Agenda - Dec 8, 2021

Franklin Board Of Health - Agenda - Dec 8, 0221

Franklin Board Of Health
Duly Scheduled Meeting
Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021 - 5 PM

Located in the Town Hall Training Room, 3rd Floor or 
Join Zoom Meeting

1) Reading and Acceptance of November 3, 2021 meeting minutes
  • 27 Winter Street
  • The use of existing septic tanks in repair or upgrade situations discussion
  • Monthly meeting dates for 2022
  • Monthly health observances on the website
  • Metacomet Shared Service grant regional inspector report
  • Public health nurse update
  • Metacomet Regional Epidemiologist update
  • Chairman opens the floor for any other new business

The agenda doc with remote connection information can be found

Franklin Board Of Health - Agenda - Dec 8, 0221
Franklin Board Of Health - Agenda - Dec 8, 0221

Paula Lupien - Named 2020-2021 MIAA Gymnastics Coach of the Year

Franklin High School is proud to announce that Paula Lupien has been named the 2020-2021 MIAA Gymnastics Coach of the Year

“Earning this prestigious honor does not surprise me in the least. When it comes to coaching, Coach Lupien is the total package”, states Athletic Director, Tom Angelo. “I attribute the success of our Gymnastics program to Coach Lupien’s meticulous attention to detail, her love for her student-athletes, and overall dedication to the coaching profession. 

Paula Lupien
Paula Lupien

The 2020-2021 winter season was Coach Lupien’s 5th year at the helm, culminating in an undefeated season, a Hockomock League title, and a 1st place finish in the Hockomock League Tournament. A professional member of USA Gymnastics, Coach Lupien’s primary goal is to build trust with her athletes and to bring out the best in themselves by setting a high bar and accomplishing their goals. “Paula is an incredible person who embodies everything that is right about the coaching profession. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our coaching staff”, states Tom Angelo. 

Over the past 5 years, Coach Lupien has involved her team in various community service projects in and around Franklin, MA. Some of these projects include Blankets for Cancer, Toy/Pajamas/Blanket drive for children in foster care, a Franklin Food Pantry drive, distributing holiday wreaths, and hosting gymnastics clinics for Best Buddies, and area youth programs.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association selects their “Coaches of the Year” based upon excellence in character, impact upon students and community, and coaching credentials. 

Coach Lupien will be honored by the MIAA  at a celebratory awards banquet in January.

Paula Lupien: 2020-2021 MIAA Gymnastics Coach of the Year! 
View Press Release ->  
Shared from Twitter ->