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FHS Program of Studies for the 2022-2023 School Year

The document scheduled for presentation and discussion at the Franklin, MA School Committee meeting Jan 25, 2022.


FHS Program of Studies for the 2022-2023 School Year
FHS Program of Studies for the 2022-2023 School Year

Good Deeds: State Of The Registry

By William P. O’Donnell, Norfolk County Register of Deeds

Any report on the state of the Norfolk Registry of Deeds has to recognize the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact us in 2021.  While many sectors of our economy were still negatively affected by the pandemic, the Norfolk County real estate economy in 2021 remained not only viable but was one of the strongest in a decade.

I am pleased to report the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds continued to remain open and operational for the recording of land documents every work day throughout this continuing pandemic.  Registry personnel continued to work at risk to themselves in order that over 195,000 documents were recorded in calendar year 2021.  The use of electronic recording for our institutional users such as banks, law firms and title companies increased dramatically.

In addition to electronic recording users have the option to come in to the Registry building at 649 High Street in Dedham to conduct business and seek service.  Users also have the option to submit documents via regular mail, federal express or by placing documents in our drop box located outside our main entrance for those are not comfortable entering the building.

I am particularly proud of our Registry staff who continued to work diligently throughout these difficult times.  In February our employees were recognized as “Every Day Heroes” by D’Angelos Grilled Sandwiches.  This recognition program honors groups of individuals who stand out in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Deena McKinley, CMO of Papa Gino’s and D’Angelos Grilled Sandwiches stated “There are heroes in many forms across all New England communities and we want to do our part to celebrate the people in our towns who are making a difference.”  Well no state of the Registry would be right without tipping my hat to recognize the work of the Registry employees and to thank D’Angelos for giving the Norfolk Registry of Deeds and its employees this recognition.

The true unsung heroes for 2021 were members of the Registry of Deeds Information Technology Department.  The behind the scenes efforts and professionalism of the Registry Chief Information Officer and IT Technology/Network Administrator made certain that the Registry employees could socially distance from one another and perform their jobs, work remotely and use the Disaster Recovery office to get work done.  The technology overseen by the Registry of Deeds Information Technology Department ensures that each and every real estate document received by the Norfolk Registry of Deeds was safe, secure and accessible to all members of the public.  In addition to supporting the internal work and staff of the Registry our IT Department acted as a lifeline to members of the real estate bar and real estate community as well as members of the general public whose reliance on technology has never been greater or more essential.

This state of the Registry will also be used to thank those who have supported Registry of Deeds operations and services by expressing their concerns to county decision makers that the Norfolk Registry of Deeds needs to continue to keep its on-site direct report Registry IT Technology Department.  Technology drives so much of what goes on at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds. I would not be doing my job if I did not fight to keep the on-site direct report Registry CIO and the staff that makes up the Registry Information Technology Department.  The solid foundation of technology at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds will crumble without a permanent on site Registry CIO and without a Registry Information Technology Department that works for and with Registry staff and Registry stakeholders including the general public.  This issue has not been resolved in 2021.  I along with many of you find it unimaginable in this day and age of technology as well as cybersecurity risks and ransomware that this issue has  not been resolved.  As we close the year and look forward to this new year let’s hope and work to make sure that such an unsound public policy decision to not have an on-site in-house permanent Registry CIO and a Registry Information Technology Department does not get implemented.

In calendar year 2021 the Norfolk Registry of Deeds collected over 82 million dollars in fees and revenues by keeping the Registry of Deeds open through modernization initiatives that use technology.  These collected recording fees were forwarded to the state and county helping to pay for important public initiatives including education, health care, social services programming and public safety expenses.  Significant monies get collected at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds for the Community Preservation Act program that makes it way back to Norfolk County communities.  You may not recognize what the Registry of Deeds does and that is understandable.  However, for most of us the biggest asset we have is our home.  All of us should care about what takes place at the Registry of Deeds because it concerns our home and the real estate records at the Registry of Deeds are used to authenticate the ownership title to your home. 

This state of the Registry for 2021 will not be soon duplicated – I hope.  There is still a COVID-19 pandemic, workers are concerned about their health and that of their families and there has been a distracting public policy fight over Information Technology that needlessly takes away from running the Registry of Deeds.  Let us hope things will get better.  I prefer to live hopefully and focus on the positive.  I want to thank the Dedham Fire Department and all the first responders who one early Saturday morning this past year discovered a fire at the Registry of Deeds building.  The professionalism of the Dedham Fire Department was on display as they knocked the fire down and all that they and the Massachusetts Fire Marshall’s office did after the fire.  My thanks to all first responders everywhere for what you do everyday especially with the difficulties the pandemic has brought on.  In thanking the first responders that morning I could tell each of them felt they were “just doing their job.”  For the Dedham firefighters it may just be doing their jobs but the effect of what they prevented is so much more.  By putting out that fire  these first responders saved the beautiful Registry of Deeds building but also kept what takes place in that building and the ripple effects to our economy of what take place in that building intact.  THANK YOU DEDHAM FIRE DEPARTMENT.

To you and yours a healthy, prosperous and safe new year. 

Good Deeds: State Of The Registry
Good Deeds: State Of The Registry

Wine and Chocolate tasting - La Cantina Winery and Wright Old School Chocolate - Jan 28, 2022

La Cantina Winery and Wright Old School Chocolate are partnering for a wine and chocolate tasting on Friday, January 28.  We are pairing 3 wines and 3 chocolates for you to enjoy and learn about the products.

Registration for remote tasting or tastings at La Cantina is through the La Cantina website and go to the first offering.

Wine and Chocolate tasting - La Cantina Winery and Wright Old School Chocolate
Wine and Chocolate tasting - La Cantina Winery and Wright Old School Chocolate

Franklin TV and schedule for Monday, Jan 24, 2022

  • or 102.9 on the FM dial = Monday

9 AM 12 PM and 6 PM Talkin’ the Blues – Jim Derick & Todd Monjur
2 hours of awesome blues music, info, interviews

11 AM 2 PM and 8 PM A More Perfect Union – with Dr. Michael Walker-Jones,
Representative Jeff Roy and Dr. Natalia Linos

  • Franklin All Access TV - Our Public Access Channel (Comcast 8, Verizon 26) = MONDAY
7:59:00 am Mass Department of Public Health: CO-VID 19
8:00:00 am SAFE Coalition: Task Force
9:00 am Concerts on the Common: Southbound Train
12:00 pm Brook'n'Cookin: Waffles
12:30 pm Sandhya: Macaroons
1:00 pm Cooking Thyme: Appetizers
1:30 pm Pizzapalooza: Black Bean, Roasted Pepper & Garlic Pizzetta
2:00 pm New England Candlepins: Fall 2019 Show 1
3:00 pm Candlepin New Generation: Show 12
3:30 pm Physician Focus: Too Much Medicine?
4:00 pm Arts Advocacy: Impact
4:30 pm Extended Play Sessions: Alice Wallace
5:30 pm Senior Connection: Hearing Loss
6:00 pm Veterans' Call: Veterans' Treatment
7:30 pm Frank Presents: Michael Walker-Jones
8:30 pm Circle of Friends: Phil Ochs

  • Franklin Pride TV - Our Educational Channel (Comcast 96, Verizon 28) = MONDAY
7:00 am Public School Event: Jazz Night 01-23-19
8:30 am Public School Event: Horace Mann Winter Music 2021
10:00 am Public School Event: Annie Sullivan Winter Music 2021
12:30 pm FHS Boys Varsity Hockey: v King Philip 01-22-22
2:30 pm SAFE Coalition: Task Force
3:30 pm Arts Advocacy: Impact
4:00 pm It Takes A Village: Philip Hulbig
5:00 pm Tri-County: Vaping Forum
9:30 pm FHS Varsity Swimming v King Philip 01-19-22

  • Franklin Town Hall TV - Our Government Channel (Comcast 11, Verizon 29) = MONDAY
8:00 am Planning Board: 01-11-22
11:00 am Community Preservation: 01-18-22
2:00 pm Planning Board: 01-11-22
7:00 pm Planning Board: LIVE, Chambers, 830 1761 3785

Get this week's program guide for Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( online     

Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (
Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

Sunday, January 23, 2022 – FCC License Renewal

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director

On December 27, 2021 Franklin Community Cable Access, Inc., dba 
Franklin TV and Franklin Public Radio as the licensee of wfpr-lp, on 102.9 FM in Franklin, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to renew its broadcast license.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit the FCC’s website:, to find wfpr-lp’s filed application.  For more information, please email  or call

Pending license renewal, the public may participate either by filing a Petition to Deny or an informal objection against a renewal. Positive comments about a broadcaster's service may also be submitted.  Persons may respond via the FCC’s database, LMS on the web.  Alternatively,  persons may submit paper copies to the Commission.  For paper copies, please include an original and two copies of any filing.  An additional copy of any filing may also be mailed to:

23 Hutchinson St.
Franklin, MA 02038

All USPS First Class Mail, Express Mail and Priority Mail should be addressed to:

Office of the Secretary
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW,
Washington, DC 20554
Attn:  Audio Division, License Renewal Processing Team

Additional Suggestions for Filing.  To help the staff expeditiously associate a Petition to Deny, informal objection, or positive comment with the proper license renewal application, the pleading should prominently identify:

The radio station's call sign:       WFPR-LP
The station's facility ID number:  194829
The license renewal application:   0000177961

This information is available in the LMS Public Search on the Commission's Web site, and should be listed on the first page of your submission.  The filing must also state whether it is a Petition to Deny, Informal Objection, or a Comment.   If a cover sheet is used, it should be attached to each copy of the pleading. Failure to include this information may delay associating a pleading with a renewal application.

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm.
And, thank you for watching 

Get this week's program guide for Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( online – License Renewal – License Renewal

GoFundMe for Franklin resident Scott McLean recovering from stroke

"Hi , I’m Bonnie Fitzgerald and I’m fundraising on behalf of Scott McLean and family 

On the morning of November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving, Scott McLean suffered a devastating ischemic stroke. Luckily at the time, his two boys, Derek and Jason, were home and able to call 911 saving his life. Scott underwent emergency surgery, but unfortunately, it was not successful. He was left paralyzed on his right side, unable to walk, speak or eat. He spent over 2 weeks in the ICU, overcoming several life-threatening complications before being able to transfer to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where he fights every day to regain some of this lost function. He has made some progress, but Scott and his family still have a very long and difficult road ahead of them.

Many of you know Scott as a strong, independent and loving father and husband. You could always find Scott and his wife Becca on the sidelines cheering on their boys during their Franklin Pop Warner football and Bishop Feehan and Bridgton Academy lacrosse games. We are raising money to help the McLean family with Scott’s medical expenses and future care needs. We are grateful for donations of any amount. Thank you and please keep Scott, Becca and their boys in your thoughts and prayers."
Contribute to the McLean Family cause here via GoFundMe 

GoFundMe for Franklin resident Scott McLean recovering from stroke
GoFundMe for Franklin resident Scott McLean recovering from stroke 

FHS boys hockey post win vs. KP, wrestling team goes 2-1 in quad meet on Saturday

Via and Twitter, we share the results of the FHS winter sports action on Saturday:

Girls Hockey = Franklin, 1 vs. Norwood, 4 – Final 
– Norwood scored three unanswered goals to earn the non-league win over Franklin. The Mustangs took the lead late in the first period, but Julia Flynn tied the game with 3:49 left in the second. She stole the puck at the blue line, deked the goalie to open space on the forehand, and stuffed her shot into the bottom corner to make it 1-1. Norwood answered back inside the final minute of the period. Freshman goalie Izzy Brown stopped a breakaway and made another great save to keep the Mustangs out, but the rebound couldn’t be cleared and Norwood tapped it in to go back in front. Norwood added a third three minutes into the third and sealed the win with an empty net goal. Brown finished with 29 saves in the loss.

Solid day at Tewksbury High going 2-1. Tough loss against Shawsheen tech 45-33. Good win against Melrose 42-39. Great win against Tewksbury 42-36. Pins by Carlucci (3), Winkier (1), O’Leary(2), Fracassa 3), Owen(1), Foley(2), Granata(1), Parlon(3) and Sheridan(3). 
Wrestlers of the week are Riley Carlucci and Ryan Parlon 
Shared from Twitter:
Boys Hockey = King Philip, 3 @ Franklin, 5 – Final 
Josh Perry, Managing Editor of, provides the game recap:
Last season, Franklin and King Philip shared the Kelley-Rex division crown. On Saturday night, at a packed Pirelli Veterans Arena, the teams met again for a showdown between the top two teams in the division standings. Feeding off the home crowd, Franklin came out firing on all cylinders and that fast start proved decisive.

The Panthers dominated the opening period, taking advantage of their team speed to put the Warriors on their heels. Franklin scored four times in the first 15 minutes, digging a deep hole that the Warriors were unable to climb out of and skating away with a 5-3 win that puts them three points up on KP.

“We try to put them on their heels first,” said Franklin coach Anthony Sarno. “We want to come out with that nice hard fore-check, take away both D, take away options up the wall and seal off the middle. We’ve got four lines of speed and when they put it together and use their speed and work the system, then we usually come out and get a goal in the first period.”

Goalie Elizabeth Brown ready to play
Goalie Elizabeth Brown ready to play ( photo)

Franklin Food Pantry: Donor Nibble - January 2022

Franklin Food Pantry: Donor Nibble - January 2022
Happy New Year from all of us at The Pantry
Holiday Distributions
Thanks to your generosity, we were able to give out more holiday meals than ever. We distributed 200 bags to help neighbors celebrate Thanksgiving. This year we tried something new and included a gift card to allow our neighbors to buy what they needed for their Thanksgiving meal. We also included Thanksgiving fixings, fresh rolls, a delicious pie, and a bag of fun kitchen supplies! For the December holiday season, we gave out 250 hams, fresh vegetables, boxed potatoes, holiday soaps, and more! Together we helped make the holidays brighter for our neighbors.
Thank you to our sponsors and donors of both distributions!
Distribution Changes
Delivery Handoff

Unfortunately due to the Omicron variant of COVID, we had to temporarily move back to an outdoor curbside distribution. We are happy to still be able to provide our neighbors with fresh produce, proteins, shelf-stable items, and an extras table that gives them additional items. We look forward to being able to return to our hybrid model that allows our neighbors to either shop indoors or continue with curbside pick-up.

We have taken advantage of the Greater Boston Food Bank's offer to purchase discounted COVID-19 rapid tests to give to our neighbors. Although discounted, they are still a cost to The Pantry. We are looking for a donor who might be interested in sponsoring these tests. If you'd like more information please contact our Director of Development Marsha Tait.

Franklin Food Pantry | 43 WEST CENTRAL STREET, Franklin, MA 02038

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Owen family fund raiser for household replacement with Simon's Furniture

"The Owen family has begun planning for their new home. Simon's Furniture has donated 3 bedroom sets and 3 mattresses to get them started in the new home but they will need many more items for their living room, dining area and appliances.  
To help them finish the house you can make donations towards a gift card at Simon's by calling the store at 508-528-0501 and press 2 for the office. All furniture will be stored at Simon’s warehouse until we are ready for next steps.
As always we are thankful to the outpouring love and support."

Owen family fund raiser for household replacement with Simon's Furniture
Owen family fund raiser for household replacement with Simon's Furniture

Pantherbook series on "The Player Perspective"

A new series at PantherBook covers the successful sports teams. Three article thus far in the series and given the number of team, likely more to come.

Girls basketball - 4 in a row thus far

Boys soccer - fall 2021 season recap

Boys basketball - intense defense and strong coaching

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Franklin Town Charter discussion: Frank and Steve take a winding road - P2 (audio)

FM #707 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 707 in the series. 

This shares part 2 of my conversation with Frank Falvey, of Franklin Presents, a long time Franklin resident and cable show host. This is part of a three-part series on the Town Charter, the process to change it, and some of the possible revisions that Frank and I discuss.  

While Frank and I start with the charter, we take a winding round through Franklin topics in this session.

Links to the current Town charter (modified in 2013) and the charter report for 1995 (prior changes) are included in the show notes. 

The recording runs just over an hour: Let’s listen to this recording of Frank and I talk about the charter.  

Note: while we mention the PCC’s role in communicating with the parents, there is also a School Council where parents join with faculty representatives in determining changes at the ‘school’ level.

Audio file ->


Feedback via email ->

Current Town Charter -> 

Charter Commission Report - 1995

MA General Law Chapter 34 

Division of Local Services (DLS) - newsletter summarizing change change process 


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I hope you enjoy!


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Falvey and Sherlock in FHS for the first live broadcast on Nov 2019
Falvey and Sherlock in FHS for the first live broadcast on Nov 2019

OCPF Reports: Notice of Public Hearing on proposed Regulation Changes

OCPF Reports (@OCPFReports) tweeted on Thu, Jan 20, 2022:

E-mail for an invite to the hearing via Zoom.

Shared from Twitter:

OCPF Reports: Notice of Public Hearing on proposed Regulation Changes
OCPF Reports: Notice of Public Hearing on proposed Regulation Changes

MA News roundup: ballot question funding, federal aid priority discussion; and 3 views on local aid

3 views on same issue

Mass Municipal Assoc (MMA) reporting on the update

Baker seeks level funding for local road projects in next year’s budget