Thursday, October 12, 2017

FHS golf posts win over Milford, both soccer teams tie Sharon

From Hockomock Sports we share the results of the Franklin High School fall sports results on Wednesday, Oct 11.

Boys Soccer = Sharon, 1 @ Franklin, 1 – Final
– Franklin took the lead in the first half but Sharon senior Tyler Goldstein pounced on a loose ball inside the area in the final minutes to net the equalizer.

Girls Soccer = Franklin, 1 @ Sharon, 1 – Final
– Molly Duncan scored the opening goal off an Emily Quaile assist to give the Panthers the lead midway through the second half, but Ally Filipkowski answered from the penalty spot with six minutes to play to earn the draw for the Eagles. Cat Robbins made three saves for Franklin in the draw. Sharon coach Brad Furnival said, “The team put in a great shift and I am pleased they had a positive result today after a few close games recently.”

Golf - Franklin, 165 @ Milford, 168 – Final
– Franklin senior Jason Collins shot a low-round of 39 to earn match medalist honors while classmate Bryan Woelfel shot a 40 to lead the Panthers to the win. Riley Lynch and Andrew Fauerbach each shot 41 for the Scarlet Hawks.

For the other results around the Hockomock League

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Friends and Family CPR Course - Oct 18

The Franklin Fire Department, Professional Firefighters of Franklin IAFF l2637, and the SAFE Coalition will be hosting a Friends and Family CPR course at Franklin Fire Headquarters (West Central St) on October 18th, 2017. 

The Family and Friends CPR Course teaches the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only CPR, adult CPR with breaths, and AED use. Skills are taught in a dynamic group environment using the AHA’s research-proven practice-while-watching technique, which provides students with the most hands-on CPR practice time possible. Family and Friends CPR is for people who want to learn CPR but do not need a CPR course completion card to meet a job requirement. 

This course is ideal for community groups, new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and others interested in learning how to save a life. 

Three sessions will be offered and there will be a maximum of 15 participants per session. Please sign up for one session only!

Friends and Family CPR Course - Oct 18
Friends and Family CPR Course - Oct 18

A Favorite Poem Project - Oct 25

The Franklin Senior Scribblers' Writers' Group is hosting A Favorite Poem Project. It is scheduled for October 25 at 10:00 AM at the Franklin Senior Center.

My Favorite Poem Project is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging poetry's role in the lives of Americans. Robert Pinsky, the 39th Poet Laureate of the United States, started the project in 1997. 

He believed that poetry needs to be read aloud. "Reading a poem silently is like staring at a sheet of music." The reader of the poem does not need to be the poet or a skilled performer. "One of the beautiful things about poetry," says Pinsky, "is that the medium is a voice, not necessarily the poet's voice. When you read a poem by Shakespeare, Dickinson or Langston Hughes, your voice is the artist's medium."

Robert Pinsky believed that contrary to stereotype, Americans do read poetry; that the audience for poetry is not limited to professors and college students; and that there are many people for whom particular poems have found profound, personal meaning. This project seeks to give voice to American poetry lovers.

In April 1998, the My Favorite Poem Project was launched with a series of public poetry readings. In Boston, twenty-five Bostonians read their favorite poem. The readers included the President of the Massachusetts State Senate, a homeless Boston resident and a third grader. The audience was packed into the Boston Public Library. The Library President dressed as a cowboy to read a cowboy poem. Some readers recited poems in Spanish, Vietnamese and American Sign Language. As you see, Americans do read poetry.

A Favorite Poem Project - Oct 25
A Favorite Poem Project - Oct 25
If you have a poem you would like to read, please contact Faith Flaherty at

For more information on the Favorite Poem Project

In the News: Harvest Festival Saturday; DPW looking for snow plow contractors

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"Weather is expected to be sunny with temperatures in the low 70s for the 15th annual Franklin Harvest Festival on Saturday. 
The festival will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and occupies the entirety of Main Street and much of the surrounding downtown area. The event, sponsored by the Franklin Downtown Partnership (FDP), will be a day of local entertainment, carnival-style games, food, and giveaways. 
“Our ability to stage the event throughout Main Street, East Central and West Central streets for this festival will provide an incredible setup for entertainment, shopping and dining downtown,” said FDP vice president and event chairperson Scott Martin. 
After 12 p.m., the Dean Bank parking lot will be open for handicapped parking and serve as the drop-off and pickup location for senior living center residents. Other festival parking information will be posted on the FDP website the day of the event. 
Main Street will be closed to vehicle traffic for the expected 6,000 people and 150 vendors, crafters, exhibitors, and local groups."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

downtown decorated for the Franklin Harvest Festival on Saturday
downtown decorated for the Franklin Harvest Festival on Saturday

"After putting out ads and spreading the word on social media, the DPW is still having trouble finding contractors to plow the roads for the upcoming snow season. 
Highway and grounds superintendent Carlos Rebelo said that the town will hire about 68 plow contractors this year, but has only received a handful of applicants. 
“It’s hard because this time of the year the weather is still good,” said Rebelo.
As a result, the town is still seeking many more plows for the upcoming winter. Equipment must to be in good running condition for the town to consider hiring, and is subject to inspection by town mechanics prior to the start of the season."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Book Sale - Touch a Truck

FHS Hockey Booster Club tickets available at Harvest Festival

The FHS Boy's Hockey Booster Club has a table at the Harvest Festival this Saturday, Oct 14. They will be selling discounted Incontro cards to support the program. 

The cards are $35.00 for a $50.00 Gift Card or $65.00 for a $100.00 Gift Card. 

The gift cards do not expire and can be used for food and drink.

FHS Hockey Booster Club tickets available at Harvest Festival
FHS Hockey Booster Club tickets available at Harvest Festival
FHS Hockey Booster Club
FHS Hockey Booster Club

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Live reporting: Legislation to Closing

J. Legislation for Action
1. Resolution 17-62: Acceptance of Gift - Franklin Fire Department (Motion to Move Resolution 17-62 - Majority vote (5))

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

a yearly donation, great to corporate citizens step up to do so

J. Legislation for Action
2. Resolution 17-63: Acceptance of Gift - Franklin Police Department (Motion to Move Resolution 17-63 - Majority vote (5))

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

same as above; a yearly donation, great to corporate citizens step up to do so

Pellegri - do we send thank you's, yes...

J. Legislation for Action
3. Resolution 17-64: Request to Town of Norfolk Zoning Board of Appeals to Request a Traffic Study of the Intersection of Mill Street and Chestnut Street in Franklin (Motion to Move Resolution 17-64 - Majority vote (5))

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

Norfolk has a housing development (approx 200 homes/condos) near the corner of the intersection but the prior approvals by Norfolk did not include this intersection

the traffic study is online at Norfolk ZBA (will add link later) but none of Franklin was included

apparently, over a million yards of material to come out of the development

a lot of land but a lot will be left open

Part of it is a 40B and comment about their need for water
we should not be in a position to send any their way

in addition to the bridges, they will be looking for alternate routes through Franklin; the amount of material to come out of there could take years at 50 trucks a day

what is the impact to Franklin?

Pellegri - is this a scenic road?
no it is not

Kelly had met with some residents which got this started
a bridge is being talked of being replaced

Buckley and Mann site, it is contaminated and would be bringing that stuff through here

Amazon was looking at a site in Bellingham, if we don't have a way to fix this, we are going to be in trouble

Richard Ciccone - Chestnut St
speaking for the study to be done, this is going to be an issue

if there is a public hearing, we can speak. I don't believe they have closed the hearing yet

Let's get ahead of the curve. Why can't we ask for mitigation?

Nutting - the best way would be for the ZBA to put in a truck route, so it would be a binding ruling. That is the construction phase, wand what is the ongoing phase.

J. Legislation for Action
4. Bylaw Amendment 17-796: Chapter 63, Buildings, Numbering Of - 2nd Reading (Motion to Move Bylaw Amendment 17-796 - Majority Roll Call vote (5))

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 (via roll call)

green construction is more expensive, but the energy efficiency should pay off over time

there are good points to this, when we built the high school, we got 2 point (or 2M) for building green

J. Legislation for Action
5. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 17-797: Setbacks for Accessory Buildings and Structures - 2nd Reading (Motion to Move Zoning Bylaw Amendment 17-797 - 2/3 Majority Roll Call vote (6))

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 (via roll call)

correction of the code to bring the amount of space (10 vs. 15) in alignment with other bylaws

K. Town Administrator's Report
K. Town Administrator's Report

Harvest Festival on Saturday, should be biggest ever

L. Future Agenda Items
L. Future Agenda Items

M. Council Comments
M. Council Comments

flu shots on Oct 17

lights for trees where we didn't own the trees? apparently held over from last year

harvest festival, took over a dozen years and now we have the benefit for having the Festival

Oct 18, CPR course at Fire Dept

NARCAN training also being offered Oct 18 at the Fire Dept
Condolences to the Peachy family, she would have been 100 on Dec 1

Elks ride thjrough Clinton and back, raised $6500

acknowledge the passing of Bob Fahey
acknowledge American Legion post 75 had an honor guard for him

Larry Bedarian to show off his new stuff, All MA and All US VFW member

N. Executive Session
N. Executive Session
O. Adjourn
O. Adjourn

(Note: where there are active links in the agenda item, it will take you to the associated document)

You can also download and review the 50 pages of documents released for this agenda (PDF)

LIve reporting: Town Council - October, 11, 2017

Present: Pellegri, Padula, Mercer, Vallee, Kelly, Pfeffer, Bissanti, Dellorco, Jones
Absent: none

A. Approval of Minutes
A. Approval of Minutes - September 13, 2017

motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0 (1 abstain Pfeffer)

B. Announcements
B. Announcements - This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may also be recorded by others.
C. Proclamations/Recognitions
C. Proclamations


D. Citizen Comments
D. Citizen Comments - Citizens are welcome to express their views for up to five minutes on a matter that is not on the Agenda. The Council will not engage in a dialogue or comment on a matter raised during Citizen Comments. The Town Council will give remarks appropriate consideration and may ask the Town administrator to review to review the matter.
E. Appointments
E. Appointments
F. Hearings
F. Hearings
G. License Transactions
G. License Transactions: Shaw's - Change of Manager and New Officer: (Move to approve the Change of Manager to William M. Nasif and Change of Officer to Gary R. Morton on the Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. Wine and Malt Beverages Package Store License.

William Nasif present

Padula - questions to clarify status of applicant

H. Presentations/Discussions
H. Presentations/Discussions


I. Subcommittee Reports
I. Subcommittee Reports


Music for Young Children (MYC) enrolling for January 2018 Classes

Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios is pleased to announce their newest musical offering for young children and parents! Music for Young Children, (MYC), is an internationally-known, highly-ranked program that already has 37 years of success, over 900 teachers and 24,000 students and counting, across three continents! 

Founded in Canada, MYC grew rapidly by building strong bonds with children through music. The goal is to provide the best musical education to young children by blending the pleasure and joy of music-making with sound instruction. Encore is proud to be adopting MYC's early childhood curriculum and methods which directly integrate into, and utilize, The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. 

Music for Young Children (MYC)

This program, created for children ages two to ten years, is designed to teach children, at an early age, piano skills, how to read music, sight-reading skills, composition and ensemble playing. MYC instructors incorporate the four learning styles (auditory, tactile, analytical and visual) to teach each concept which ensures that every child has the highest level of success by being able to apply these skills in each class setting, and as they grow musically.

Encore will offer classes beginning in January, 2018, and registration is now open! Classes for ages 2 and 3 meet weekly for 10-week sessions. The Sunshine level (ages 3 and 4), Sunbeams (ages 5 and 6), and Moonbeams (ages 7-9) are one-hour, weekly classes that run for 36 weeks, broken into three 12-week sessions.
Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios

"We are incredibly excited to be able to offer this amazing program here at Encore Music Academy," says Caitlin Medlin, Encore's Assistant Vocal Director and Director of the Music For Young Children program at Encore. "The opportunity for little ones to begin the music-learning process at such a young age and with such a comprehensive curriculum is one we have been wanting to offer to our students for a while now."

To learn more about this wonderfully exciting musical opportunity for your young child, or to register for one of these innovative new classes at Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios, please contact them at:

3 Bent Street
Franklin, MA 02038


352 Village Street
Millis, MA 02054

Meet with School Committee members at the Harvest Festival and Farmers Market

The Franklin School Committee will have a booth at the Franklin Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 14.

  • The Facebook event can be found

image from Facebook event
image from Facebook event

The Community Relations SubCommittee has also rescheduled the rained out visit to the Farmers Market for Friday, Oct 20

  • The Facebook event can be found

Both FHS cross country teams take Hockomock League titles

From Hockomock Sports, and Twitter we share the results of the Franklin High School fall sports results on Tuesday, Oct 10.

Field Hockey = Franklin, 4 @ Stoughton, 0 – Final
– Franklin junior Anna Jardine made 12 saves to help the Panthers notch their first shutout of the season, winning 4-0 on the road at Stoughton. Junior Regan Paterson paced the Panthers’ offense with a goal and an assist. Cassi Ronan, Annie Walsh, and Erin Walsh also scored while junior Ashley Reutlinger recorded an assist.

Volleyball = Sharon, 1 @ Franklin, 3 – Final
– Franklin junior Lauren McGrath paced the Panthers’ offense with 27 assists and seven kills while Maggie Doyle added six kills and five blocks and Lauren Bissanti had 13 digs and a pair of aces.

Golf = Franklin, 159 @ Canton, 157 – Final
– Canton senior Jack Goyetch earned match medalist honors for the fifth straight match, earning the honors after shooting a low round of 37. Chris Lavoie (39), Joey Vaughan (40) and Thomas Singleton (41) all placed for the Bulldogs. Franklin’s Bryan Woelfel and Jason Collins each shot 38 for the Panthers.

Boys Cross Country = Franklin 23 @ King Philip,38 Final

5,000 Meters Varsity

1. 10 Tyler Brogan 16:03 Franklin
4. 11 Mitchell Regan 16:52 Franklin
5. 12 Paul Linehan 17:01 Franklin
6. 11 Michael Hagen 17:08 Franklin
7. 12 Hayden Goldsmith 17:22 Franklin
8. 11 Dylan Kehoe 17:24 Franklin
9. 11 Ryan Goldman 17:31 Franklin
10. 10 Camden Harrington 17:33 Franklin
16. 11 Daniel Barrow 18:15 Franklin
17. 12 Owen McKenna 18:27 Franklin
18. 9 Luke Cashin 18:30 Franklin
20. 12 William Jacobs 18:49 Franklin
21. 12 Zachary Siders 18:57 Franklin
23. 10 Cutler Whitmore 19:15 Franklin
25. - John Loukota 19:30 Franklin
28. 12 Tyler St. Marie 20:05 Franklin
29. 9 Declan Walmsley 20:06 Franklin
30. 12 Bryce Parkman 20:07 Franklin
31. 9 Nicholas Quinn 20:10 Franklin
33. 9 Quinn Fila-Montgom... 21:14 Franklin
35. 12 Ian Flynn 22:52 Franklin

Girls Cross Country = Franklin, 18 @ King Philip, 45 – Final
5,000 Meters Varsity

12 Nicole Clermont 19:43 Franklin
12 Katherine Hartnett 19:50 Franklin
3. 12 Erin Quinn 20:41 King Philip
11 Katrina Walbert 21:01 Franklin
12 Brianna Cummings 21:07 Franklin
12 Ella Gutkowski 21:43 Franklin 
9. 12 Leia Quinn 21:54 King Philip
11 Mary Viera 22:05 Franklin
11 Kimiya Kim 22:07 Franklin
9 Sydney Hawkins 22:13 Franklin
11 Maura Bruns 22:18 Franklin
11 Stephanie Malachow... 22:30 Franklin
11 Erin Barry 22:31 Franklin
15. 10 Lilia Angelone 22:36 King Philip
16. 12 Nina Sitarski 22:43 King Philip
11 Julia DiGiacomo 22:52 Franklin
17. 10 Dayna Aubin 23:02 King Philip
18. 10 Skylar Seifart 23:39 King Philip
12 Molly Houlihan 23:48 Franklin
20. 11 Abigail Dunne 23:57 King Philip
21. 10 Ally Garven 24:09 King Philip
22. 10 Rebecca Ireland 24:09 King Philip
23. 10 Abigail Simmons 24:18 King Philip
10 Gina Schratz 24:29 Franklin
11 Kate Stavely 24:30 Franklin
11 Alexandra Nesbit 24:33 Franklin
12 Hannah Cunniff 24:42 Franklin
9 Sydney Brady 25:07 Franklin
11 Brandi Osborne 25:08 Franklin
9 Fernanda Rios 25:11 Franklin
31. 11 Catherine Cummings 25:19 King Philip
32. 12 Molly Mullin 25:20 King Philip
33. 12 Alexandra Welch 25:21 King Philip
34. 12 Kaitlyn Ward 25:22 King Philip
35. 10 Hailee Longmoore 25:23 King Philip
36. 11 Ashley Marshall 25:26 King Philip
37. 12 Victoria Ely 25:32 King Philip
38. 12 Thea Conlin 27:23 King Philip
Provided by 

For the other results around the Hockomock League

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

No Shame; Erasing The Stigma Rally - Oct 28

"No Shame is a rally to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic. We hope to offer support to those in the struggle, those who confront the epidemic on every level and to erase shadows cast by stereotypes and stigmas. We aim to lift the unfair burden of shame carried by so many. Please join us we stand as one and shed light on this issue that touches so many. 
You can also search Facebook for#2069_signs for more information and to join the movement."

Wrentham Town Common
Sat, October 28, 2017
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

No Shame; Erasing The Stigma Rally - Oct 28
No Shame; Erasing The Stigma Rally - Oct 28

Franklin Police - Halloween Party - Oct 29

Come join us for a fun filled afternoon at the Franklin Police Station, 911 Panther Way, Sunday, Oct 29. 

The fun starts at 4:00 PM and last until 7:00 PM. Ages pre-school to 5th grade.

Food donations being accepted for the Franklin Food Pantry

Franklin Police - Halloween Party - Oct 29
Franklin Police - Halloween Party - Oct 29

In the News: incident at FHS handled quickly; seat belt law advocated for

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"An incident at Franklin High School caused brief panic for parents, students, and faculty on Tuesday afternoon. 
An email was sent to parents of Franklin Schools by superintendent, Sara Ahern and Franklin High School principal, Paul Peri, outlining the incident. 
According to the email, “A parent came into the office to share a text message she received from her child saying that he/she overheard another student talking about something occurring in the cafeteria at 12:15 and that students should get under their tables.” 
Police swiftly identified the student in question and removed the individual from the building. Due to the fact the student was identified so quickly and a timely response from Franklin Police, the administration felt a lockdown was not necessary."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

The notification from Superintendent Sara Ahern can be found here

"Police officers and transportation safety experts called on lawmakers to finally throw their support behind a long-stalled bill that would allow police officers to stop drivers for not wearing a seat belt, but the Legislature appears to be proceeding with caution amid concerns about profiling. 
“As we all know, wearing a seat belt is the single best defense against injuries and deaths in a car crash,” Dr. Bella Dinh-Zarr, a public health expert on the National Transportation Safety Board, said. “We know seat belts are a lifesaving technology, we know a primary seat belt law will increase seat belt use, and increased seat belt use will save lives and prevent injuries.” 
For years, plans to stiffen penalties under the state’s seat belt law have buckled in the face of racial profiling and privacy considerations. Under the current law, police officers in Massachusetts can only issue a ticket for a violation of the seat belt law if they pull the driver over for another offense."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Friendly reminder: the Franklin Downtown Partnership's Harvest Festival is Saturday, Oct 14

Franklin Downtown Partnership 

Please share this email with your customers, contacts, friends and family! 

Are you participating in the event? Talk it up! Here's a PDF or a PNG file for you to post in your social media account or to share in your own email. 

We look forward to seeing you all!

Franklin Downtown Partnership | | 774-571-3109 |
Franklin Downtown Partnership, 9 E. Central St., Franklin, MA 02038

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