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Monday, September 21, 2020

Boston Globe: "Why ranked choice is the wrong choice"

From the Boston Globe, an article of interest for Franklin: 
"Though ranked-choice voting has been bruited about for years as a way to improve elections, I never wrote about it because the debate always seemed so abstract. It’s not abstract anymore. Question 2 on the Massachusetts ballot would implement ranked-choice statewide beginning in 2022. If the initiative passes, elections in Massachusetts will change dramatically.

It won’t be a change for the better.

Proponents of ranked-choice voting argue that the current system, in which the candidate getting the most votes wins the election, is unfair. In a two-candidate race, the winner always receives a majority of the votes, but when three or more candidates are on the ballot, it takes only a plurality, not an outright majority, to win. Ranked-choice advocates call that unjust. “Democracy is supposed to be majority rules,” says Evan Falchuk, who ran for governor in 2014 as an independent and now chairs the Yes on 2 Committee. “We should have a system where the majority wins.”

But by definition, ranked-choice voting only applies to elections in which there isn’t a majority winner. On a ranked-choice ballot, voters can list candidates in order of preference, rather than vote for just the candidate they like best. If no candidate gets more than half of the first-place votes, ranked-choice rules trigger a series of automatic do-overs, repeatedly reallocating votes that went to the least popular candidate until an artificial “majority” is created for one of the remaining candidates. Question 2 thus gives some voters multiple bites of the election apple. At the same time, it effectively disenfranchises other voters — those who don’t rank enough candidates for their ballot to last through multiple rounds of tabulation."
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)
For information on the ballot questions and other items for the November election, visit the "Election Collection"

Boston Globe: "Why ranked choice is the wrong choice"
Boston Globe: "Why ranked choice is the wrong choice"

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hold the date: Missions Food Pantry Collection on Sept 25

Franklin Federated Church will be helping our neighbors in need in Franklin.  The collection is scheduled for Sept 25, 2020 rain or shine. Additional information contained in the PDF flyer here


Hold the date: Missions Food Pantry Collection on Sept 25
Hold the date: Missions Food Pantry Collection on Sept 25


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

2020 Election Collection

This will collect the information gathered for the elections of 2020. First for the Primary, September 1, and then for the general election on November 3. A special election is also scheduled for Dec 5 to fill the Town Council slot left open by Eamon Earls' resignation to go to law school. The most recent items will be on top, scroll down to find those that come earlier.
Special Election - Dec 5 (fill one Town Council seat)

Voices of Franklin: Paula & Herb Gross encourage vote for Frongillo =

Voices of Franklin: Alan Earls  - questions diversity of election =

Voices of Franklin:  Paul DeBaggis "Thoughts on the current  election" =

Milford Daily News article with candidate statements =

Town Council candidate - Greg Chiklis (audio interview) =
Elections: Voting for Military and Overseas US Citizens =
Vote tallies required to be sent to State by Nov 18 =
Town Council candidate - KP Sompally (audio interview) =

Town Council candidate - Alan R Earls (audio interview) =
Town Council candidate  - Cobi Frongillo (audio interview)

General Election - November 3

In the News: Right to Repair passes, Ranked Choice fails =
MDN article “People see the opportunity to protect the best for our town" =

Voices of Franklin: Barry Kassler responds to James Gianotti Jr on the Community Preservation Act = 

Voices of Franklin: James Gianotti Jr - "Just say NO to Question 3" =

MDN article on election processing featuring Town Clerks =

Voices of Franklin: Raymond Milici -"Have You Noticed, l Have" =

Reminder -early voting, drive through window schedule =
Voices of Franklin: Raymond D Milici for Senator Becca Rausch =

Community Preservation Act - information webinar (video) =

Town of Franklin, MA: Sample Ballots for the November 3rd election =
Community Preservation Act: Frequently Asked Questions - answered by CPAForFranklin =

State Senate Candidates Debate Oct 6, 2020 (YouTube video) =
Hold the date (Oct 15 - 7 PM) for webinar on CPA =

Franklin Community Voting Guide for November 2020 =
Official Town of Franklin business dropbox to be use for mail ballots =

Three Voices of Franklin: For the Community Preservation Act =
Secretary of the Commonwealth's voter information mailer "the red brochure" =
Milford Daily News article on communities voting on Community Preservation Act (CPA) = info to summarize Ballot Question 2 (ranked choice voting) =
Scientific American endorses a candidate for first time =

Primary - Sep 1, 2020

State controlled vote count completes after midnight =
You can help with the voters guide for November election =
Big day Saturday: Last Day to Register to vote; First day to Early Vote =
Voices of Franklin: State Rep Jeff Roy, State Rep Brian Murray "We are with Joe Kennedy" =
4th District candidates on "ranked choice"; Pelosi endorses Kennedy =
FM #333 4th District Candidates Town Hall - 8/19/20 (audio) =
Voices of Franklin: Raymond D Milici - "Kennedy Supporter! Not Anymore"  =
4th District candidate virtual Town Hall on race/racism =
Frank Falvey interviews 4th District candidates  =
Other State Officials up for Election on Primary Ballot  =
Voices of Franklin: Colin Cass on primary voting  =

Early voting schedule for Franklin voters - Sep 1 Primary =

MA legislature Senate and House candidates  =

Frank Falvey 4th District candidate interview broadcast schedule for =

US House candidate listing and web pages with their candidate info =

US Senate candidate listing and web pages with their candidate info =


2020 Election Collection
2020 Election Collection

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Franklin Residents: a message from the Treasurer/Collector on bill pay options

The FY2021, 1st Quarter Real Estate, and Personal Property Tax Bills will be mailed out on July 1, 2020. The due date for these bills is August 3, 2020.

A few reminders for payment options:
  • You can pay online at
  • If you choose to mail your payment, please be sure to include the remittance copy with your check.
  • If you use your Online Banking to pay your bills, please remember to reference the bill number(s) you are paying.
  • The dropbox/drive up is available at the Municipal Building as well.

Thank you!

a message from the Treasurer/Collector on bill pay options
a message from the Treasurer/Collector on bill pay options

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Department Spotlight: Finance Department and the Treasurer/Collector

A new Department Spotlight is available! Find it here and stay informed and connected with Town operations and services! #spotlight #finance #treasurercollector #learnmore

"This Town of Franklin spotlight will cover two departments that work together very closely, the Finance Department and the Treasurer/Collector. Department Heads Chris Sandini, Finance Director and Kerri Bertone, Treasurer/Collector, manage and oversee all of the financial aspects of doing business in our Town.
Chris has been Franklin's Finance Director since January 2018, having worked in the role for 23 years and as an auditor of municipalities for 10 years prior. The main functions of the Finance Department are to maintain the general ledger, manage payroll across the municipality payroll and handle all accounts payable.
Kerri Bertone has been the Treasurer/Collector since August of 2017. Prior to her employment in Franklin, Kerri worked in the private sector at Putnam Investments for 21 years as a senior operations manager. She joined Franklin's team in 2016 as an assistant.
Franklin is known for being pro-active with staff succession planning, and Kerri was completely prepared to assume the role after the legendary Town Treasurer/Collector, Jim Dacey, retired after nearly two decades in the position."

Department Spotlight: Finance Department and the Treasurer/Collector
Department Spotlight: Finance Department and the Treasurer/Collector

Find the full set of info on this Spotlight on the Town of Franklin page

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Celebrate the Library's 220th Birthday with the Library Of Congress Collections App

To celebrate the 220th anniversary of its founding, the Library of Congress today announced the release of the LOC Collections app, the premiere mobile app that puts the national library's digital collections in the hands of users everywhere.
Library Of Congress Collections App
Library Of Congress Collections App

In addition to providing an easy, accessible way to search and explore the Library's growing digital collections, LOC Collections allows users to curate personal galleries of items in the Library's collections for their own reference and for sharing with others. Items currently featured on the app include audio recordings, books, videos, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, notated music, periodicals, photos, prints, and drawings.

"The Library of Congress collection can now fit in your pocket," said Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden. "The Library started 220 years ago with 740 books and three maps. Today, that collection has grown to make us the largest library in the world and a storehouse of our national history. It's been our goal to throw open our treasure chest and help every American connect to the Library of Congress. The LOC Collections app is a uniquely personal, easy new way to explore the nation's library."

Users can currently find the app for iPhone and iPad at the Library's website or the iTunes store. An Android version of the app is slated for release later in 2020.

Read the full news article online

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

FHS gymnastics to conduct pajama drive

"Please help FHS Gymnastics Team collect new pajamas, slippers, and socks for children in foster care in our local community.

There will be collection bins located at the Main Entrance and Gym Entrance from 1/20 - 1/28

The FHS Gymnastics Team will be at the FHS Boys Basketball game at 6:30 PM on Jan 28, 2020 to collect. Please come with a pair of new pajamas, slippers, or socks. Size: Infant to 18 yr old."

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Franklin Election Collection - 2019

This will collect all the posts with information on the Franklin Town Election scheduled for Nov 5, 2019. The most recent items will be on the top of the list with the older items below.

While are called the "Town of Franklin", we operate as a city form of government with a Council, an Administrator hired by the Council to manage the town operations, and a School Committee which hires a Superintendent to manage the school district operations. 

Every two years, the entire Town Council (9 positions) and School Committee (7 positions) are up for election. There are other elected positions that have staggered terms so some of them are available every two years. 

The Town Clerk is elected every four years and this time the position is up for vote.

All precincts vote in one location, Franklin High School. The precincts are used to balance the voter numbers across the town and are set at the State level. Our State Senate representation is split between two districts while we have a Representative in the House that covers the town and a few precincts in Medway.

Franklin Election Collection - 2019
All precincts vote on Nov 5, 2019 in one location, Franklin High School

Candidate Info

Replay of the broadcast from FHS on Nov 5, 2019

Final - "Official - certified" results for Nov 5, 2019

Unofficial election results for Nov 5, 2019

Election Day preview and broadcast announcement

Milford Daily News article on Constables

Franklin votes Nov 5, 2019

In the News: three contests on the ballot for Franklin voters Tuesday, Nov 5

Ted Cormier Leger - Campaign 2019 (video)

Franklin in Focus: Candidate Query (Oct 22) (video)

Franklin Candidate Interview: Mary Jane Scofield

Franklin Candidate Interview: Ann Bergen

Franklin Candidate Interview: Denise Spencer

Franklin Candidate Interview: Joanne Lussier

Milford Daily News - Town Council candidates

Franklin Candidate Interview: Matt Kelly

Franklin Candidate Interview: Ernest S Carruthers, Jr
Milford Daily News - Town Council candidates on finances

Franklin Candidate Interview: Jennifer D'Angelo

Milford Daily News - School Committee candidates

Franklin Candidate Interview: Tim Keenan

Franklin Candidate Interview: Judith Pond Pfeffer

Franklin Candidate Interview: David McNeill

Franklin Candidate Interview: Mickey Whitmore

Franklin Candidate Interview: Robert Dellorco (audio)

Franklin Candidate Interview: Andrew Bissanti

Franklin Candidate Interview: Elise Stokes

Franklin in Focus: Candidate Query (Oct 22) (audio)

Franklin Candidate Interview: Ted Cormier-Ledger (audio)

Franklin Candidate Forum - Oct 17 (audio)

Franklin Candidate Forum - Oct 17 (video replay)

Franklin Candidate Interview: Tom Mercer

Candidate Insights on getting out the vote

Franklin Candidate Interview: Melanie Hamblen (audio)

Franklin Candidate Interview: Eamon McCarthy Earls

Info on the Positions for Election

Franklin Election 2019: What does a Constable do?

Franklin Election 2019: What does the Town Clerk do?

Franklin Election 2019: What does the Planning Board do?

Franklin Election 2019: What does the Board of Health do?

Franklin Election 2019: What does the Board of Assessors do?

Franklin Election 2019: What does the School Committee do?

Franklin Election 2019: What does the Town Council do?

Other Election Information

Last day to register to vote for Nov 5 is Oct 16

Consider voting via absentee ballot

Franklin voters: Meet the Candidates Event - Oct 17

Pour Richard's: Meet the Candidates - Oct 10

Franklin in Focus: Candidate Query - Oct 22

Meet the Franklin Candidates - Election 2019 - Oct 3, 2019

MDN article on election races - Sep 22, 2019

Final candidate listing - Sep 20, 2019

Candidate List as of Sep 13, 2019

Candidate List as of Sep 6, 2019

Candidate List as of Aug 30, 2019

Candidate List as of Aug 23, 2019

Candidate List as of Aug 15, 2019

Affordable Housing: What can Franklin do?

Franklin Election 2019 - Important Dates to Remember

Candidate status as of Friday August 9, 2019

Franklin Candidate Interview Questions Being Formulated

Offer to candidates for the Franklin Election Nov 5, 2019

Milford Daily News article on election 7/31/19

Official notice of biennial election